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Autumn 2017

It's Christmas! (22nd December)

As you can see, everyone wants to get into the Christmas spirit! Have a great, safe holiday. We'll be back in 2018!

Top Score (22nd December)

The excellent score below is a good way of reminding you that you can still access your Purplemash and Sumdog accounts over the Christmas break... 

Art Attack (22nd December)   The Gallery has been updated.

Take Art (21st December)

With the new year only weeks away already our attention has turned to next term's work. Want to know what we are making here? The answer will be revealed... in January!

Art Attack (20th December)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Return of Put That Light Out! (19th December)

WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE! More World War II vintage ARP Warden photographs have been uncovered!

We Are The Champions (19th December)

Still the big scores keep coming! See if you can top this champion Sumdog Kite Boarding 3D score by Miles!

Art Attack (19th December)   The Gallery has been updated.

Back To The Future (15th December)

Next week: it's carols and the Christmas Fair as the countdown to the holiday continues...!  Have a great weekend!

World War New (15th December)   The World War II Reports page has been updated.

The Great Discos Bake Off (15th December)

Cooking up a treat for the Christmas Fair! Photography by members of the Discoverers.

Put That Light Out! (15th December)

A host of familiar faces were on hand to add extra colour to our Blitz-based newspaper reports...

Play Away (14th December)

Excitement was in the air today as we geared up for the final performance of Bethlehem: The Musical!

Art by Roxy, Edward, Finlay, Angus, Maisy, Angus, Bliss and Arthur.

Games Master (14th December)   

The big scores keep coming, this time courtesy of Ariella and Drew!   See if you can top them!

Art Attack (13th December)   The Gallery has been updated.

Game On! (12th December)

In addition to Sumdog challenges, today we discovered the various activities of Santa Tracker which include art and coding tasks. See if you can top these scores by Zane and Lexie

Musical Youth (12th December)

Today saw the first of three public performance of Bethlehem: The Musical...!   Art by Kirby and Ariella

D...I...S...C...O...! (11th December)

Funky moves and groovy shoes - it was time to hit the dance floor at this year's Christmas Disco!

Measure For Measure (11th December)

This may look like a day of rest but - in reality - it was just a small part of a practical Numeracy investigation!

The Play's The Thing... (8th December)

As you can see from these exclusive photographs, work continues apace on this year's Christmas production...

Have a great weekend!

Ho! Ho! Ho! (6th December)

It's Christmas (or, it soon will be)! To get you in the mood, enjoy these festive scenes courtesy of Angus, Macie and Sophie

World War New (5th December)   The WWII Reports page has been updated.

Art Attack (5th December)   The Gallery has been updated.

Newsround (4th December)

Want to know why these dates are important? Pop over to our new WWII Reports page for the answers! Keep checking back - more reports coming soon...

Play Away (4th December)

As you will have noticed from the letter which went home today, there has been a slight change of plan with this year's Christmas play... It will now be taking place in the school hall and there will be three performances. Full details can be found in the letter.   

The Evacuation Situation (24th November)

A group of familiar faces set off for pastures new this afternoon...                                                                       Have a great holiday!

Art Attack (23rd November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Blast From The Past (23rd November)

Additional photographs from our recent visit to Eden Camp...

Art Attack (22nd November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Spine-tingling... (20th November)

Vertebrate or invertebrate? That was the question as we looked at classifying creatures this afternoon with the help of this game on Purplemash. Why not log in to your account and see if you can beat Roxy's champion score of 21 seconds!

On The Spot (17th November)

An assortment of curiously spotty people were an interesting surprise for Mr Firth when he arrived this afternoon!

Have a great weekend!

All in a good cause (17th November)

A day of helping others, starting with a thoughtful assembly thanks to Mr Davis of Foodbank4Whitby.

Plus, as you might already have guessed, today we raised money for Children In Need.     Art by Drew

Art Attack (17th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Lost In Space (17th November)

Further inspired art for this month's European Space Agency competition courtesy of Angus and Summer. Thinking of entering? Don't worry, there's still time to get creative - until next Friday!

Newsround (14th November)

More World War II propaganda newsreel has been discovered...


