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Use sequence, selection and repetition in programs


Sequencing means putting items in order, ideally so that they make sense! This is an important part of one of the most popular types of entertainment: animation. Animations such as cartoons and Wallace and Gromit use sequencing to make their characters move smoothly (with one thing leading to another). 



Log into your Purplemash account --> Tools --> Art and Design --> 2Animate. You should end up with a screen like this:



This contains everything you need to create an animation. The large white square in the centre is the workspace. Draw a basic picture - not too detailed - inside it (a face is always good).



As you draw you should see a smaller version appear at the top left of the screen. This is the first frame of your animation (each piece of an animation is called a frame). Frame 1 now has the same image as the workspace.

We want to use Frame 1 as the start point for the next frame so...

Click on Frame 1 and drag it across to Frame 2. Frame 2 should now look exactly the same as Frame 1.



Because Frame 2 is highlighted this is the frame you can now work on in the workspace... Here Frame 2 is going to get a tiny bit more hair...



Once you're done drag Frame 2 across to Frame 3. In the workspace you can now add even more detail to Frame 3. Here, he's going to get more hair...



This is what this animation sequence now looks like...



You can add more detail in the fourth frame. However, if you're happy with your animation sequence, you can remove the extra frame with the button on the right here... (If you want to make a sequence longer you click on the button to the left for extra frames)


You may wish to add sound to your animation sequence  or change the background   like this:



Whenever you're happy with your animation sequence (or even if you just want to see how it looks so far) you can click:



When your animation sequence opens you should see a helpful tool bar:



With this you can PAUSE, STOP or CHANGE THE SPEED of your animation sequence. Give it a try!


Still image for this video

Use sequence, selection and repetition in programs


Now that you are familiar with how to animate it's a good idea to refine your work. One excellent tool which will help you to make your animations run smoothly is called the Onion Skin (yes, really!).


You are going to make an object move around the screen. As before, log into your Purplemash account --> Tools --> Art and Design --> 2Animate. On your new workspace draw a simple object...



You will see that, once again, the picture in the workspace appears in Frame 1




However, this time you are not going to drag Frame 1 across to Frame 2. Instead you need to click on Frame 2 and then click on the Onion Skin button:




Now, even though you are working with Frame 2, the workspace shows you where you placed the object in Frame 1 (it's a bit like looking through tracing paper). This will help you to choose a new position for the object to move to:



If you leave the Onion Skin button on, every time you work in a new frame the shadow of the last frame is there to guide you (of course, you can turn the Onion Skin off at any time just by clicking on it). The Onion Skin helps you to improve the quality of your animation, making it smoother.


As before, if you want to add or subtract frames you can do so by using the buttons below. You can also view your animation so far by clicking on the PLAY button to the right:



You can change the background with this button  and add sounds with this button: 



While viewing your animation you can adjust its speed with this button:



Have a go. See what you can achieve!

Still image for this video

TASK: Now it's time to put your animation skills to the test! Using the techniques above, make an animation (or series of animations) showing the events of the Creation Story. You can remind yourself of the Creation Story on the RE page (it might be a good idea to create a fresh animation for each new day in the story).


Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals including controlling or simulating physical systems

Use sequence, selection and repetition in programs


We are going to look at a way of giving computers instructions to follow. It will allow you to be creative too. Log into your Purplemash account --> Computing --> Logo --> 2Logo   You should see a screen like this:



The green arrow in the centre (often referred to as "the turtle") is important. We are going to create a program to move the "turtle". Click on this button...



...and this grid should appear... Notice a line at the base of the grid with e.g. in it?  It will be important in a moment. 



The grid is useful when we are writing instructions for the "turtle" (you can remove it at any time by clicking the same button).

To the right of your screen you should see the list of Logo Commands (commands means the jobs we can ask the "turtle" to do).



Click on fd (forward). The command you have selected should appear below the grid...



Leaving a space after fd add a number (this tells the "turtle" how far forward you want it to move. Use the grid to help you)...



...and press the ENTER (RETURN) key...



As you can see, the "turtle" has moved forward (the way it was facing) three spaces on the grid. We now want it to go to the right. This is where your Numeracy knowledge comes in useful. We have to command the computer to turn the "turtle". The computer doesn't know how far we want to turn so we have to give it the information...

In the Logo Commands click on rt (right). The command should appear at the base of your grid like this...



...where we now need to tell the computer how many degrees we want the "turtle" to turn (you'll see that the computer is using the letter n as a place holder for the missing number). We want it to turn 90 degrees....



Add the number, press ENTER (RETURN) and... the "turtle" is ready to head off in a new direction!  If you wish to turn the "turtle" in a different direction then this may be of help:




Have a go at moving the "turtle" around the grid. You might even be able to command it to draw a picture! You can also change the appearance of the "turtle" by clicking this button:



This will give you different turtles to choose from, plus the opportunity to Paint your own...



