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Welcome to Adventurers

The Adventurers like to do stuff to help with their Happy Learning.




Welcome Back to a Fantastic New Term

We started with algebra. Take a look at these equations:

And then try this:

Making P oo

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Introduction to Algebra

The class are buzzing solving equations. The atmosphere is great.

Maths is so much fun when everyone is thinking,trying things out and wants to succeed.

Ask your child about composite numbers.

Sumdog Contest-It's on again.

The competition runs through to Thursday evening and we have made a start. We have worked out the logistics now and need to be efficient and not waste a single answer. 

Smileys go to Rhea,Tamsin and Issy H for their scores on Sunday-Your effort has been noted and rewarded. Well donesmiley

It was a Sumdog Frenzy

For a long time we topped the leader board. Aftre 6pm on the Thursday (Competition finished at 8pm) we were overtaken. So close...2nd place! a fantastic effort from everyone.

Happy Maths

Squats and Planks For Sports Relief

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This was so much fun and everyone was remarkable.Coordination and timing were impecable. I was mighty impressed. Get your young one to show you how its done and try it out at home.

You will all be doing it!

Combining Materials to complete Greek Masks

We have been working on writing a short story making use of the skills we have gained over the past few months. The results are excellent with great word choices,a variety of sentence construction and some strong plot lines. All of the stories begin in some woodland-a setting we are familiar with. The plots have developed from the short stories we have read together. They are a delight to read and it was wondeful to see their commitment to writing. 

Such a happy teacher...and the sun shone too.

WONDERLAND-The Plot Thickens...

A Magnificent Week of Learning!

Behavior has been spot on.Attitude to learning is tiptop and it is wonderful to be part of Adventurers learning. a large number of children have been out a hockey coaching and taking part in Eskdale Festival. This was smooth. Thanks to all who helped with this. In the classroom we have been getting to grips with timetables in maths and reading comprehension. Our sketchbooks look great and the masks are in their early stages. Such a great week.

WONDERLAND : a location to inspire writing

Class Points-We did it.

I am absolutely delighted that the Adventurers have made changes to their behavior this week particularly on the playground and around school. It was so good to come down to the playground and for the class to be lined up ready to get back to learning. All this effort adds to extra learning time and added success. This extra effort has resulted in Adventurers being awarded the class cup for this first week of term.

We need to keep this up-Good times.smiley no

WONDERLAND is wonderful

On Friday everyone had their kit,the sun was shining and there was learning to be done. We planted a willow circle using cuttings from the tunnel. This was a job well done. But the question was posed,"How does this stick turn into a growing thing?"

Everyone smiles in WONDERLAND. Even me,although I have been particularly smiley this week. Ask the Year 6's!

Happy Happy Learning-back out there same time next week.

More Joy More Fun More Seasons (in the sun)

To the Moon and Back...

We have been learning about how the moon,the sun and the earth work together. We have used many different methods to record our understanding of the concepts and everyone was engrossed in the creative process. We used Chromebooks, iPads ,coats,lego ,pen and paper to create stop-frame animations. They were produced on the table,under the table and in every spare corner of the room. Very Happy Learning.

Shine Jesus Shine-Christingle 2016

The Worship Committee presented to each class,telling them about the significance of the Christingle. They did this beautifully. Anna had the pleasure of visiting Adventurers and she did a great job. She commanded her audience,spoke confidently and clearly and gave us all the details. This performance was repeated in Church where she was joined by her fellow committee members giving us a reminder that not all children are as lucky as we are. Sister Karan gave a final blessing and Miss Cooper wished us all a happy and safe half term.

We are learning about Climatic Zones of the World : Biomes. We have made globes, looked at maps of different kinds. After all that we are not totally sure whether Grantham is in another country or not or whether Middlesbrough would have its own climate. We would like you to help us with our learning. We have made some "Flat Stanley" to send around the world and we hope that you will be able to find someone to whom we can send him. More information to follow...

See you at Parents as Partners next week

Happy Learning

Around the world in 3D Style

Writing Together

Getting Ready To Write

Flooding did not stop learning

A stunning performance at Speak Out 2016

Musical Visitors Make Some Noise

Coming Soon To A Church Near You...

