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Hello and welcome to our new class blog!


Each week we will update with what we have been doing in Discoverers Class.

Today for our spiritual day, we looked outside our 'window' (how we value the world around us) and wanted to make a difference to our Wonderland Garden! Therefore with our wellies and gloves, we set off to make a difference. We cleared out a lot of weeds and thorns, we looked at the different areas and started to clear them of rubbish and weeds. We took turns to use the tools to pick litter and cut back the thorns, we looked after each other to ensure we were all safe. Our aim was to create a blank canvas to develop our Wonderland Area further, and we spent the afternoon making plans. As well as the thorns and litter, we also found a number of resources that can be used again such as benches, bird tables etc. We had a really good morning and are exciting to see how the project develops.

In music we have learning about note length, in particularly crotchets and quavers. We composed a short piece of music and played it using instruments. "I thought is was really fun," said Rumer. It was really nice to learn the beats - Faye. It was fun and it really challenged me. - Dylan. It was really fun to be using the instruments - Jess.

In October Jenny Wallwork, Team GB Badminton player came to school to inspire us to be the best we can be. As part of the visit did a sponsored fitness circuit raising money to inspire other children to stay fit and active. Here we are with our wristbands to say thank you for the money that we raised at the event. 




We enjoyed our Christmas party during the last week of term, we played games, danced and then enjoyed the lovely party food we brought to share with each other.

We enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch on Tuesday, with thanks to Mrs Welsh. Dinner was really tasty, I particularly enjoyed the biscuits. (Dylan) I really enjoyed it and we pulled some Christmas crackers (Grace) It tasted lovely and the crackers were good to pull with friends. (Thomas) I really enjoyed the sausages and pulling the crackers. I also liked how we sat around like one big family. (Frankie)

We made Christmas cards using finger printing. I love getting my hands dirty so this was the perfect activity. (Zara) It was just fun doing finger printing and messy. ( Valentine) I really enjoyed making Christmas cards for Ted and our family. (Oliver)

On Wednesday and Thursday we made a selection of Christmas treats including gingerbread men, Christmas shortbread and Christmas cake muffins. It was fun to ice the cupcakes (Phoebe) They tasted like heaven (May). It was so fun making and decorating them, I liked mushing (creaming) the butter into the mixture. (Frankie) I hoped it would never end, it was good fun. (Faye) It was very messy but really fun. (Isabella)

Today marked our final forest schools session for 2021, where we toasted marshmallows and made snores. We had to be really careful around the fire and we made sure that we were always thinking for ourselves and acting for others. Thank you Mr. Bates for bringing the marshmallows and chocolate biscuits.

As part of our COP26 project we went out to plant more flowers down the path to welcome people into school. We had a great time and we still have plenty more to add

In our well-being session this morning, we continued to focus on working together as a team, we did this using role play. "It was fun," said Valentine. I really enjoyed our role-play added Phoebe.

What a great start to our final week of Autumn Term - we started by doing some role play about the importance of being a team. We continued our kindness advent calendar and COP26 project by planting new plants into the planters to welcome everyone into our school. Finally we finished our forest schools block by toasting marshmallows. Have a look at the pictures of our fun filled day. 

We started our Advent Preparation by using a kindness Advent Calendar; day one asked us to create a homemade gift. Discoverer's made coasters for someone, with a design that is special to that person. As you can see they look wonderful and I am sure everyone will feel lucky to receive one.

As part of this half terms RE topic we recreate the picture of Baptism of Jesus by Daniel Bonnell, depicting the Trinity - God the Father the creator of all things. God the Son whose life changed the world by rescuing people from sin and God the Holy Spirit, who gives life to the people of God. In our pictures you can see the beauty around of God the Father, the figure of Jesus as God the Son and the dove coming from heaven as God the Holy Spirit.

Here are some of our poems that we wrote for anti-bullying week using the #onekindword

This week we have been taking part in anti-bullying week, as part of the week we have written poetry, completed mindfulness colouring and word-searches. We also made book marks using the #onekindword. Our classmates had to write one kind word to describe us, it made us feel warm inside and appreciated (Frankie). It made us feel noticed (Thomas). It made us feel part of the class. (Zara) It made us feel special. (Teddy)

We had a great time on Friday celebrating Children In Need, we did some dancing and fitness routines with Pudsey. We iced cakes, completed some mindfulness colouring, created Pudsey split pin puppets as well as reading comprehension and math's sheets. We raised money for Children in Need by coming in our own clothes and buying cakes at the bake sale - they looked fabulous and tasted even better.

We have had a wonderful forest school session today and we even got to put up school's brand new teepee! We worked really well as a team and are very impressed with it. What do you think?

Today we got to celebrate Frankie earning the most dojo's over the first half term. Her treat for the class was for us to wear our pj's and onsies' and watch the emoji movie with popcorn. As you can see we had a wonderful afternoon, thank you Frankie for thinking of a great treat for us all to enjoy. 

Together we made clay poppies to plant in the planter at the front of school as a mark of Remembrance. We painted them the traditional red and also purple to remember the animals who also lost their lives in the war. I sure you agree, they look wonderful. 

It is our first forest school session today and we had a brilliant time exploring the forest area, splashing in the swamp and working together as a team to create some nature art..

After our visit from David Atherton we were inspired to do some baking with a healthy twist - here we are making banana and mango cake, carrot and chi seed, sweet potato cake, chocolate and apricot tiffin and blueberry muffins.

We have been celebrating National Fitness Day by taking part in a fitness circuit - we did squats, press ups and running on the spot as well as many more exercises.

We explored what, 'Think for Yourself and Act for Others' meant to us and ways it which we can live it out. Using freeze framing skills we captured different pictures showing our school vision.