Still image for this video

Inspiration Is Go! (14th November)

Don't forget that you will need to get your rocket art work in to school by next Friday if you want to enter the current ESA competition. Stuck for ideas? This out-of-this-world rocket by Honey may give you a boost!  

World War New (13th November)

Further exclusive photographs from our visit to the excellent Eden Camp. Still more photographs coming soon...

Lest we forget (11th November)

Still image for this video

Pack Up Your Troubles (10th November)

Big band sounds with Mr Firth nicely rounded off a busy week which included a trip back to 1939 (see below!).

There has also been discussion of the symbolism of Remembrance Day, with some inspired art work too...

Art by Macie, Arthur and KirbyHave a great weekend!

Art Attack (10th November)   The Gallery has been updated. 

Blast From The Past! (9th November)

An exciting trip back in time today as we visited the World War II experience at Eden Camp! We had a trip under the waves in a U-Boat, stumbled through the darkness of the Blackout, experienced the terrible Blitz and sang about window cleaning in the Music Hall... amongst many other things!   More photographs coming soon.  

Many thanks to Mr Bate, Mrs Kendrew and Miss Greer for their help in making this such a great day!

Art Attack (8th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Lost In Space (7th November)

Details of this month's European Space Agency competition have been announced and the focus is on Launchers/Rockets. It's time to let your imagination (and artistic talent) loose! Stuck for inspiration? Well, take a look at the pictures below, courtesy of Maisy and NASA (showing the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969!).

Newsround (6th November)

Take a trip back in time with some newly discovered World War II newsreel reports!


Still image for this video

We Will Remember Them (6th November)

Don't forget that poppies raising money for the Royal British Legion are still on sale this week.

Art Attack (6th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Burning Questions... (3rd November)

Remember, remember... Knowing fact from fiction - today's work included a timely reminder of the truth behind the Gunpowder Plot... Art by Dex, Angus, Bliss, Dominic, Edward, Miles, Sophie and Olivia.

Further fact finding came via Numeracy as we questioned our friends and discovered a fabulous new way of presenting data!

Have a great - and safe - weekend!

Art Attack (3rd November)   The Gallery has been updated.

On The Run... (2nd November)

A quick jaunt across country to take part in Cross Country! 

Ghostwatch (31st October)

Hide behind the sofa! It's Halloween poetry! Be very afraid...

Out and About (31st October)

As you will likely know, a letter went home today with details about next week's educational visit to Eden Camp. Please return reply slips to school by this Friday. You can find out more about the World War II-themed Eden Camp on their official website

Art Attack (31st October)   The Gallery has been updated (twice!).
Art Attack (30th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Grand Finale (20th October)

Once again the big band were in action as Music with Mr Firth brought the half term to a rousing finale...

Have a great - and safe - holiday!

The Antiques Roadshow (20th October)

A whole range of fascinating artefacts have been unearthed as part of our History work, not to mention wonderful facts about the experiences of grandparents and great grandparents...

A Good Cause (20th October)

Do you remember last week's Colour Fun Run in aid of the NSPCC? (You don't? Really? Well, scroll down this page for more details then!) This morning we were revisited by a member of the charity who revealed that our school had been able to raise the quite astounding total of £1,045.90! 

Take Art (20th October)

A hugely creative day to end the half term... we brought some of our World War II propaganda posters to life...

...and looked at the Dazzle camouflage used on battleships in both World Wars...

Committed... (20th October)

Following the speeches and votes earlier this week, in today's tension-filled assembly we discovered just who had been elected to represent us as ambassadors and on the student committees... Many congratulations to the winners!

Out Of This World (19th October)

What on Earth could be going on here?   Why are these ladies all looking so stylish?   Well, the answer is quite simple: these people are all prize winners in a recent European Space Agency art competition!   

Art Attack (19th October)   The Gallery has been updated.
Art Attack (18th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Got it posted... (18th October)

Creativity in action thanks to the classification of living things in Science and the designing of WWII propaganda posters...

Invasion! (16th October)

A whole host of new faces descended upon the class this morning...! Photography by Olivia and Roxy.

Art Attack (14th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Musical Youth (13th October)

Another superb Music session with Mr Firth was an excellent way to end the day!                                   Have a great weekend!

On The Run! (13th October)

Racing around the field in a good cause! Raising money for the NSPCC as part of today's Colour Fun Run!

Brought to book (13th October)

Smiles all round from those who took part in Whitby Library's Summer reading challenge!

IN THE FUTURE (12th October)   Don't forget that tomorrow is the Colour Fun Run in aid of the NSPCC.

Ready, Steady, Cook! (12th October)

Using produce grown at school, here's just a flavour of the exploits at this evening's Gardening Club...

Art Attack (11th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Antiques Roadshow (11th October)   More historical artefacts - this time thanks to Maisy...

Art Attack (10th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Read all about it... (10th October)

Worst Witches, space battles and the secret life of toilets... A large selection of new books have arrived in our class library!

Antiques Roadshow (10th October)

Cameron's historical artefacts have been updated - scroll down the page for a look!

Poetry Please (9th October)

This afternoon we popped over to church for the Harvest Festival. We also premiered our poem, especially written for the occasion - The One and Only Harvest Rap!

Art Attack (9th October)   The Gallery has been updated - twice!

Flying visit (9th October)

A close examination of a recent visitor to our school...

World War Wow! (9th October, updated 10th October)

Despite being over since 1945 there's still evidence of World War II to be found, including this bullet (which had been made safe, of course) brought in by Cameron. The ruler gives you an idea of its size!  

UPDATE: The artefacts just keep coming...

Performing Arts (6th October)

A trip over to church to run through our harvest poem for Monday's Harvest Festival...

...and a visit from music genius Mr Firth... 

...brought another hectic week to a close!                                                                                 Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (6th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Take Art (5th October)

A whole world of the creative and the curious was on display after school today...

Art Attack (4th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

All in a good cause (4th October)

Last week members of the NSPCC popped in to assembly to talk about their work and the possibility of an upcoming sponsored event... This morning it was revealed that the event would be a Colour Run, details of which went home today!

Setting the pace... (3rd October)

Smiles and shields... Congratulations to all those who took part in Sunday's Cross Country event!

And I think to myself... (2nd October)

What a wonderful world... Reflections on the world's wonders have resulted in some interesting RE work...

Work by Edward, Maisy, Sophie, Kirby, Bliss, Lexie, Olivia and Ariella.

Musical Youth (29th September)

Another superb day finished off with a visit from Mr Music himself - Mr Firth!

Good luck to those taking part in Cross Country this weekend.                                                              Have a great weekend!

Pitch Perfect (28th September)

An excellent day which included Science in action as we investigated sound and pitch via musical instruments...

Elsewhere, programming skills were put to the test with the ever-popular Scratch program...

One Direction? (27th September)

An afternoon in the sunshine gave us the chance for a spot of compass reading and a few Geography games...

Shaping Up... (27th September)

An investigation of the properties of 2D shapes was an excellent opportunity for a bit of team work...

Art Attack (26th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Dancing In The Street (25th September)

Or the hall, to be more accurate... There were high kicks and waving arms aplenty this morning as we took part in a fantastic street dance workshop with visiting Dance Supremo, Miss Withers! 

“I learned how to do the moon walk. I enjoyed doing the kicks!” (Bliss)

“I enjoyed the dancing and everything else!” (Yavor)   “I enjoyed that you could make your own dance!” (Angus)

“I enjoyed the warm ups and making up dances.” (Kirby)   “I enjoyed doing the random routine that we did.” (Finlay)

“I enjoyed all of the dancing, warming up and dancing to the beat.” (Drew)

“I enjoyed the warm up when we were bouncing around and singing to 1D. I learned that we had to be with the beat all of the time.” (Roxy)

“I learned to spin. I enjoyed everything. I liked the jumps.” (Summer)  

“I liked the dab because it is the best move for a boy.” (Dominic)

“I enjoyed dancing with my friends.” (Emily)      “I enjoyed PE.” (Finley)

“I enjoyed the music. I liked the beat.” (Cameron)     “I liked the moon walk, the jumping and the clapping.” (Arthur)

“I liked doing the dancing and warm up routines.” (Lottie)    “I enjoyed doing the dance we made up.” (Ariella)

“I liked it when Mr Austin’s shoes made a black mark on the floor!” (Joseph)

“I enjoyed making the dance.” (Maisy)      “I liked the warm up.” (Honey)  

“I enjoyed dancing and doing the contest.” (Angus)      “I liked jumping.” (Zane)

“I enjoyed the first thing and when we all thought of one ourselves.” (Lexie)   “I liked doing a 360!” (Finley)

“I enjoyed doing the dance and liked the dance moves.” (Olivia)   “I learned how to dance and moon walk!” (Emmy)

“I learned a lot of things. I liked all of the dances.” (Rhys)      “I liked dancing.” (Kelsey)

“I enjoyed the jumping and fun. I loved the dancing. I like the girl – she was kind and nice.” (Macie)

“I liked the songs and the dancing!” (Edward)      “I enjoyed the warm up!” (Jordan)

“I learned new songs!” (Harry)    

“I enjoyed the bit where we put really loud music on and waved our hands in the air!” (Dex)

“I enjoyed the dance. I liked the jumps!” (Miles)      “I liked dancing to I Think You’re Beautiful.” (Sophie)

Who knows? Miss Withers may return in the future... Fingers crossed!

"Songs Of Praise" (22nd September)

Assembly saw the unveiling of our new school hymn books, with one of the rather splendid covers designed by Roxy!

Later, the hall was filled with still more interesting sounds as, with Music Master Mr Firth, we experimented with brass instruments... 

This, coupled with some spacecraft designs, thoughts about "Our Wonderful World" and interesting artefacts courtesy of Angus and Lottie, brought a busy week to a close!  Don't forget that you will need your PE kit on Monday. Have a great weekend! 

The Appliance Of Science (21st September)

Taking cover was a good idea this afternoon as an experiment with vibration meant showers for all!

IN THE FUTURE (21st September)

Don't forget that you will need your PE kit in school on Monday.

The Antiques Roadshow (21st September)

Our History has led to some extraordinary finds when it comes to artefacts and primary sources, including this helmet from Germany!

Blitzed Brits! (19th September)

Still image for this video

"Put that light out!" (18th September)

Want to know why searchlights sprang up all over London in 1939? Need to know how to deal with an incendiary bomb? Well we are the people you should ask! In the meantime here is some excellent Blitz art courtesy of Angus, Finley and Macie. More coming soon... 

The Creation Investigation (15th September) 

Ending the week on a bright note... Not only did we discover that lollipop personnel are getting younger, today we welcomed back music master Mr Firth, penned some detailed WWII accounts and compiled the findings from our Creation investigation!

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (15th September)   The Gallery has been updated. 

Natural Talent (14th September)

This afternoon there was time for a quick jaunt outside in search of evidence as part of our RE work on the theme of "Creation"... 

Art Attack (12th September)

Congratulations to all those who took part in yesterday evening's art, handwriting and photography competitions. As you can see from this work by Summer and Lottie the standards were extremely high!


Take a letter... (11th September)

The Ruswarp School postman has been alarmingly busy since a whole host of correspondence has been arriving over the past few weeks thanks to our Heroes project (not sure what we mean? Look back through last year's webpage for details!). As well as Blue Peter badges, there have also been letters from the office of the Queen and the Prime Minister, plus a rather special letter from a Battle Of Britain veteran, Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum!

Homework (11th September)

This is the current homework for the Discoverers:

  • Reading.
  • Learn spellings. Spellings are distributed on Monday for a test that same Friday.
  • Learn x-tables. X-tables are distributed on Friday for a test the following Friday.
Art Attack (11th September)   The Gallery has been updated.
Art Attack! (8th September)   Check out our new Gallery page!                   Have a great weekend!

Think of a number... (5th September)

Teamwork and random numbers... a practical spin to today's Numeracy work!

Rain Stopped Play... (5th September)

...but it didn't halt creativity as these models constructed over a soggy lunch time demonstrate! Models by Kelsey, Olivia, Roxy, Kirby and Bliss.

All Change... (4th September)

Welcome to the New Discoverers...

There was also a surprise new team member as a famous Prime Minister popped in for a visit as part of our work on World War II. Want to know more? You can find a useful video explaining the events of World War II here.