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Sumdog Competition (North Yorkshire)

Fantastic News

The Adventurers are top of the tree! The Year 5's came first in the North Yorkshire wide maths contest on Sumdog. The Year 6's came 4th and had to work hard as they had a smaller team.We were judged on accuracy and quantity of responses and an average score was taken for the class. We fitted in lots of answering whilst waiting to go on for our parts in the Christmas Play. No time was wasted and we worked as a team. So good. So,so good. 

I expect a big celebration soon.

Very Happy Teacher!

P.S. National Contest this week. Try to answer 1000 questions before 8pm on Thursday.


We are entered into a county wide competition where over 200 classes are competing to make it to the leaderboard. There is a class leader board and a student leaderboard . Pupils have to answer questions and get them right to get a score. The highest scorers are displayed on the board. Currently our own Leo, who incidentally got 20 out of 20 in his maths test on Friday) is in 6th Place for the whole of the county-woop!woop. The Year 5's as a group are up there to and have secured themselves 8th place. Yeehah.

Happy Maths

Monday Maths Update

Today the Year 5's have fluctuated between first and third place. Well done. Not a moment is being wasted! So good and fun too.

Go Ruswarp.

Happy Times Tables


Leonardo Da Vinci was a great thinker, designer and maker. He designed a self supporting bridge and today we took the chance to have a go at constructing one. We discovered that as well as good design, bridge building needed communication and team work. By the end of the afternoon, everyone had build a bridge. Some were bigger than others. If you come in and visit this week then you can follow our instructions and have a go.

Happy Building

Friday the 13th of November

This week has been magnificent and the class have been a joy to be with. They are, on the whole, on task and happy to be learning. The quality and quantity of work done during the week allowed us to have a bit of fun on Friday afternoon. Please be assured that we will not be singing along to Wham and Slade and Shakin'Stevens every day from now until Christmas!

Children in Need

Today has been absolutely marvelous. The weather was spectacular and the chips were massive. We have all eaten well (fish and chips and sticky toffee pudding and ice cream) and have made our beds. No sign of anyone lying in them yet! All are happy and they are currently making a contraption to allow an egg to be dropped from a great height.

Happy Being Together

Unedited thoughts for today-Monday 2nd Nov

Eggdrop-Crack or splat

Low Mill Tuesday

Morning Morning

A message home from Hunter

All This Happened In One Day

And then in the Afternoon

Unedited Comments Wednesday 4th Nov

Food and Eating Update

The food is even better than I remembered and everyone is eating large quantities. There is a little flexibility in what you get on your plate and everyone is making really positive choices. Some people had never tried a smiley face and really enjoyed it. Some people tried pasta with sauce and realized it was rather tasty. We have had eggs-boiled, fried and poached. Last night's chicken pie was immense and some realized if they didn't like chicken pie they could just eat the chicken with some vegetables. The desserts have gone down really  well-sticky toffee pudding, raspberry moose and chocolate brownie. As far as I am aware no one has eaten too many sweets and we have restricted ourselves to two items from the tuckshop.

We have made progress on efficiency in the kitchen and washing up takes a lot less time than on day 1. One child even said that they enjoyed hoovering! The best thing to see is the kindness and support the children offer each other. We are all tired now and they are pulling together to scrape beans off plates and set the tables again.

Lets hope they keep helping in the kitchen when they get back home on Friday!

Happy Eating

Thursday has been a blast

Friday's Big Breakfast

It's lush and green in WONDERLAND and learning there is easy. All are at peace and it is great t o listen to the birds. Every week brings a new adventure. The best classroom has the sky for the ceiling.

Christian Values in Adventurers


Being a Ruswarp Friend

I Corinthians chp 13 vss 4-7: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.


This is What We Are Learning About.

Week beginning 5th of October

A number of Year5/6 are at Bikeability this week. You have your letters with times and places.

In the classroom we will be mastering multiplication and getting to grips with division. 

Our writing will focus on formal letters.

We need to make a grammar glossary and those machines need a bit of balsa wood.

Sumdog. Purple Mash. Happy Reading. Ocarina Orchestra

Week beginning 8th September 2015

Welcome Back to Happy Learning

Woop! Woop!

The new school term is about to begin. The classroom is ready so lets get started...Relaxed and ready to learn. We are taking our minds to 1485 , an age of exploration and invention and using sheep's wool as toilet paper. Leonardo Da Vinci was drawing stuff and Henry the viii was chopping off heads. There were many strange cures for awful diseases-chopped mice and lots of wee.

