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Autumn 2018

It's Christmas! (21st December)   Have a great - safe - holiday!

Cliff-Hanger! (21st December)   The dangers of erosion are clearly illustrated by our detailed Geography model...

Art Attack (21st December)

We've been particularly creative today! You will find that the Gallery, plus the galleries of Ariella and Summer have all been updated!

Victorian Values (21st December)

Our recent work around the life of Dr. Thomas Barnardo produced some very thoughtful work as well as these excellent pieces of art by Dex and Summer.

Art Attack (20th December)   The Gallery and the Gallery of Ariella have been updated.

Fully Booked! (20th December)

There were curious cats, bad mermaids, Red-Headed Leagues and more as we shared some of the books/stories which we have enjoyed... Art by Theo, Finley, Dex, Winnie, Summer, Elizabeth and Harry.

The Countdown Continues... (19th December)

Christmas is coming! This excellent art work by Dex, Macie and Summer should help you to get into the holiday mood...

Art Attack (18th December)   The Gallery has been updated.

All The World's A Stage... (17th December)

Today saw the first performance of this year's Christmas play. Don't worry if you missed it - we're doing it all again tomorrow!

Destination: Bethlehem (14th December)

Don't forget that our Christmas play performances are on Monday and Tuesday next week! Art by Dominic, Arthur and Lily.

Have a great weekend!

Food, Glorious Food (13th December)

Having trouble remembering the different food groups? You are? Then these excellent creations by Lottie, Emmy, Miles, Macie, Winnie, Harry and Finley might be just what you need!

Top Of The Pops (12th December)

Pop-up cards were an inspiration when we tried to add an extra dimension to our pictures. Art by Finley, Angus and Summer.

Sherlock Holmes Returns (11th December)

With our current Literacy text being the Sherlock Holmes mystery The Red-Headed League (which we think we've solved!) it's a perfect opportunity to share our recent photographs of the detective duo and their evil enemy. Look out for some new photographs which have never been seen before... 

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Still image for this video

The Force Awakens (7th December)

A musical end to the week as a trio from Whitby Music Club dropped in to perform an array of tunes - everything from Christmas Carols to The Imperial March of Star Wars!   Have a great weekend!

Food, Glorious Food! (6th December)

Today we looked at the different types of food with the aid of some curious characters, including Sally Starch and David Dairy!

Fraction Action (6th December)

Think you can beat these excellent scores by Cameron and Theo? Log in to Purplemash and give Fraction Wall a go!

Art Attack (5th December)   The Gallery has been updated.

Who's Who? (4th December)   Enjoy some of our recent simile work. Can you guess who (or what) we are describing?

The Countdown Begins... (1st December)

If you are on the East Cliff of Whitby over the next few weeks you could pop into St. Mary's Church where you will find some rather familiar art on display. This year's theme is that of a Jesse Tree, a tradition dating back many hundreds of years.

The Great Discos Cake Off (30th December)

A busy afternoon preparing tasty treats rounded off a hectic week! Have a great weekend! 

Guess Who? (30th December)

Who could this mystery figure be? The answer probably isn't elementary...  Art by Isaac, Dominic, Miles, Summer and Dex.

The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (30th December)

The Victorian detective lives on! Enjoy more exclusive photographs of Holmes, Watson and the villainous Professor Moriarty.

The Great Detective (29th November)

Behind you! With the villainous Professor Moriarty planning yet more evil schemes it was fortunate that Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were on the case (more photographs coming soon)! You can find out about Sherlock's creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, on this BBC webpage

Christmas Story (28th November)

This year's Christmas tree, soon to go on display at St. Mary's Church, will illustrate the key stories of the Bible. Can you guess which stories these images represent? Art by Summer, Lottie, Emmy, Dominic, Will, and Macie.

We Want Information (26th November)

Today's Numeracy involved the presentation of the data that we had collected. The next step: analysis!

Terrifying Teachers (26th November)   Enjoy this short video of our time as Victorian teachers!

Still image for this video

Information Centre (23rd November)

Data collected as part of today's Numeracy work provided some shocking results!  Have a great weekend!

