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Autumn 2016

Have a great (and safe) holiday!

Art Attack (15th December)

A selection of artistic talent was on show today as visitors to our school were rewarded with this splendid gallery. Later, the winners of the Christmas colouring competition were announced...

The Mystery of Christmas Gallery (15th December)

It's (still) Christmassssssssssssssssssss! (14th December)

Carol singing, festive poetry and an array of art work... 

Look out for more great art work on your way in to school...

Don't forget that Santa Tracker adds a new feature each day in the countdown to Christmas. You can get there quickly through our Links page.

Art Attack (14th December)   The new gallery has been updated.

The Mystery of Christmas 2 (13th December)

A couple of photographs from today's performances of The Mystery of Christmas (based on ideas by Anna and Hamish - title by Kirby). More pictures soon - stay tuned!

The Mystery of Christmas (12th December)

An exclusive preview of tomorrow's Christmas performance... (Photography by Mr Bate)

Art Attack (12th December)   Eva's Shopkins Gallery has been updated.
A New Hope (12th December)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated.

Radio Active (12th December)

Despite the advertisement below, today's guest turned up this afternoon... 

Science in Action (9th December)

What's this? Nap time? Or could it be part of some rather nifty Science work looking at what's inside our bodies...?

Have a great weekend!

Firth Friday (9th December)

Mr Firth's final session of the term saw the Musical Bandits in action...

Art Attack (9th December)   The new gallery and the Gallery of Lucy have been updated.
The Empire Strikes Back (9th December)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated.

The eXcellence factor (9th December)

We went to a nursing home to sing Christmas carols. Being in a different place was unusual at the beginning but later it got better as we got used to it. We sang seven carols, including Away In A Manger. After that we got to eat cupcakes and drank black currant, orange juice and lemonade. It was amazing.   By Lexie, Eva, Molly and Alexis

The Weakest Link (8th December)   The Links page has been updated.

It's Christmassssssssssssssssssss! (8th December)

Who is this chap casually lounging around our classroom? Why, he's non other than the star prize in the current colouring competition (scroll down for details), donated by the very kind Mrs Stevens. Elsewhere, why not try your hand at a spot of Festive computer coding courtesy of Santa Tracker... (REMEMBER: Never share details about yourself on the internet. If you're not sure, ask a parent or teacher)

The Creative Colouring Christmas Compo! (7th December)

Art Attack (7th December)   The new gallery has been updated.   

The Play's The Thing... (6th December)

What on Earth is going on here? Find out in next week's Christmas play...

Art Attack (5th December)   The new gallery has been updated.

Return of the Jedi (5th December)  The Star Wars gallery has been updated.

The Final End (2nd December)

Despite the fun and games you can see above, it was a desperately sad day as we said farewell to someone who has been a vital part of the Discoverers' team for some years now...

Sister Karan is moving to take up a new post at York Minster next month where we wish her great success. Judging by the positive impact she has had upon our school this success is assured. Rain or shine, Sister Karan has always been bursting with boundless energy, humour, enthusiasm and buckets of inspiration - she will be very greatly missed by us all. 

Firth Friday (2nd December)

It's that time of week again as the newly-named Musical Bandits (an excellent name suggested by Rhys) hammered out a tune or two...

A New Hope (1st December)

Feeling a bit down? Perhaps these words of wisdom might be of help....

Art Attack (30th November)   A new gallery has been added. Behold the work of Lucy!

The Fayre Affair (30th November)

The extensive preparation was worth it, as was evident at this morning's Fayre!

 Photography by Alexis

It's Not Fayre... (29th November)

Although it will be tomorrow... Preparation for the Fayre, plus tree decorations for the St. Mary's Church display were very much the focus of the day...

Art Attack (25th November)  Gallery 2 has been updated.

Music Man (25th November)

It's Firth Friday! An excellent music session today - the best so far this year - saw us all come together as a band for the first time! Check out the exclusive photographs below...

On a terribly sad note, we discovered that Sister Karan will be leaving this Christmas to take up a post at York Minster. Her final duty in the Parish will be: 

Crib Service at St. Bartholomew's Church, Ruswarp

4.00pm on Christmas Eve

All are welcome

Sister Karan has been an important and extremely popular part of our team and we wish her every success with her new role. We know that she will be fantastic!  

Have a great weekend!

Music Man! (25th November)

Art Attack (24th November)   Our newest gallery has been updated again!

Keep the faith! (24th November)

Discussions around faith through the story of Noah's Ark produced these impressive ideas and some very nice art too!                                                                                   Art by Sarah and Molly

Art Attack (24th November)   Our newest gallery has been updated.

Tourist Information (24th November)

Whitby relies on tourism a great deal but what attracts so many people to the town? Here are a few of our thoughts...                                              Art by Kye, Roxy, Lexie, Maisy and Martha 

"It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for..." (24th November)

Art Attack (23rd November)   The Pokemon gallery has been updated.

A friend indeed... (22nd November)

If you need reminding about our school's Christian values then look no further than this superb creation by Roxy...

Art Beat (22nd November) 

Thanks to the great number of artists in the Discoverers we have been forced to open a second gallery! Why not pop over and admire our creations?

Art Attack (22nd November)   The Shopkins and Pokemon galleries have been updated.
Art Attack (21st November)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Bear Facts (21st November)

Among Friday's Children In Need-inspired work were these excellent illustrations...

All in a good cause (18th November)

It's the BBC's annual Children In Need charity event - which likely explains our slightly different appearance today! A change of clothes to raise money for a worthy cause. Thanks to your kindness our school managed to raise over £100 to help others! You can find out more about Children In Need on the CBBC website.

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (17th November)   The Gallery has been updated.
Art Attack! (16th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Just Good Friends (16th November)

An important message in Mr Cockerell's assembly this morning we worked together to create a display as part of Anti-Bullying Week. Look out for our work - appearing on a wall near you soon! 

CBBC's Newsround has a number of items about Anti-Bullying Week. You can find them here.

Art Attack (15th November)   The Pokemon Gallery has been updated.

Vile Victorians (14th November)

"Chimney sweep" or "Caged student"? A look at the challenges of being a Victorian child today. Also below you should find a few examples of some of our excellent Remembrance Day art work from late last week...

Finally, tonight (weather-willing!) you might be able to spot a very rare thing - a super moon! You can find out more about super moons on the CBBC Newsround website.

The Last Post (14th November)

Still image for this video
The Weakest Link? (14th November)   The Links page has been updated.

"The Jingle Bells Affair" (11th November)

A hectic day involving a surprise visit from Sister Karan brought another busy week to a close. At a loss for something to do this weekend? Don't forget that there is still time to enter the Purplemash Christmas card competition...

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (11th November)   The Gallery and the Pokemon Gallery have been updated.

The Last Post (11th November)

Today is Armistice Day and we shared the traditional two minutes silence with countless people across the country. We also discovered that Mr Firth will be playing The Last Post at no less than two ceremonies this Remembrance Sunday. You can find out more about Remembrance Day with this Newsround guide. There is still much World War evidence around our area... Can you remember what these two pieces of evidence are? (Answers below)    

(ANSWERS: Damaged World War I cross at St Bartholomew's Church, Ruswarp and wreckage of the World War I hospital ship Rohilla, located between Whitby and Saltwick Bay). 

Torah! Torah! Torah! (11th November)

A selection of Torah scrolls were on show today as we tried our hand at Hebrew script as part of our examination of Judaism. You can find out even more about Judaism with these BBC clips.

Art Attack (10th November)   The Gallery and Eva's Shopkins Gallery have been updated. 

World War Few (10th November)

A few more exclusive long lost photographs have been unearthed from the archives...!

Art Attack (9th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

World War New (9th November)

More exclusive photographs have been revealed...! 

Art Attack (8th November)   The Gallery and Eva's Shopkins Gallery have been updated.

World War Who? (7th November)

With Remembrance Day fast approaching it was time to have a look at the background to this important ceremony. Along the way we managed to uncover these never-before-published photographs from World War I (with more to come)...!

On the Harbourfront (7th November)

New members of the Discoverers today as we have been joined by Miss Egan and Miss Turner, two ladies who will be with us for the next three weeks. Elsewhere there was a surprise letter from Canada where Sister Karan is currently working very hard (between sight-seeing!)! Don't forget that Poppies and other British Legion items will be on sale again tomorrow.

Art Attack (7th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Remember, remember... (4th November)

Just who was Guido Fawkes, where is the best place to store 36 barrels of gunpowder and why would you send someone a letter that gives away your carefully laid plans...? History with a bang today as, with fireworks already being heard across the country, it seemed a good time to find out what all the fuss was about! See our version of the Gunpowder Plot below. Meanwhile, you can watch a CBBC Horrible Histories version of the Plot here!  

NEXT WEEK: The Discoverers will have two new members... Don't forget that poppies will be on sale too.                                                                      Have a great - and extra safe - weekend!

Food Glorious Food! (4th November)

Did you know that there are different types of food? You didn't? Then read on...

"It's Christmassssssssssssssssss!" (2nd November)

With the shops having been full of Christmassy things for a good few months surely Christmas can't be far away! To help you get into the mood Purplemash are running a Design a Christmas card competition. Why not log in to your account and give it a go? With some very nice prizes it's worth a try! 

Stuck for ideas? Have a look at these great examples...!

It's Christmas! (Well, nearly...) (2nd November)

On The Run! (2nd November)

Why would a large number of us be hurling ourselves around a big field in the freezing cold? It could mean only one thing - cross country, of course! (Exclusive photographs by Miss Greer!)


Art Attack (2nd November)   The Gallery has been updated!

Bigger Questions (2nd November)

A further date with data in today's fact-packed Numeracy...

Poetry Please (2nd November)

Be very afraid! Behold: a selection of scary rhyming couplets...

Art Attack (1st November)   A new gallery has been added.
The Weakest Link (1st November)   The Links page has been updated.

The Big Question (1st November)

"Do you prefer Cheese and Onion crisps... Dogs... or something completely different?" Data Handling was so much easier after the data had been collected...

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  (31st October)

Trick or Treat? What is the truth behind Halloween? Building upon an interesting assembly from Father Michael (and with a special Victorian-era guest in the classroom) we examined some of the truths and myths around what is today's "Halloween"... 

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Part 2 (31st October)

Think you can use your quick-drawing skills to outwit ghosts? You do? Then the latest "Google Doodle" is the challenge for you! You can find it here. Remember to ask permission before you try it and never give out your own details on the internet. Have fun but stay safe

It's the end... (21st October)

A sad farewell to Misses Page and Parkes this afternoon - two extremely talented young ladies who have made an enormous impact on our class in the all-too-short time that they have been with us. We wish them every much deserved success in the future.

Earlier there was the opportunity to investigate rock formations via a miniature volcano which led to the revelation that Mr. Firth has walked up an active volcano (don't try this at home)!

Have a great (and safe) holiday!

Looking at Lowry! (21st October)

Further experiments with texture via our Lowry/Victorian inspired art work...

"Here's one I prepared earlier..." (21st October)

Do you remember last year's excellent Equality work - the one that received a letter from 10 Downing Street? (No? Then look through our past pages quickly and see what you're missing out on!). Well it seems that it's not just members of the government who were impressed as letters from CBBC's Blue Peter have been winging their way to members of Years 4 and 5 this week!

DID YOU KNOW? Blue Peter is the longest running children's TV show in the world! Its first episode was shown back in October 1958.

Band on the Run (21st October)

It's Firth Friday and - thanks to some charity fund raising - it was a particularly stylish and trendy band who greeted Mr Firth this afternoon...! 

Art Attack! (20th October)   The Gallery has been updated.
The Empire Strikes Back (20th October)   The Star Wars Gallery has been updated.

Out for the count... (20th October)

A lively session of Numeracy challenges courtesy of Sumdog this afternoon!

Don't forget that you can continue to log in to your Sumdog account over the half term and our Links page will get you there quickly too!

Any Old Iron? (20th October)

A blast from the past as we were visited by a talented member of YHA staff with news of an exciting plan to reconstruct an Iron Age roundhouse at Boggle Hole! Planning permission-willing there's a possibility that we could be taking part in the construction some time next year... Fingers crossed!

"He takes his brush and he waits..." (19th October)

Larger scale rapid-fire Lowrys provided an artistic end to the day. See more in the gallery below!

Lowry in Action! (19th October)

Mars Attacks! (19th October)

Today the European Space Agency landed a spacecraft on Mars! Find out more about the Schiaparelli lander here!

"He (still) painted matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs..." (17th October)

High-speed charcoal sketching Lowry-style produced some rather nice results...

Who's Who? (17th October)

Spotted some new faces? Panic not! This week we have been joined by two talented young ladies - Miss Page and Miss Parkes! 

Poetry Please (17th October)

Fruit 'n' Veg, a poem written exclusively by the Discoverers, received its premiere performance as part of today's Harvest Festival service at St Bartholomew's Church!

Music man! (14th October)

It's Firth Friday, of course, and so it's time for big band sounds...

Earlier, Kirby had shared this rather special fossil find...

...which was an excellent link with yesterday's Robin Hood's Bay visit; you can find another exclusive gallery of photographs below!

NEXT WEEK: The Discoverers will gain two new members...                Have a great weekend!

The coast with the most 2 (14th October)

The coast with the most (13th October)

A trip out today as part of Geography, History and Science work. Amid evidence of Victorian buildings, World War II explosives, sea life and coastal erosion, the main thing we discovered was that Robin Hood's Bay is extraordinarily wet!

Art Attack (13th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Art Beat (11th October)

In addition to this further excellent Passover art by Sarah and Tyler both the Star Wars and Pokemon galleries have been updated. Plus - desperate to know all about monkeys but were too afraid to ask? Fear not for it may be your lucky day as a nifty piece of factual work by Martha has swung its way in to this gallery too!

Don't forget: this Thursday is our visit to Robin Hood's Bay (your letter should have gone home today) so dig out those Wellies and - judging by today's weather - an extremely waterproof coat!

This Week (10th October)

While today's work on the Judaism Passover festival produced some excellent illustrations (see below), look out for a letter tomorrow about this Thursday's trip to Robin Hood's Bay. Also below you should find two more excellent tunes to help you remember your times tables which is great way of letting you know that we now have a special page for x-tables songs! Keep checking back for updates.

Art work by Martha and Roxy  

5x tables by Bliss

Still image for this video

3x tables by Edward

Still image for this video
Art Attack! (8th October)   The Pokemon Gallery has been updated.
The Empire Strikes Back (7th October)   Rocco's Star Wars Gallery has been updated.

Music Man (7th October)

Friday is Mr Firth day! There are more pictures in the gallery below! Have a great weekend!

Music Man! (7th October)

The Weakest Link? (7th October)   The Links page has been updated.

World of Faith 2 (7th October)

As promised, below you should find a second exclusive gallery from yesterday's Islam workshop with Yesmein Bagh Ali (you can find out more about her here)! Meanwhile here are just a couple of examples of the splendid art work produced on the day...

In the Future (6th October)

With another World of Faith gallery still to come and various additional gallery updates in the near future it's well worth regularly checking back...

World of Faith (6th October)

Beautiful Henna designs, wonderfully colourful costumes and lively Bollywood music...! Some excellent work around experiencing the Islamic faith today, courtesy of a rather special visitor.

Check out the gallery below to see more!

The Regeneration Game (5th October)

A new contributor has been added to the Pokemon Gallery where you can now enjoy the work of Alexis and Kye!

"He painted matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs..." (5th October)

A look at the style of famous artist L S Lowry produced this rather fine sketch by Molly.

Lowry is one of the few people in the world who became an artist because he missed a train! You can find out a little more about Lowry (and hear him talk about his work) in this short video which was made many years ago... 


Time for Tables (4th October)

Uncertain about your times tables? Don't know your 2 x 4 from your 4 x 2? Well you're in luck! The handy video clips below are just what you need!