Come on in,relaxed and ready to learn.

And Mr Da Vinci:

Happy Learning


Adventurers Ocarina Orchestra

Take a look at the link above to find the score for our orchestra piece, Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Give it a go

Happy Music



Octoberfest 2015-Go Ruswarp

We have all had a lovely afternoon in the sun. There was supreme effort from all our runners and their families. The atmosphere was supportive and everyone was cheering their friends on. It was so lovely to see classmates waiting to congratulate each other. The races were hard work but everyone completed the course and went home with a medal. Ruswarp took first,second and third in the Yr5/6 girls and first and second in the Yr5/6 boys. We also had a finisher in 2nd place in the Yr3/4 girls. Everything happened so fast that it was difficult to follow so I apologise for not having a full set of results. Although I was at the finish line I did not recognise some of the Adventurers. It must have been all the excitement and screaming!


Underwater Football

Not really but they were very wet!

The boys returned in good spirits but a bit wet...and quite cold,especially the goalie. Well done.

Mr Watereman Came To Visit

Mr Waterman popped in to visit today and we began work on the devices to build our Leonardo inventions. Watch this space to see what becomes of these  basic pack ups of motor,battery pack and body.

Excited About Writing

Vitruvian Man

Friendship in Collective Worship

Friendship in the Classroom

The Adventurers Classroom was buzzing when the Discos came to visit. The atmosphere was wonderful. It was lovely to see the children welcome their friends to draw and to write and to chat about what friendship looks like at Ruswarp  C of E Primary School. This classroom Collective Worship was a real high for me this week. Such Happy Learning.


Sumdog and Chromebooks

The chrome books are wonderful and are really maximising learning for all. By five to nine today all children were in and working and it is delightful. They have become a natural part of our classroom routine. It is so wonderful that the children understand that there is an etiquette when using the computer and they realise the need to close the lid and talk and listen.

Maths is better with friends





Welcome Our New Year 5's-Maths Magic

Wonderful Things Happen

Every year wonderful things happen that make your heart swell to twice the size. These Wonderful Things make us realise that we are part of something truly amazing. When Restaurant time arrives everyone starts to help and that is what makes it so special. Please take a little time to think and thank.  This is the start of that list for this year and it will grow:

I've never met Pronto Pizza man but he is donating Pizza boxes for our desserts.

I don't know the staff at the Stables but someone does and they are loaning us some barrels to make our tables and a bar.

Nobles are supplying lots of items:straw bales,scaffolding boards. We are getting an ice cream van.

The Marquees are secured and we need to sweet talk some strong people and a flat bed truck to get them from where they are to where they need to be. We will be able to decorate all day Friday. Woop

Lockers are donating the fish again this year. This is amazing.

Mrs Radford has invited us to the shop to make sausages,providing the bbq and the paella pan.

Parent have taken a week off work to be available to do stuff.

Mrs Longhurst is supplying vintage chairs,plates and decorative items to set the scene.

John Lewis are providing a chef for the day.

For One Night Only - The Pit@Ruswarp

And The Night Goes On

The Bands Audition for The Pit

Move over Simon. Alfie is here with Tyler and Jos to put the bands to the test. There was some fierce negotiating going on and Alfie did well. The bands suit our event and we look forward to three sets over the course of the evening.


Restaurant Night is not complete without a trip to Radfords. Mrs Radford came to school to discuss costs,quantities and logistics with a small group then she escorted all the happy,smiling children to the shop th make our posh dogs. These will be served with BBQ sauce and sunshine and happiness. All is well in Adventurers Land.

It's a Wonderful World

Another brilliant day at Ruswarp. The offers of help are amazing. The parents are superb and a constant joy to work with. Today we have chopped 26 peppers,loads of onions and way too many bulbs of garlic. I found out about chorizo and pancetta. Mrs Spence helped Hunter create an orange ganache and we peeled some turnip.

Two Party Tents are up. The shopping is all done and the team are buzzin'

Really Happy Learning

In a whole school collective worship,we worked together to try to develop understanding. Each pair had one pen and one piece of paper. They needed to draw and write together...both hands on the pen,talking,listening,guiding.