2018: A Space Odyssey (23rd November)

If you're still not sure about entering the European Space Agency's Mercury competition then this excellent piece of art by Emmy might be the inspiration you need (photo of Mercury from NASA)!  

Space: Above and Beyond (22nd November)

Don't forget that you have a week to complete a piece of art work based on the planet Mercury if you want to enter the European Space Agency's competition (photos from NASA).

Art Attack (22nd November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Journey's End (21st November)

RE work around the feelings of Mary as she arrived in Bethlehem produced some rather nice pop-up illustrations. Art by Lottie, Winnie, Zane, Macie and Emily.

Art Attack (21st November)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Return of Whacko! (20th November)

A fresh batch of Victorian teachers were on duty this afternoon. Be very afraid... 

Art Attack (20th November)   The Gallery of Summer has been updated.

Whacko! (19th November)

Victorian children beware - there are some terrifying new teachers in town! More pictures coming soon. 

All Change (16th November)

Dressing up in aid of a good cause... Today our stylish appearance helped to raise money for the charity Children In Need. You can find out more about Children In Need's work on their official website.    Have a great weekend!

On The Run! (16th November)

Our recent Cross Country successes were celebrated by a visit from members of the Rotary Club!

Think Of A Number (15th November)

A Sumdog Challenge produced great concentration and some excellent scores! Don't forget that you can access your account out of school too (check out the Links page for the quickest route to Sumdog!). 

Tables Time (15th November)   The Times Tables pages have been updated. 

Time For Reflection (14th November)

Take a look at some examples from our recent Remembrance Day work...

Art Attack (13th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Shore Thing (13th November)

Enjoy another batch of exclusive photographs from our recent visit to the coast!

The Coast With The Most (12th November)

Behold: more exclusive photographs from Friday's excursion to Robin Hood's Bay! 

Armistice Day (11th November)

Still image for this video

Remembrance Day (9th November)

Don't forget that this Sunday it is exactly one hundred years since World War One ended. Check back for an exclusive video - coming soon.   Have a great weekend!

Life's A Beach (9th November)

Today we took Geography, Science and History out of the classroom and over to Robin Hood's Bay! More photographs soon...

Remembrance Day (8th November)

Our look at the history behind Remembrance Day and the wearing of poppies inspired some excellent art (pictures courtesy of Lottie, Theo, Emmy and Tobi). More coming soon... 

Art Attack (8th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Shape Up! (8th November)

It seems that Venn Diagrams are useful tools when it comes to explaining the properties of 3D shapes...

Art Attack (7th November)   The Gallery of Summer has been updated.

Remembrance (6th November)

This poem by Lottie is a nice reminder of why poppies in aid of the British Legion charity are on sale in school this week.

Remember, Remember (Part 2) (6th November)

The glories of glitter (and its ability to get everywhere!) allowed us to recreate the explosive sensation of fireworks!

Still image for this video
Art Attack (6th November)   The Gallery has been updated.

Remember, Remember... (5th November)

An unpopular king... a plot... gunpowder... What could possibly go wrong...?  Quite a lot as it turns out! Art by Finley, Angus, Miles, Arthur, Lyla and Zane.


Multiplicity (5th November)

Take a moment to check out our new times tables pages (one and two) for exclusive songs! More coming soon!

Brought To Book (5th November)

Not sure which book to dive into next? Well, our book reviews could be just the thing you need! Why not pop in and have a look for yourself?

Time's Up! (26th October)

If you find the idea of a week off just too much don't forget that you can still access your Sumdog and Purplemash accounts (where you can create such excellent things as this times tables video by Miles). Have a great, safe holiday! 

Still image for this video
Art Attack (26th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Geology Rocks! (25th October)

If you can't recall how fossils are formed try this BBC video; while this BBC video explains the different types of rocks.

Art Attack (25th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Owzat! (24th October)

With the prospect of icy weather to come it was time to take full advantage of the sunshine while it lasted...

Shape Up! (24th October)

Look out! There are 3D shapes everywhere! Or so it appeared in today's Numeracy investigation...

Poetry Please (23rd October)

Still confused about what was happening on the 22nd October (see below)? Then have a look at our new Performance Poetry page where all will be revealed...

Mine All Mine (23rd October)

A look at the life of children working in mines at the start of the Victorian era revealed some terrible truths... Art by Elizabeth, Angus and Cameron.

What A Performance! (22nd October)

What on Earth is happening here?  A very good question! Luckily, the answer will be revealed soon...

Poetry Please - The Return (19th October)

Today was our first public performance of "Harvest"! Look out for an exclusive video - coming soon. Have a great weekend! 

Art Attack (19th October)   The Gallery has been updated. 
Art Attack (18th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Poetry Please (17th October)

Just a quick reminder that this Friday morning you can see the first public performance of our newly written Harvest poem... 

The Appliance Of Science (16th October)

Science with a difference today as we were visited by the ever-excellent Mrs Bedford who explained how complicated our senses really are and just how our brain (and sense of taste) can be fooled!

Art Attack (16th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Seven Up (15th October)

This excellent video by Elizabeth is a handy way of letting you know we will soon have our own special x-tables page...

Still image for this video

Art Attack (15th October)   The new gallery has been updated.

Force 10 From Northumberland: The Sequel (12th October)

If you were ever in any doubt as to the heroism of Grace Darling and her father then take a look at the fearsome storm they faced...    Have a great weekend!

Still image for this video

Tables Time (12th October)

It's time for a change of pace with our times tables songs... Enjoy the groovy 7x tables by Yavor.

Still image for this video
Art Attack (12th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Force 10 From Northumberland (11th October)

The story of Grace Darling's exploits has provided us with great inspiration. Text by Ariella and Emily.

Art Attack (11th October)   The Gallery has been updated. 
Art Attack (10th October)   Our new Gallery has been updated.

On The Ball (10th October)

The surprisingly warm weather gave us an opportunity to take our PE work outside this afternoon...

The Shape Of Things To Come (10th October)

A look at the nets of 3D shapes in today's Numeracy work produced these excellent results... 

Tables Time (9th October)

Still struggling with the 12x tables? Fear not! Help is at hand thanks to this rather splendid tune created by Lily...

Still image for this video
Art Attack (8th October)   We now have a new Gallery!

Lowry Lookalikes (8th October)

More Lowry-inspired pieces were on show this afternoon, including those based upon the popular "Man Lying On A Wall"...

Children's Hour (5th October)

If you think children have a tough time now, take a look at the sort of thing that Victorian children got up to... Art courtesy of Ariella, Daisy, Dominic, Will and Dex.                                                                                                     Have a great weekend!

Tables Time (5th October)

Struggling to recall your 12x tables? You are? Well, then you're in luck as this catchy little song by Theo should help...

Still image for this video
Art Attack (5th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

This Is Your Life (3rd October)

A look at the role of the church in people's lives produced some thoughtful ideas and great art work. Art by Lottie, Finley, Zane, Yavor, Elizabeth and Will.

Sinking Feeling (3rd October)   

Time to move house... See erosion in action courtesy of Zane and Dominic.

Art Attack (2nd October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Committee Meeting (1st October)

The votes are in! Allow us to introduce the newest members of the school Worship Committee...

Going Down! (1st October)

A look at the effects of erosion made up part of our Geography and Science work today. We also looked at the infamous hotel which fell into the sea. You can find photos of the Holbeck Hotel plunge on this BBC webpage. Art by Emmy and Dex.

Art Attack (1st October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Positive Thinking (28th September)

The Victorians were a busy lot and without them our lives would be very different. Here are just some of the things that they invented... Art courtesy of Dex, Lottie, Miles, Emmy and Macie.   Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (28th September)   The Gallery has been updated (again!).
Art Attack (27th September)   The Gallery and the Gallery of Ariella have been updated.

This Is The Age Of The Train (26th September)

Back to the golden age of steam as we looked at the way that seaside holidays were promoted... Art courtesy of Miles, Ariella, Lottie, Angus, Macie, Effie, Elizabeth and Ann Onymous

Art Attack (26th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Line Up! (25th September)

Confused about the lines you see around you? You are? Well, then you're in luck as these illustrations by Will, Daisy, Tobi, Elizabeth, Lily, Arthur, Yavor and Ariella should help...

Rock On! (24th September)

Geography met Science this afternoon as we took a look at the effects of erosion around the Whitby coastline...

Measure For Measure - The Return (24th September)

This morning there was time for further investigations of a measurement nature with Numeracy genius Mr Bate...

Art Attack (24th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Looking at Lowry (21st September)

This afternoon we returned to the work of Lowry, looking at the way he depicted factories and mills. As you can see, charcoal was an excellent way of representing the grime - both on the page and on our fingers!        Have a great weekend!  

Art Attack (21st September)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Strongest Link (20th September)

We now have a new page of useful links which will take you straight to websites of interest!

(Remember: Stay safe on the internet. Always tell an adult which websites you are visiting and never give away any of your personal details on the internet.)

Poetry Please (19th September)

After many days of work our Harvest performance poem is now complete (ready for its premiere performance at this year's Harvest Festival). It also inspired some superb art work! Pictures courtesy of Cameron, Dex, Isaac, Arthur, Emily, Dominic, Finley, Winnie and Summer.

All Aboard (19th September)

Geography and History in unison as our look at the coast and the influence of Victorian holidays went on to produce some rather nice art work... Pictures by Macie and Ariella.

Measure For Measure (19th September)

This morning it was time for a spot of practical measurement with the talented Mr Bate...

Art Attack (18th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Art Attack (17th September)   The Gallery has been updated. We also have a new gallery courtesy of Ariella.

The Name's Bond... (14th September)

Don't forget that, like Sumdog, you can access Purplemash when you're at home too! See if you can beat these eye-wateringly high Bond Bubbles scores by Will and Macie!                                                                                                 Have a great weekend!

Looking at Lowry (14th September)

The works of famed artist L.S. Lowry provided the basis for some excellent sketch work. You can find out more about Lowry at this BBC webpage. You can also find some inspired sketch work by Zane on our Gallery page.

Art Attack (14th September)   The Gallery has been updated. 

A New Dimension (13th September)

An introduction to Sumdog (or reintroduction for some members of Year 4) added an extra dimension to Numeracy today (Don't forget that you can access your Sumdog account at home too!). 

Art Attack (13th September)  The Gallery has been updated. A lot!

Some Sirius Thought... (12th September)

Sirius Minerals' competition has produced a great deal of discussion. Here are just a few of our ideas courtesy of Summer, Dex, Ariella, Lily, Macie, Winnie, Lottie, Emmy, Finley, Arthur, Harry and Dominic.

Art Attack (12th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

A Sirius Situation (11th September)

Today we were visited by Heather King of Sirius Minerals with news of an exciting competition. She also brought in this piece of polyhalite which is a mere 250,000,000 years old and has a value of around £400,000!

Art Attack (11th September)

We now have a new Gallery page which will be updated with work that we have created in our own time to share with others. 

Heaven's Above (10th September)

These two excellent pieces by Emily and Macie give you a flavour of the newest additions to our class prayer books... 

A Little More Conversation (10th September)

Enjoy further French phrases courtesy of Will, Angus, Miles, Cameron, Harry, Winnie, Zane and Summer.

Poetry Please - The Return (7th September)

As promised, further aspects of astounding alliteration can be found below...                                     Have a great weekend!

A Little Less Conversation (7th September)

There was a very international feel to the end of the week... Art by Elizabeth, Finley, Effie and Daisy.

Poetry Please (5th September)

An array of amazing alliteration produced these excellent examples... More coming soon! 

By Royal Command (4th September)

An exciting start to the new school year as this letter from a rather well-known person was waiting for us (see if you can guess who it is!). As you might remember, this is the latest letter in response to last year's Road Safety project which also drew interest from North Yorkshire County Council and 10 Downing Street. Now we only await a reply from the Mayor of Whitby...