If you click on this button... can change your background too...



Have a go! Be creative or tackle an old-school game... It's your choice. You are programming the computer to follow your commands.


Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals including controlling or simulating physical systems

Use sequence, selection and repetition in programs


Need to refresh your Coding skills in a hurry? You do? Then Google Doodles may have the very thing to help you. Pop over to their page and select Coding. There's a rabbit who needs your help and only Coding will save the day!


Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals including controlling or simulating physical systems

Coding, if you remember, is a way of giving a computer instructions so that it will do a particular thing. Computers rely on humans (that's you!) to give them their code. 

Log into your Purplemash account --> Computing --> 2Code --> Gibbon --> Traffic Lights.

You should find a page looking like this:



Your first task is to make the car move in the correct direction and this is where you need to give the computer the information it requires. The computer will follow your code and, if you're correct, complete the task!

Click on Make the car go and a video will pop up to explain your mission...



The key pieces of code you will need (Vehicle/Go) should be on the left of your screen. If you drag Vehicle to the work area on the right a choice of instructions will appear...



If you drag Go across too you should end up with something like this:



This tells us that when Go is clicked the Vehicle will do... well, nothing at the moment (that's why there's a ?). We have to choose the action for the car. Since the objective was to get the car to go to the right see if you can guess which instruction to choose...

Once you've chosen click play...



... and hit the Go button to see if you are correct.



If you're not correct then try again. Once you are, move on to the next challenge. There are five challenges in total. Can you complete them all?

Don't forget: if you make a mistake with your code you can get rid of it by dragging it to the bin...



If you need a helping hand click...



...which will bring the video back up...



...where you can unlock a Hint to help you.    Good luck!

Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals

Coding is a way of giving instructions to a computer so that it will carry out a certain task. It can seem quite tricky at first but these steps might help to remind you of where to begin.


Log into your Purplemash account and go to Computing then 2Code. Scroll down the page until you find:

Click on Free code gibbon (he's hiding in the middle) to launch the program.  You'll find this page will appear:

Find the Design button (it's in the top right corner):

A menu box will appear giving you a choice of items to animate:

Choose one and drag it onto the black area:

Choose another item and drag that over too:

(If you wish to change your character double click on it and more choices will appear!)

If you click on the small screen at the bottom left of the page...

...this will appear:

With this tool you change the background. Double clicking on the ? near image gives you a lot of choice.

When you're happy with your characters and background click: 

You are now ready to animate your characters and, for this, you need to give the computer the instructions it needs.

Look at the menu which has appeared on the left. The objects that you have chosen appear at the bottom.

Choose one of your characters and drag them across onto the empty space at the right of the screen. A menu of possible moves will appear and this is where you decided what you would like you character to do.

Don't be afraid to experiment! If you're unhappy with the result just drag it down the screen, drop it in the bin and start again.

If you want to see what you have created click:

Click the same button if you want to go back.

When you're happy with your instructions...

...and watch the result!

There is a lot to remember here so don't worry if you find it a bit tricky at the start - just have a go!   You can also find some helpful video hints by clicking:

Good luck!

Feeling really confident with Coding?   So confident you could burst?   You are?   Well then, you could try this BBC game.  Beware: it's not easy!


Touch-Typing (digital literacy)


Computing work usually involves the use of a keyboard - a tool which allows you to input data. The computer keyboard is a modern version of an old design:


The keyboard we use is often called a QWERTY keyboard. Can you guess why? (CLUE: look at the top line of letters)


The QWERTY design seems unusual at first and there are arguments as to the reason why the keyboard is set out like this (including something called "the typewriter wars" - yes, really!). Fortunately, you won't have to look at it too hard once you've mastered touch-typing (typing without looking!). Touch-typing is a very useful skill. This Purplemash chart will help you:



This can be tricky at first so the best thing to do is start with one line of letters. First, look at the Home Row Keys (A --> L):



TASK: Purplemash has some excellent touch-typing exercises (PE for your fingers!). Log into your Purplemash account --> Computing --> 2Type and you should see a section for Home Keys at the very top of the page. There are three exercises to try. They may be difficult at first but stick with it. Try them more than once and see if you can improve on your scores.


Once you are confident with the Home Row keys try the Bottom Row Keys (Z --> M):



TASK: Log into your Purplemash account --> Computing --> 2Type and you should see a section for Bottom Row Keys. As before, there are three exercises to try. Try them more than once to achieve the best possible score.


Next, move on to the Top Row keys (Q --> P):



TASK: Log into your Purplemash account --> Computing --> 2Type and you should see a section for Top Row Keys. As before, there are three exercises to try.



TASK: Once you've mastered the three rows you're ready to put these skills together and try the Mixed Keys exercises. Good luck!