In our collective worship we discussed friendship. After reading the story of Huey,it was clear that we like being the same but we also like being different. We need to be accepting of others. To be a Ruswarp School Friend is like being part of a family. This relationship was sumed up in these beautiful words,

"Friendship means kindness and that makes love and then love turns into a family."

This is what being a Ruswarp School Friend means.

Check out our messages of friendship in the classroom. Take a look in the reflective journals.

What is friendship?

The Summer Reading Challenge

Alyson came from the library to tell us all about this years Summer Reading Challenge. It starts on Saturday the 11th of July and all you have to do is read 6 books. You can get book marks,a medal,an armband and the best scratch and sniff stickers. Get down to the library and read.

Restaurant Nights

It is Restaurant Time again and we are well on the way to another great night. Mr Green has been in to visit and John Lewis want to help. This is exciting learning because it is real.Here are some pictures of years gone by just to give you a flavour of our style. This year it's going to be big.

Check out this food related video clip

The Bottomless Pit-Restaurant Night Goes Up in Flames

It's really taking shape now. The menu is tightening up. Tizzy has a firm grasp of that now.The equipment is listed. Mr Green came in to talk with the whole class and to brief the management team. Letters have been written and emails sent and we are prepared for John Lewis visit on Friday. The Whitby Gazette are sending a photographer and a reporter. Mrs Radford and Mr Green will be on hand. The design team are spot on. The branding began with the all important initial idea from Hunter,developed by a talented group who worked to a tight deadline. laugh We are shining so bright we need sunglasses.

Happy Adventurous Learning

Hello I am Janaya a member of the adventures of Ruswarp school.
On the 26th of June we had a visit from John Lewis the kind laud name was Leigh.
She was talking to us about the hygiene in the kitchen and how many times we should wash our hands and she told us how manny times she washed her hands in one day and she washed her hands 65 times!
She was also was telling us about the chopping boards and they have a different colour for different thing.
The blue one was for fish the red was for raw meat,white is for bread, green was for vegetable.


Still image for this video

Up Part 2

Still image for this video

The Food Never Ends-thanks to all the help we get from all our friends!

The menu is set. The venue is set. The date is set. The branding is done. The barbeque is lit...well no...not quite.

Our new friend "John Lewis" came to visit today and taught us all about food hygiene and kitchen safety. Apparently she washed her hands 65 times during the course of her working day yesterday. Incredible.

She left with the questions: What can John Lewis do for the Adventurers?

                                                   What can the Adventurers do for John Lewis?

Also joining us today was Mr Green. He stayed for a couple of hours and finalised the menu with a small group of students. Mrs Radford joined us to discuss sausage making and to plan in a visit or two to get that job done. A trip to Green's will also take place to smoke some meat.

Mr Maidment popped in to plan his classroom visit to discuss his job as a food inspector.

Mr Locker sent us a model of his boat. They will once again be providing the fish for us all.

The Gazette reported spoke to a number of children and the photographer set up a number of pictures for a report for the paper.

So much learning! We are so lucky.


Look out for letters from children coming home tonight.

Meet the Meat Inspector

On Friday Mr Maidment came into the class to talk about where he works, what he does for his job and to show us parts of a pig. All of this was in the morning and it was exciting.

The Adventurers listened to Mr Maidment as he explained about the food standards agency and the slaughter house. Also Mr Maidment told us about animal welfare [how are the pigs, cattle and sheep are handled].

Afterwards we were told how your meat got killed and at what age a pig was to go to the slaughter house. The pigs are not even one year old before they go into the slaughter house. This was a great shock to us; we were shocked because we like animals.

In the meat process, the pigs get gassed, the gas is called carbon monoxide and no pig has escaped the first part of the process. Then they get a hook onto their Achilles tendon and they were dragged off to the next part of the process.

After that the pigs get their throats cut and all of the blood comes out and it is drained. Then they get washed in a big s shaped tub full of water with a chemical in it this will, as the pig is being pulled, get the dirt off the pig. After the pigs go into a large tumble dryer that will take away any excess dirt and hairs.

Finally Mr Maidment showed us parts of the insides of the pig. He showed us: the lungs, heart and liver.

I can tell you now this was no ordinary morning on Friday.    

