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Linking Ideas

Today we had an idea hunt. We had to find two opinions on a given topic before deciding if the points were both in favour of the topic, against the topic or if they included both. After deciding this, we had to head to the 'conjunction corridor' to find a conjunction to show that the points were either supporting or opposing. 

Science Day

Today we had a science day. During the morning, we investigated what happens to the food you eat and how nutrients from the food is absorbed. 

After lunch, we went over to Caedmon College to learn about the reactivity of metals. A big thank you to Mr Togwell for showing us some fascinating reactions. 

Stained Glass Window Project

Super Scientists R US!!!

Literacy Genius - Authors, Illustrators and Graphic Designers all rolled into one!

Peat Rigg 2017


Image result for peat rigg


Please follow the link for photographs and messages home whilst we are away on our residential.

Baffling Bodies

 We made a start on our new topic of 'Baffling Bodies' . We discovered what happened to our pancakes as they were being digested. 

Perfect Pancakes

In order to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we requested pancakes and which toppings we would like. The only catch was we had to ask for the ingredients in French. 

Sur ma crêpe je voudrais...


The toppings also had to be healthy.

Bon pour la santé


CSI Ruswarp

 Our classroom was taken over by forensic scientists and SOCOs today as they investigated a burglary in the school. We had to look for evidence that could help us solve the crime. We managed to find finger prints, blood stains and writing that allowed us to identify the criminal using DNA testing.  

We then put the suspects on trial to provided the evidence to the judge. 

Problem Solving and Reasoning


 Today we worked in groups to solve problems and explain the reasons behind our thinking. 

Ruswarp and Stakesby Collaborative Working Day

 On Friday, Year 6 got dressed in their outdoor gear and headed to Stakesby Primary School for a day of outdoor learning. We spent the morning in the woodland gathering ideas for our scene setting before heading back indoors to begin writing.  

During the afternoon, we headed back outdoors to do some photography to be able to create art work to illustrate the scene. 


Brilliant Basketball

A big thanks to Mr Raw and the Sports Leaders at Eskdale School for teaching us some basketball skills today. We had great fun learning the different skills and playing some matches.  

York Minster


We have just returned from our bi-annual visit to York Minster. Mr Little & Sister Karan showed us around the inside of the Minster and we spent lots of time looking at the stunning architecture and exploring the history and origins of the Minster, in addition to developing our knowledge of the Anglican church. At the end of the day we also visited the underground crypt and held our own reflection of the day by candlelight.

Marvellous m & ms


We had a challenge of seeing if we can make the 'm' off an m&m float. It was great when we got to see it happen to the first group.

We are currently planning our own investigations to see what can speed up the process.

Stand by for the results at the end of the week. 


As part of our P.E lessons this half term, we are looking at keeping fit through exercises linked to boxing. After learning a routine as a class, we got into groups and devised our own routine to develop our fitness. 


This week we have been looking at reading and writing music. Today we began to play some of the pieces using Boom Whackers. 


A New Year a New You


This was the theme of Wednesday's PSHE lesson. We reflected upon our actions from the previous year and have come up with actions to take. 


Advent Wreath


This week in preparation for Advent we have been making an Advent Wreath and learning about its symbolism.

The circle of the Advent wreath reminds Christians of God’s eternal love for us.  It has no beginning or end. The evergreen leaves on the wreath symbolise growth and life and hope.  We can live and grow and hope because Jesus came into our world long ago The circle of the Advent wreath reminds Christians of God’s eternal love for us.  It has no beginning or end.
 The four candles represent the period of waiting during the four Sundays of Advent.  Each Sunday during Advent we light another candle to remind us of Jesus, the light of the world. 
Each candle has a meaning:

First candle – HOPE (purple)

Second candle – LOVE (purple)

Third candle – JOY (pink)

Fourth candle – PEACE (purple)

There is also a white candle in the middle of the wreath which is lit on Christmas Day.  




Lantern Parade

We braved the cold and took part in the Whitby Christmas Festival lantern parade. After making the boats in school we got to light them up and carry them through the streets of Whitby before being treated to a spectacular fireworks display. 

Thank you to all those who attended and supported our school.

(Hopefully you have all thawed out!)

Children in Need

 We had a 'spotacular' day dressing up in as many spots as possible in order to raise money for BBC Children in Need. 

We had a day of problem solving for Pudsey including finding out which biscuit was best for him to dunk in his cup of tea whilst watching the show. We discovered that oat biscuits were the best whilst shortbread were the worst. 

Thank you for all your kind donations for the charity. We raised over £100! 

Lantern Making

We had great fun making the lanterns ready for the parade in the town centre on Friday 18th November. A letter with further details on is to follow. 

Pearl of Africa

We had a great time at the Pearl of Africa workshop. We got to sing, dance and play drums in a traditional African style. 

It was lovely to see some of you back to perform on the evening as well as enjoy the pieces the choir performed.


Pearl of Africa

Still image for this video

Pearl of Africa cont.

Still image for this video

Multicultural Day

Thursday was a day of celebrating all regions and faiths. We found out lots of information about Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. (Pop into school to see our display!) We were also lucky enough to have a workshop about Islam with thanks to Yesmein Bagh Ali.  Yazi showed us a range of outfits, patterns and even drew patterns on our hands using Henna.  


Take a look at our photos below.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

A great big thank you to all the children and parents who helped to make our coffee morning a success by donating their time to bake cakes and attend the morning. We are all extremely grateful for the donations that were given to Macmillan. 


We raised £191.77- THANK YOU!

Preparing our scones

The Coffee Morning

Big Friendly Read

A big well done and huge congratulations to those pupils who took part in the 'Big Friendly Read' this summer. The children received a certificate to award their efforts. 

Year 5 had a nice surprise from 10 Downing Street today. A letter thanking them for all their hard work on equality.

Today we have been dividing numbers. After looking at turning our remainders into decimals, we found a question where the answer has digits that repeat forever! Can you remember which symbol to use?

Today we have been dividing numbers. After looking at turning our remainders into decimals, we found a question where the answer has digits that repeat forever! Can you remember which symbol to use? 1

                                                         We are Macmillan. Cancer support. Worlds biggest coffee morning. 25th September.


On Thursday 29th September as part of the R.E. based Young Leaders Award, the Adventurers' will be holding a coffee morning in support of MacMillan. The event will allow you the opportunity to meet Miss Robson, as well as enjoying a slice of cake and a cup of coffee. Please come along and support us.

The Young Leaders Award is a unique active citizenship programme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills at the same time.                

To find out more about our R.E. project click here.Image result for leadership ks2 archie b



Thank you to Mr Phillips at Eskdale school for allowing us to use their facilities. Last week we cooked Scones, this week Melting Moments and next week Cheese Straws. We can't wait!

With Roald Dahl celebrating his 100th birthday, we had a 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' inspired lesson.

We had great fun experimenting with the speed/ melting temperatures of chocolate and of course taste testing it too! 

Each group decided which chocolate would be the best to build a new factory from. 


Welcome to Adventurers! 

It has been lovely to meet some of you over the last week.

Please continue to check back on our webpage to see what we get up to over the next 1/2 term.


A few things to remember:

MONDAY:      PE and "Wonderland" kits in school for the week,

                       Spelling test/ new spellings given.


FRIDAY:      Times tables test/new times tables given.


Reading to be ongoing. At least three times weekly. 

Please have reading/spelling/times tables books in school every day.