5x tables by Finlay and Tyler

Still image for this video

9x tables by Molly, Olivia and Roxy

Still image for this video

2x tables by Angus and Lucy

Still image for this video
The Force Reawakens (3rd October)   Rocco's Star Wars gallery has been updated!

On the bus! (3rd October)

How do you get Pickachu on to a bus? Poke-im-on! Yes, it may be terrible joke but a trip to this new Pokemon gallery, courtesy of Alexis, should raise a smile... 

On the ball! (3rd October)

Accuracy was the key consideration today as we spent a large part of this afternoon throwing around an assortment of balls... Check out the gallery below to see how we got on.

On the ball (3rd October)

On The Run! (3rd October)

Congratulations to all those who took part in yesterday's Octoberfest Cross Country run!

The Weakest Link? (30th September)

Tired of typing in the same internet addresses? Well, panic no more! A new Links page has been created.

Art Attack! (30th September)   The Gallery has a surprisingly fruity update...!

Smashing! (30th September)

After twelve years the Rosetta space mission came to an end today. You can find out more about it on CBBC's Newsround and at the European Space Agency

Music Makers (30th September)

Trombones and photo-bombing - Friday is Mr Firth day! Check out the gallery below.      

Have a great weekend!

Music Makers (30th September)

Rock on! (29th September)

An inspired piece of rock-based art work and a curious find by Kirby was just one aspect of a rather busy day which included coding and animation and the groovy excitement of Jeff Wayne's musical of The War of the WorldsIf you're interested in trying your hand at further animations you can find the Scratch program here (Do please keep in mind the need to be safe on the internet when using other sites - do not give away your personal details).  Meanwhile, the ESA space art continued to soar in... (Rocket by Alex)

Art Attack! (28th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Premier League (27th September)

Cast your minds back to last year and our topic on "Equality" (not sure what we're talking about? Scroll back through our archived pages!). It was something of an impressive piece of work and nor were we the only ones to think so as a rather nice letter of congratulation arrived from a world famous address to prove it...!

Brought to Book (27th September)

Smiles and certificates for those who successfully completed this Summer's reading challenge at Whitby Library! Interested in joining the library? You can find its opening times here.

Space: Above and Beyond (26th September)

Don't forget that there's still time to enter the ESA Rosetta probe art competition.

The Revenge of the Return of "What have the Victorians ever done for us?"

(26th September)

An exploration of Victorian literature today as we looked at just some of the books and characters that remain popular today - from Whitby's most famous fanged tourist, Dracula, through to the worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens. With so many Holmes and Dracula movies, plus a rather excellent The War of the Worlds musical, there was hardly time to scratch the surface of why these Victorian creations return again and again...

Art work by Molly

Art Attack! (23rd September)   The Gallery has been updated. 

Music Man! (23rd September)

Trombones, clarinets, trumpets, smiles, facts and a good deal of fun! Yes, Mr Firth was back!

Check out the extra photo gallery below!

Music Man! (23rd September)

Lost In Space (23rd September)

Don't forget that there's still time to come up with a piece of art based on the theme of the ESA's Rosetta space mission. Stuck for inspiration? Well here are some out-of-this-world examples!                                                                                                          Have a great weekend!

Art Attack! (21st September)   Our Gallery has been updated.
Return of the Jedi (21st September)   Rocco's Star Wars Gallery has been updated.

The Return Of "What have the Victorians ever done for us?" (21st September)

On this day in 1866 H.G.Wells was born; the Victorian author who would later write The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man and who would create what we now know as Science Fiction! And that's not all. Here are some more ways in which the Victorians have changed your life...!

We've Got The Power! (21st September)

Mind-maps and detailed illustrations centred around our recent work on hydro-electricity!

Art Attack! (19th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Empire Strikes Back! (19th September)   Rocco's Star Wars Gallery has been updated.

"What have the Victorians ever done for us...?" (19th September)

Well quite a bit as it happens. Here's just a couple of those things courtesy of Kirby, Angus, Sarah, Bliss and Olivia!

AN-I-MATE! AN-I-MATE! (16th September)

Beware the creeping terror of the furry pen-eating case! Stop-motion animation in action!

