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Summer 2017

Once you Pop you can't stop... (26th May)

Our exploration of the Pop art movement has produced some interesting results!

You can find more examples below, courtesy of Eva, Rocco, Martha, Drew, Molly, Hannah, Angus, Sarah, Olivia, Alex, Tyler and Kelsey. Have a great - and safe - holiday!

Take a letter... (26th May)

With our Heroes project complete it was time to pen a letter or two to a selection of interested parties who can expect to share our work in the coming weeks...

Art Attack (23rd May)   The Gallery and the Pokemon Gallery have been updated.

"There is nothing wrong with your television..." (22nd May)

Lycopersicon esculentum... Lobelia pendula cascade... Tagetes patula nana... Fragaria vesca regina... Lavvandula angustifolia... 

What on Earth are we talking about? Well, while these words may look like a cross between a wizard's spell and a bad hand in Scrabble, in reality they are merely the Latin names of some of the the seeds we were sowing this afternoon! In an entirely related move we also took the opportunity to focus our Bible work on the parable of The Sower.

In other news, we received two postcards from the wonderful Mrs Stevens who is half a world away in America! 

Art Attack (22nd May)   The Gallery has been updated.

Think of a Number... (19th May)

There was more than a hint of competition today as we battled to answer Numeracy questions and achieve a place on the coveted Leader Board.

And so...

After a hard-fought contest, well done to Olivia, Drew, Finlay, Phoebe, Kye, Alex, Maisy, Lola, Lucy and - overall winner - Eva. Congratulations must also go to Sarah too - the only person to achieve 100% accuracy across all tasks! 

Don't forget that you can log in to your Sumdog account at any time (you can find the link on this page). 


 Have a great weekend! 


Bible Studies (18th May)

How many books make up the Bible? Why is it an important text worldwide? Just what are parables? These questions - and more - can be answered by the Discoverers!                                                                                                         Exclusive art by Rocco and Lucy

Art Attack! (18th May)   Pilots and Pokemon... The Gallery has been updated.

Wish You Were Here...? (17th May)

From one extreme to the other... Vastly differing climates as highlighted by our Geography and History work!


If you enjoyed watching divers exploring the underwater caves of Mexico you can find that clip on this BBC webpage

Poles Apart... (17th May)

Do opposites attract? We decided to put it to the test with Science...!

Art Attack! (17th May)   The Gallery has been updated.

Quiz Master! (16th May)

At something of a loose end? Desperate for a task that will stimulate your brain? If so, then the Serial Mash quiz is the activity for you! Simply log in to your Purplemash account and see if you can beat this extraordinarily impressive time of 0.21 seconds by answering questions on the third chapter of James, King of England...

Late Arrival... (15th May)

One final Amy Johnson piece that flew under the radar... courtesy of Phoebe!

Tales of the Unexpected (12th May)

An introduction to the concept of parables via a tale of violent crime...

Have a great weekend!

The Last of the Few (12th May)

The final touches to our Heroes work included these extraordinarily detailed pieces...

You can learn more about the Battle of Britain on this BBC webpage.

Higher and higher... (10th May)

The excellent Battle of Britain/Amy Johnson gallery below (scroll down!) has been updated with exclusive art from Kirby, Ariella, Lola, two Finleys, Roxy, Drew, Tyler, Bliss, Edward, Angus and many more...!

Magnetic personality... (10th May)

A productive afternoon of Science as we aimed to discover what - or who - would attach themselves to a magnet...

Higher still... (9th May)

Yet more work on historical heroics came in to land courtesy of Alexis, Maisy, Martha, Eva, Alex and Emme. More updates soon!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Sky High! (8th May)

The events of the Battle of Britain and the pioneering pilot Amy Johnson (an idea suggested by Alex) have been among our recent work on Heroes... 

Amy Johnson art by Alexis, Battle of Britain art by Lucy, Finley, Eva, Olivia and Alex.

Cool Shades... (5th May)

Today, an exploration of different shades helped to introduce us to a new style of picture: Pop Art!

Have a great weekend!

Spitfires and Saxaphones (4th May)

A look at the Battle of Britain as part of our Heroes work included an excellent Horrible Histories song - you can find it on the CBBC YouTube page here. (REMEMBER to ask an adult before viewing YouTube.)  

You won't need your musical instruments tomorrow as Mr Firth will not be in school.

Where in the world...? (4th May)

The curious world of biomes has become a recent Geography focus. Unsure as to what a biome might be? You are? Then these nifty pieces of art work by Emme, Eva, Martha, Roxy, Honey and Lucy might be just what you need...

Measure for Measure... (3rd May)

Decimal fractions via practical measurement made for an unusual Numeracy session...

Tour de Force! (28th April)

A celebration of a little-known bicycle race which you might have heard of... The excellent art below is courtesy of Olivia, Sarah, Molly, Phoebe, Honey, Lucy, Finlay, Tyler, Drew, Rocco, Lola, Lexie and Edward!

Don't forget that you will need your swimming kit on Tuesday.   Have a great (extended) weekend!

Art Attack (28th April)   The Gallery has been updated.

Masters of all we survey... (27th April)

Today we were out standing on the pavement as part of Numeracy, collecting data for a spot of handling... 

Photography by Miss Greer

Inspirational! (27th April)

East Barnby = creativity... as these rather splendid letters and Lola's excellent Beck Scrambling picture prove!

East Barnby - Day Three.2 (27th April)

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike... Members of the Discoverers re-enacted the famous Queen song...

East Barnby - Day Three (26th April)

Climbing and cycling brought our challenging visit to East Barnby to an exciting conclusion! As ever, our thanks must go to all of the staff at East Barnby for being so welcoming.

East Barnby - Day Two (25th April)

Rock pooling, hail, hot chocolate, camp fires, howling gales, sea creatures, Falling Foss, rain, fossils and snow should give you a flavour of today's hectic activity!

East Barnby - Day One (24th April)

Back to school... and straight out to East Barnby! This afternoon's objective: to get as soaked as possible! Many of us achieved this Beck Scrambling goal with great skill, thanks to a good deal of clambering, sliding and - as a sure way to attain success - by falling in!

Newsround (21st April)

The current edition of the Whitby Gazette features some alarmingly familiar faces...