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Autumn 2020


Details of Home Learning lessons can be found here

Art Attack (24th September)   The Gallery has been updated.

Trees of Terror (24th September)   Dare you enter the fearful forest of the Ice Palace...?

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Rock and Roll (23rd September)   Recent Science work has involved investigating the properties of rocks...  

Art Attack (22nd September)   The Gallery has been updated.

What have the Victorians ever done for us? (22nd September)   Quite a lot as it turns out...

Art by Crystal, Eliza, Isla, Jess, Jude and Valentine.

HOMEWORK (wb 21st September)

YEAR 3: Maths, p4/5    English (Grammar), p8/9            YEAR 4: Maths, p4/5     English (Grammar), p6/7

Heaven's Above (18th September)   This week we've been creating a selection of new prayers...

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (18th September)   We have a new gallery page! You can find it here.

The Forest of Fear (17th September)   Today's Literacy explored the perils of the Ice Palace forest... 

Head to Head (16th September)   The many faces of Queen Victoria... Art by Max, Crystal, Jude, Jess, Seth, Will, Aurora, Eliza, Isabella, Isla and Henry.

The Research Search (15th September)   

The hunt was on for Queen Victoria facts! However, we found them lurking in some rather unusual places...

The Big Freeze (14th September)   Beware the spooky forest of the Ice Palace... More coming soon.

HOMEWORK (wb 14th September)

YEAR 3: Maths, p2/3    English (Grammar), p4/5            YEAR 4: Maths, p2/3     English (Grammar), p4/5

Smashing (11th September)   After so many years ruling the country Queen Victoria was starting to look shattered...

Have a great weekend!

High Drama (10th September)   This morning's text work took a dramatic turn...

Question Time (9th September)    Today's look at sentence types raised some interesting questions...

Back In Time (8th September)

The first day back and straight into the past as we took a look at our own timelines. Art by Aurora, Crystal and Frankie.

Useful Information


8.45am - 8.55am - Doors open

3.00pm - End of day


Monday (from 14th September) - new homework/previous homework marked 

Thursday (from 10th September) - x-tables test/new x-tables allocated

Friday (from 11th September) - PE

As you may know, you can find further details about the new school routines in the letter below (dated 3rd September)

These are the areas that we aim to look at this term: