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Autumn 2019

Out to Lunch (18th November)   It was a sad day today as we said farewell to our cook, Miss Miller... 


HOMEWORK (wb 18th November)

YEAR 3: Maths, p18     English, p6/7            YEAR 4: Maths, p24     English, p6/7

Children In Need (15th November)   As part of today's charity fundraising there were cakes, costumes and the all-too-rare chance to be photo-bombed by a World War II Prime Minister...     Have a great weekend!

Who's Who? (15th November)   You can find out in a new whole school display... coming soon!

Shape Up! (14th November)   Investigations with 2D/3D shapes produced interesting (and curious!) results...

All Over The Place (12th November)   Research skills at the ready today for a Geography challenge: just how many counties are there are in England and what are they?

Armistice Day (11th November)

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HOMEWORK (wb 11th November)

YEAR 3: Maths, p15     English, p5            YEAR 4: Maths, p19     English, p5

Helping Hands (8th November)   Recent RE work has included a look at the Good Samaritan. Art by Will and Elizabeth.

Have a great weekend!

The Restoration (8th November) Today our class Church received the finishing touches to its recent renovation... 

The Poppy Appeal (7th November)   Don't forget that poppies are on sale this week in support of the British Legion charity.

Boom Bang-A-Bang! (7th November)   Thoughts around the Gunpowder Plot led to some inspired poetry...

Remember, Remember... (5th November)

See if you can guess who and what provided the inspiration for our poetry and art work today... 

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HOMEWORK (wb 4th November)

YEAR 3: Maths, p14     English, p4            YEAR 4: Maths, p18     English, p4

Poetry Please (26th October)   WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE: You can now find our Harvest poem on the Performance Poetry page!

Art Attack (25th October)   

Recent art work has included experiments with the style of Vorticism - an art style from the time of World War I!

Have a great, safe holiday!

Poetry Please (24th October)   Look out for an exclusive video of today's Harvest Performance poem - coming soon...

On The Run (23rd October)   Excitement was in the air this afternoon as some of us took on the challenge of Cross Country...   You can find more photographs here.

The Sound Collector (22nd October)   Recent Science work has involved collecting and presenting experiment data...


Art Attack (21st October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Thanks! (21st October)   Recently we've put our Art skills to good use by creating a display centred on Thankfulness...

HOMEWORK (wb 21st October)

YEAR 3: Maths, p13     English, p4            YEAR 4: Maths, p22     English, p4

Art Attack (18th October)   With harvest fast approaching our Art work around perspective, light and shadow has had a fruity theme... Art by Eliza, Crystal, Emily, Elizabeth, Lyla and Daisy.   Have a great weekend!

Shape Up! (18th October)   This week we've investigated the properties of 2D shapes...

Extra! Extra! (17th October)   History and Literacy collide in our Blitz-based newspaper reports...

Take A Letter (16th October)   After much work, today our letters finally began their journey to the German town of Kleve...

The Sound Vibration Soaking Situation (15th October)   WARNING: Sound vibrations can get you wet! 

HOMEWORK (wb 14th October)

YEAR 3: Maths, p12     English, p2/3            YEAR 4: Maths, p11     English, p2/3

That Friday Feeling (11th October)   Enjoy more exclusive photographs of yesterday's activities promoting well being...

Have a great weekend! 

The French Connection (11th October)

Recent French work has included phrases about Britain's favourite subject: the weather! Art by Isla, Will and Elizabeth.

Feeling Good (10th October)   Art, games, teamwork, conversation... all excellent ways of helping us to be positive.

The Sound Vibration Situation (9th October)   Enjoy more exclusive images of our Science work...

Art Attack (9th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Good Vibrations (8th October)   Recent Science work has included investigations involving sound vibrations...

HOMEWORK (wb 7th October)

YEAR 3: Maths, p9     English, p38/39            YEAR 4: Maths, p10     English, p38/39

"Put That Light Out!" (Part 2) (4th October)  More stern ARP Warden's have arrived... Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (4th October)   The Gallery has been updated.

"Put That Light Out!" (3rd October)   Sound advice as a fearsome group of ARP Wardens arrived today...

Art Attack (3rd October)   The Gallery has been updated.

Time Team (1st October)   We all know that London was a prime target in World War II, but it wasn't the only city to be attacked... Geography and History combined this afternoon as we worked together to locate these key UK cities...

Brought To Book (30th September)   The results of this Summer's Whitby Library Reading Challenge are in...

Art Attack (30th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Melody Maker (30th September)   Today's Collective Worship included a surprising array of violins... 

HOMEWORK (wb 30th September)

YEAR 3: Maths, p11     English, p30/31            YEAR 4: Maths, p9     English, p26/27

The End Of An Era (27th September)

With the doors of St. Bartholomew's soon to close, this morning we took part in one of the church's very last services...  

Have a great weekend!

Think Of A Number (27th September)   Don't forget that you can log into your Sumdog account from home. 

Thought For The Day (27th September)  Some of our recent RE work has included writing prayers...  

All In A Good Cause (27th September)   Enjoy more exclusive photographs of our part in today's Macmillan Coffee Morning.

The Great Discos Bake Off (26th September)   Cooking up a treat for tomorrow's Macmillan coffee morning...

You Can Count On Me (25th September)   Teamwork was the order of the day as we explored some Numeracy problems...

All Clear (23rd September)   An explosive start to the week - enjoy our Blitz art work in full...

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Success Story (23rd September)   There was some exciting news about swimming successes today...

HOMEWORK (wb 23rd September)

YEAR 3: Maths, p10     English, p36/7            YEAR 4: Maths p8     English, p36/7

The Blitz: Day Two (20th September)   

Enjoy further Blitz-inspired art work by Isaac, Jacob, Effie, Jon and Isla. Check back for more soon. Have a great weekend!

Blitzed Brits (19th September)   What might the Blitz on London have looked like...? Art by Will and Lyla. More coming soon.

Poetry Please (17th September)   Check out our new Performance Poetry page to see what we've been working on...

Art Attack (17th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

HOMEWORK (wb 16th September)

YEAR 3: Maths, pages 6 and 7                             YEAR 4: Maths, pages 6 and 7

Big Questions (13th September)   Recent RE work has included ideas about God... Art by Isla, Theo, Eliza and Daisy.

Have a great weekend!

Number Crunching (13th September)  More Numeracy challenges today as we tried to outwit one another once again...

World War How? (13th September)   Just how did the UK prepare for WWII? Here's how! Art by Elizabeth, Crystal and Lyla.

Art Attack (12th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Great Value (11th September)   Numeracy in action as we used our Place Value knowledge to try and outwit each other! 

Art Attack (11th September)   The Gallery has been updated.
Tables Time 2 (10th September)   Enjoy further x-tables songs c/o the Discoverers. More coming soon. 

10x table by Lily

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3x table by Jon

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5x table by Seth

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Out Of This World (9th September)

You may recall that last term we were studying the Space Race and Apollo moon missions. At the end of term we wrote to astronauts Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin... Look what came back to us all the way from America! 

Art Attack! (6th September)   We had a smashing time with some World War II art work... Have a great weekend!

Tables Time (5th September)   Maths and Music in collision today as we tried our hand at Times Tables songs! Enjoy this example from Crystal. More songs coming soon. 

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The Who's Who Of World War II (3rd September) 

Eighty years ago today WWII began. This afternoon we looked at some of the leaders of the time. One of them was this man: Winston Churchill. Art by Margot, Lyla, Isla, Eliza, Crystal, Elizabeth, Viviann, Lily and Joe.

Art Attack (3rd September)   Check out our new Gallery page.

Lift Off! (3rd September)   Jackson Pollock meets Pop Art! Enjoy this art work from our Transfer Days.

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Tuesdays (from 10/9/19): Swimming

Thursdays (from 12/9/19): Multiplication Tables test

Reading books will come home every day. Additional homework is under review.

Areas we will be looking at in the near future: