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Busy Bees - Nursery Provision



The Early Years team at Ruswarp are working in collaboration with the Busy Bees team in developing a strong transition program for the children.  


It is recognised that right from the start, babies and young children manage changes in their lives on a daily basis. When small changes are supported by responsive, knowledgeable adults, children will gradually discover that the world is a safe and predictable place.


As strong and competent learners, this will stand them in good stead when faced with the challenge of experiencing the bigger changes that will inevitably come their way. Young children are faced with several transitional changes before they reach the age of 5 or 6.


These can include transferring from home to a childminder or into a pre-school setting for the first time, starting in a Reception class and also as they progress through the Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1. Children will respond in different ways, some with confidence, others with more apprehension, but so many adjustments are likely to have profound and long lasting effects if the importance of maintaining coherence and continuity is not well understood.


Children’s confidence will be enhanced when changes happen gradually and when time is prioritised to support these transitions with sensitive planning and preparation. 


Throughout the year the children attending Busy Bees take part in learning together sessions, stay and play, joint trips and termly celebration parent events with the Ruswarp children.   The Ruswarp team has developed shared outdoor learning places which the children use all year.  In the Summer term the Busy Bee children take part in 'getting to know you' sessions when they come along and spend some extended time within school to familiarise themselves with some of the day to day school routines. 


If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Mrs Stainthorpe


Early Years Teacher