Our new client, Mrs Longhurst tasked us to paint her chairs. In return we can use them for The Bottomless Pit. She provided us with cottage cheese to coat them in and this seemed to work really well! She will sand and finish the chairs in her free time. She assures me that this paint will wash out. All the children were very restrained and made no more mess than I would.

Happy learning

Let The Cooking Begin

BBQ sauce made and in the fridge.

Pizza sauce is made.

Salad dressing is ready to pore.

Meat is ordered.


This is how the marquee will feel. Rustic and vintage. Peaceful but vibrant. Get out your gardening gloves and bring us some greenery for Friday. If you have any flowers,garden ornaments or pots,we'll have them too. We need lots. Have a rummage.

North Yorkshire School Games 2015 - Go Ruswarp

Hello I'm Jos a pupil of Ruswarp school(the Adventurers). 
Today I'm going to tell you about a recent outdoor activity we went to on Thursday the 25th of June.
This activity was called hit the surf which took place on Whitby beach with plenty of fun activities.
First of all we went to the upstairs of whitby pavilion where we learnt the different flags and what they mean.There are four flags the orange windsock,black and white chequered,red and red and yellow.The orange windsock indicates strong wind conditions.Never use inflatables when windsock is there.The red flag means danger,never go in the water when the red flag is there.The black and white chequered flag is for surfboards and other non-powered craft never swim or go on body boards when the black and white chequered flag is there .red and yellow flag means it is the safest area to swim.
After we had learnt all this we hit the beach,first we went beside the chalets and got changed into our wetsuits (which took a while),then we did follow the leader then split the team into two. One group started surfing which was so much fun(although I kept falling off) and the other thing we did was some training exercises were we had a rescue tube and had to rescue our work partner after about twenty minutes we swapped over.Both of these exercises were so much fun we wanted to do it all over again but unfortunately we had to get out of our wetsuits which took nearly the amount of time it took to do both exercises.

By Jos Storr on behalf of the Adventurers   

The Whitby Schools' Shakespeare Festival

Adventurers and Discoverers do Hamlet in 20-30 minutes

We began by becoming familiar with the plot. There are lots of people who die. We then tried to empathise with Hamlet, to learn how he might feel about the other charectars around him. Mr Austin edited the full script to make it fit our needs. Casting was hard (57 cast members!) Now we are rehearsing in every spare moment. I think that the dinner ladies are probably a bit tired of the last scene. Not long to go now!

Ruswarp Shakespeare Company Rehearse

The Ruswarp Shakespeare Company Perform

The performance was magnificent and every single player played their part. All the world was a stage. Each voice was heard. Well done.

Some Familiar Faces Come to Visit

Rock around the Clock

Still image for this video
Mr Maltby brought his orchestra to perform for us. The majority were ex-pupils and it was so nice to welcome them back into the classroom although many were now too big to fit on our small chairs. Each instrumentalist gave us a blast of their own personal instrument. Mr Butterfield came and joined in. Woop! Woop!

We began some new learning today,exploring the elements of the digestive system. The attitude to learning was fantastic and we really got through some stuff.We have started to build up our vocabulary and understand the journey through the body. The videos really helped.

We now have a list of key words and we are structuring a piece of writing. Joe did really well with his initial story map. We'll keep you updated on progress.

Progress Update:We modelled some well constructed to share with everyone. Talking helps. These sentences have been hung up and can be used to steal from. The next step was to read through a text detailing the progress of the bolus through the digestive system. Following this we constructed labelled models to strengthen our knowledge and understanding of functions and structures.

Brilliant learning folks.

Big First Aid

The Adventurers and the Discoverers got together with Miss Braithwaite to take part in a Webinar, which may be the most important lesson we ever have. The St John's Ambulance staff went through how to deal with a number of injuries and situations from a sprained ankle to an asthma attack. Miss Braithwaite then answered our questions.
SATS week ended with a wonderful celebration.So many thanks to all the parents who helped to make the week so great. Every little helps.
The Adventurers love digging in the dirt. Using worms as a starting point we have investigated Life Processes, classification of living things and animal kingdoms. 

Biology-cells 'n' stuff

Use Stuff.Draw Pictures.Visualise.

In maths we like to use stuff,draw pictures and then visualise to help us solve problems. The Adventurers worked with Mr Waterman to develop our approach to some very tasty problems.

Problem Solving

Long Multiplication

Still image for this video