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Spring 2018

Name That Tomb (22nd January)

With the final sarcophagus now complete all that remains is to name our two deceased Pharaohs. Current suggestions include Kiki, Emonca, TuTu, Choboochelly and Cleoboneyoo... Voting for the final names will take place later in the week...

Art Attack (22nd January)   The gallery has been updated.

Music Man (19th January)

Another visit from Music Master Mr Firth brought a busy week to a close...     Have a great weekend!

Art Beat (19th January)

A whole host of Egyptian-style creativity, from Howard Carter's diary to the final details of another sarcophagus. Sketch book work also had something of an Egyptian theme too... Art by Roxy, Macie, Bliss, Arthur, Lottie, Miles, Yavor, Emily, Kirby and Maisy

Art Attack (19th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Body Builders (18th January)

Today's Science work on the Digestive System produced some detailed models thanks to excellent teamwork!

You can find out more about the Digestive System on this BBC webpage

Art Attack (18th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Pyramid Power (17th January)

Perspective and colour meet ancient history... The result? These excellent pictures! 

Pyramid Power

Still image for this video

Lollipops and Language Skills (16th January)

There was a great deal going on to day! This morning was given over to our new project centring on Road Safety and included guest appearances by Mrs Horne and an oversized lollipop... Art by Angus and Finlay

This afternoon was something of a change of pace as we put our French vocabulary to good use in conversation and by pitting our wits against some brain-teasing computer puzzles...

Music and Mummies... (12th January) 

Visitors galore today! First up, these Ancient Egyptian chaps were making their presence felt...

With another sarcophagus in the making our classroom is beginning to resemble the British Museum...

Our final visitor was music master Mr Firth and we tried our hand at playing as a trio!

NEXT WEEK: Look out for extracts from The Secret Diary of Howard Carter (aged 48 and a half)... Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (12th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Jaws! (11th January)

What on Earth were these strange biting creatures which invaded our class this afternoon? Well, the answer's quite simple: teeth! Fear not - they're not as scary as they might look and they merely popped in as part of our current Science work. The picture below shows you what teeth are made from and you can find out even more about teeth by visiting this BBC website.

Name That Tune (11th January)

These maps created by Kirby, Bliss and Roxy are a good way of reminding you that you can access the Isle Of Tune webpage out of school by going here.

Hooked On Classics (10th January)

Part of today's PE work included the watching of a gymnastics performance set to a piece of classical music. The dramatic music used was Carl Orff's Carmina Burana - 'O fortuna'. You can see it performed by the BBC orchestra here, find out more about it here and even download a free copy of the music here! (REMEMBER: Always check with an adult before you download something from the internet).

Art Attack (10th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Are You My Mummy? (9th January)   

Our Egyptian sarcophagus begins to take shape...

Musical Youth (9th January)

Thinking of trying some additional music making? You can find the Isle Of Tune website here.

Art Attack (9th January)   The new gallery has been updated.

Awesome Egyptians (8th January)

Straight into the thick of things as we took our first look at our new History focus...

Art by Emmy, Kirby, Jordan, Harry, Dex, Angus, Bliss, Summer, Miles and Angus

New Beginnings (8th January)

Happy New Year! To celebrate the start of the new term we have opened up an additional gallery page here