AN-I-MATE! AN-I-MATE! (16th September)

Still image for this video

Thought for the day 2 (16th September)

Further prayers to inspire, courtesy of Alex and Lucy.

Art Attack (16th September)   Our Gallery has been updated.

Thought for the day (16th September)

Prayer writing, model making and visits from Sister Karan, Mr Butterfield  and Mr Firth helped to round off a hectic week!                                                                             Have a great weekend!

(Prayer by Sarah)

London's (Still) Burning - Part Two (15th September)

Still image for this video

Journey Into Space... (15th September)

Don't forget that the European Space Agency (ESA) are running an art competition for children. Their theme is the Rosetta space mission and the closing date is 30th September. You can find out more about the Rosetta mission here. The Rosetta space probe launched a small lander on to a comet. See if you can find it on this photograph...

You can find the full version of this photograph here.

Tanks a lot! (15th September)

One hundred years ago to the day, the tank first trundled in to action in World War I! You can find out more about this historic event here.

Art Attack! (14th September)   Our Gallery has been updated.

I've Got The Power! (14th September)

Torches and turbines... An electrifying day as we were visited by representatives of the local hydro-electricity project, Eureka. Workshops and a wander across to the enormous Archimedes Screw (based upon a design a mere 2,000 years old!) made for a fascinating morning!


Want to find out more? Of course you do! Why not pop over to the Esk Energy website for further information? There's also a photo gallery and brief video clip below! 

I've Got The Power! (14th September)

Still image for this video

Art Beat (13th September)   Our Gallery has been updated!

Eureka! (13th September)

Don't forget that for tomorrow's visit to the Archimedes Screw you will need to come to school in uniform but bring a change of clothes and trainers/wellies. 

Best foot forward... (13th September)

A rather energetic afternoon with today's Special Guest Star: Miss Hansell!

No Wonder (12th September)

Thanks to the excellent summer weather Wonderland has become somewhat overgrown and so unfortunately, until it can be pruned back a little, Wonderland sessions are postponed for the next few weeks at least.  

Art Attack! (12th September)   Our Gallery has been updated.

London's (Still) Burning (12th September)

An inspirational book shared by Honey encouraged us to add the finishing touches to our Great Fire of London pictures today. Check out the short video below to see some scorching art action (with more to come)! 

London's Burning (12th September)

Still image for this video

"Now it's time to take a look at your work in the Gallery..." (9th September)

Our new gallery page has appeared - as if by magic - here! Check back regularly for updates!

Hello, We Come In Peace... (9th September)

Another excellent Star Wars picture by Rocco is a great way of letting you know that a new gallery page will appear soon to show off how creative we are out of school! Today we also branched out into RE work so, when visiting, why not take a moment to look at our thoughts on "Peace"...? Have a great weekend!

Rock on! (8th September)

London's Burning (7th September)

It's the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London this week - an ideal opportunity for some red hot storyboard work... 

There are many interesting ideas linked to the Great Fire of London at the moment, including:

  • a CBBC Newsround report on the destruction of the London model here
  • some Royal Mail postage stamps (scroll down this page to see them)
  • a special CBBC Horrible Histories episode which is here until the end of the month 

Get creative! (7th September)

Already our new term has begun to produce some exciting new work... Kirby has been inspired by our Science topic to design and make this wonderful fossil out of material... 

Meanwhile, as you can see below, Alex has popped over to Purplemash to create a handy song to help you remember your 4x tables... Remember, you can log in to Purplemash and your Sumdog account from home (Sumdog is having a few small problems at the moment, but this should be solved soon and it is still worth a look!). 

4x tables song by Alex

Still image for this video

Welcome back! (6th September)

A new team! Plus, stories of success at the Summer shows and a mysterious new member of the Discoverers too...

Coming Soon... (5th September)

With the new term fast approaching below are some details that may be of use...

Things to remember:

MONDAY:      PE kit in school for the week; New spellings/spelling test

WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY:      "Wonderland" kit

FRIDAY:      Times tables test/new times tables

Please have reading/spelling/times tables books in school every day. 

The areas that we will be looking at this term are: