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Design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals

Coding is a way of giving instructions to a computer so that it will carry out a certain task. It can seem quite tricky at first but these steps might help to remind you of where to begin.


Log into your Purplemash account and go to Computing then 2Code. Scroll down the page until you find:

Click on Free code gibbon (he's hiding in the middle) to launch the program.  You'll find this page will appear:

Find the Design button (it's in the top right corner):

A menu box will appear giving you a choice of items to animate:

Choose one and drag it onto the black area:

Choose another item and drag that over too:

(If you wish to change your character double click on it and more choices will appear!)

If you click on the small screen at the bottom left of the page...

...this will appear:

With this tool you change the background. Double clicking on the ? near image gives you a lot of choice.

When you're happy with your characters and background click: 

You are now ready to animate your characters and, for this, you need to give the computer the instructions it needs.

Look at the menu which has appeared on the left. The objects that you have chosen appear at the bottom.

Choose one of your characters and drag them across onto the empty space at the right of the screen. A menu of possible moves will appear and this is where you decided what you would like you character to do.

Don't be afraid to experiment! If you're unhappy with the result just drag it down the screen, drop it in the bin and start again.

If you want to see what you have created click:

Click the same button if you want to go back.

When you're happy with your instructions...

...and watch the result!

There is a lot to remember here so don't worry if you find it a bit tricky at the start - just have a go!   You can also find some helpful video hints by clicking:

Good luck!

Feeling really confident with Coding?   So confident you could burst?   You are?   Well then, you could try this BBC game.  Beware: it's not easy!