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Autumn 1 Photos

Fruit Foraging

 We used the fruits that we gathered from around the school grounds to bake a pie and a crumble. We taste tested each one and, although our evaluations showed that next time more sugar should be added to help take away the sourness of the fruit and more thought needs to be given to the presentation of the pastry on a pie, overall most of us enjoyed the taste. 

Forest Schools: The one which was incredibly wet and muddy!


After a few days of rain, we put on our wellies (well those who had them did) and headed down to the woodland where we discovered the whole area was stood in water but this wasn't going to stop us having fun and adding more to our 'Forest School Village'.

 During the lesson, we also completed an information hunt where we discovered about the life cycles of some of the creatures that live within the grounds. Unfortunately, the heaviest shower we have had in a long time decided to pour on us and ruined the recording of information- let's hope we can remember it tomorrow now the paper is soggy!

Forest Schools: Sensational Senses


Our Forest Schools session involved a competition of the senses this week. We teamed up to create the nicest and worst smells we could by mixing items found around the grounds. We then hunted for as many colours as we could and used them to create a mixture that was bright. After testing the PH of our mixtures we discovered one item was rather acidic. Stay tuned to discover what it was. 



We have been learning to find our way using different styles of maps. We have navigated courses and created our own for other groups to navigate through with different challenge levels. Hopefully our map skills will help us find our way in unknown areas of the countryside very soon!

Super Science 

This was the challenge that we were set today. See our experiments in action on the photos below. Some of us managed to get the water very clear whilst some of us lost all our water completely! Luckily, it was an imaginary situation otherwise we would have been rather thirsty!

Maths Problems


Today, we have been working systematically in order to be able to solve different problems. 

Forest Schools- week 1


Today we managed to get back into the woodland after six months of being away and it was great to be back and discover the changes that have naturally occurred.