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SATs and other Statutory Assessments

Please have a look at the following document '2017 KS1 Interim Assessment Framework' wherein you will find the assessment criteria which each Year 2 child will be judged against in the summer term. Your child will have one of three outcomes in the areas of Reading, Writing and Maths - 1) Working 'TOWARDS' the Year 2 expectation, 2) Working 'AT' the expectation, or 3) Working at 'GREATER DEPTH' within expectation. For Science your child will have only one of two outcomes - Working 'TOWARDS' or Working 'AT'. You will also note that unless a child confidently evidences EVERY outcome within the expectation for each subject he/she can not be awarded that band and would be assessed as working 'TOWARDS'. This new 'life after levels' national assessment framework is in contrast to the previous way of working where a child was assessed at working within one of many levels and sub-levels, now ALL children are working within a single 'age-related' band. I hope this document is of interest to you and I will be happy to explain it in greater detail as we approach the end of the year and the statutory assessment (SATs) period in May 2017.
You may also find the following documents of interest when read in connection with the requirements of the Interim Framework: