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Welcome to the Discoverers

Happy New Year! (4th January 2016)

Welcome back! Don't panic at the lack of new material - this term's updates can be found at the page above (titled Spring 2016)!

"And a Merry Christmas to all of you at home!" (18th December) someone famous once said. A frantic end to the term which culminated in a sing song around Ruswarp's Christmas tree (see the photos below). But, as is the nature of these things, that's not all.  

- Both Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin have sent their best wishes and thanks for the Christmas cards that they received.

Yorkshire Coast Radio have uploaded their Christmas story, which includes contributions from some familiar voices (Don't want to listen to it all? Jump in at around 5.12). There is also the schedule for the broadcast of our rendition of the Calypso Carol on Christmas Day.

- Finally, Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin have followed the progress of our Christmas production and send their congratulations on a job very well done! Like them, you may be interested in the additional gallery below, the pictures having been taken at our additional performance for younger viewers yesterday morning.



Have an excellent - and safe - holiday. See you all in 2016!

Naughty or Nice? encore (17th December)

Naughty or Nice? (16th December)

Today was the culmination of weeks of work as our Christmas production was finally unleashed upon a live audience! Conceived, developed and performed by Key Stage 2, amid the running around and singing there was a serious message too. With such outstanding acting from an army of talented youngsters, success was assured!

 Check out the gallery below for more exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs of the play's development!    

Naughty or Nice? Behind The Scenes (16th December)

Coming soon... (15th December)

Radio Active! (14th December)

A visit from Paddy of Yorkshire Coast Radio caused great excitement as he popped in to record our singing and some lines for a very special Christmas story! Want to know more? Well, then tune in to Yorkshire Coast Radio between 12.00 and 1.00pm on Christmas Day to hear us in action!


It's Christmas! (14th December)

With a little over a week to go until the big day here are some beautiful illustrations and an amazing poem to get you in the festive mood!


A poem called Christmas

Christmas is everywhere!

Hello Santa!

Running in the snow,

I love Christmas!

Snow is everywhere,

Telling people Christmas stories,

My family always have a Christmas party!

At church on Christmas Eve,

Selling toys!

By Freya

Illustration by Tilly


Click on the images below to make them larger. Pictures by Molly, Isabelle, Thomas, Freya, Martha and Lucy. 

Melody Makers (11th December)

Today was Mr Firth's final music session of 2015 and Christmas tunes were very much in favour (including a surprise performance of It Was On A Starry Night!). It was also an ideal opportunity to reveal the name of our class band...

NEXT WEEK: As ever, you will need your PE kit in school on Monday. Costumes for Wednesday's Christmas play performance can be brought in from Monday too. Have a great weekend! 

The Disco Discoverers! (11th December)

Our Future Presentation... (7th December)

Still image for this video

Band on the run (4th December)

Playing Christmas tunes with the ever-talented Mr Firth was a rather nice way to finish the week... Do try to learn your Christmas play lines and - importantly - have a great weekend! 



Band on the run (4th December)

The Great Discos' Bake Off, Episode 2 (3rd December)

Another brilliant cookery-based trip to the eternally-kind Eskdale School today. For more detail check out the gallery below (photography by Mr Bate).

The Great Discos' Bake Off, Episode 2 (3rd December)

On the third day of Christmas... (3rd December)

Work on our Christmas play meant a trip over to church...



The Parent Trap (3rd December)

Today's final open morning brought in a whole host of familiar faces! (photos by Bradley)

Keep your hair on! (30th November)

With work on the Christmas play getting under way, some natural acting talent quickly emerged...


Please try to find the time to learn your lines. Plus, it's not too late the to suggest a play title/class band name.


Don't forget that our spelling test has been pushed back to tomorrow (and you'll also need your swimming kit). 

It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for... (27th November)

Something of a sad day as we said a temporary goodbye to Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin, our two talented guest teachers. With their good humour and creativity, they have made a huge difference to the Discoverers these past weeks and we look forward to their return visit in June.

That's right - smile! Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin will return...

NEXT WEEK: Work will continue on our Christmas play (if you have one you will need your script in school every day). Have a great weekend! 

Musical Youth (27th November)

The Great Discos' Bake Off (26th November)

Due to the great kindness of Eskdale School a large number of us were invited along to try our hand at baking this afternoon. The results were delicious and our undoubted talent can be seen in the gallery below (photography by Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin).

 Hands up those who enjoyed baking! 

Please remember that you will need your Christmas play script in school tomorrow. 

The Great Discos' Bake Off (26th November)

Further time for reflection (24th November)

Why not take the chance to marvel at more excellent examples of reflective symmetry art? 


Time for reflection (23rd November)

Reflective symmetry meets colourful art work (but can you work out where the mirror line is?).


Art by Alexis, William and Sheldon. Don't forget that you'll need your swimming kit tomorrow!

I'll name that tune in one... (20th November)

Concentration all round as Mr Firth was on hand once again to guide and conduct our class band. All the band needs now is a name... Meanwhile, check out the extra pictures below! 

Have a great weekend!

Band on the run (20th November)

Divide and conquer! (19th November)

Multiplication tables, teamwork and much frantic running around as we put our division skills to good use in a competition between teams "Jelly fun", "Neat", "Cliffhanger" and "Tango"!


Later, there was more running - this time with a selection of jolly hockey sticks!

Jolly Hockey Sticks! (19th November)

Science in action (18th November)

Did you know that animals can be sorted into different categories? You didn't? Well, it's fortunate that we're on hand to help you out! You can find just one of numerous examples here.

Cross Country (17th November)

With the heavens opening earlier today you'll not be surprised to learn that tomorrow's Cross Country will not be taking place.  

Moments in history (16th November)

Creating a newspaper report about the end of World War I allowed another welcome dressing up opportunity!


Don't forget that you will need your swimming kit tomorrow. Please return any cross country reply slips as soon as possible. 

Children In Need (13th November)

It's not every day that you find Henry VIII, an Imperial Storm trooper, a cowboy, the White Rabbit, Little Miss Sunshine and a Dalek in the same room. Throw in a selection of superheroes and Cat Women, a Transformer, orphan Annie and any number of other fashionable characters and you have the ingredients for some stylish Children In Need fundraising! Hard to believe? Well, here's the proof... 


Want to see more?   You can find more photographs in the gallery below.

Dressing up was something of a theme this week, with a trip to Wonderland being an excuse to get out the Wellies and waterproofs too.


And Mr Firth was only slightly confused by the characters awaiting him in Music today...

Have a great weekend!

Children In Need (13th November)

Athletics (12th November)


The world of athletics meant a return trip to Whitby Leisure Centre today (more photos below - photography by Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin). 

Don't forget that tomorrow you have the opportunity to dress up to raise money for the Children In Need charity.

Athletics (12th November)

Armistice Day (11th November)

Art work and haiku poetry were just two ways of observing Remembrance today.


Don't forget that you will need your Wonderland kit tomorrow. 

Back to the future (9th November)

A few quick reminders:

You will need your swimming kit tomorrow.

Please return your athletics letter as soon as possible. You will need your PE kit and trainers in school for Thursday.

Friday is Children In Need day when you can dress up!

Others news:

In a slight change, new spellings will now be given out on Tuesday mornings.

From today, for the next three weeks, the Discoverers are lucky enough to benefit from the talents of guest teachers, Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin! 

Going out with a bang! (6th November)

The week ended with amazing talent on show in some explosive firework art!


11x tables by Eva and Grace (6th November)

Still image for this video

Cross Country (4th November)

Oodles of mud, rivers of sweat and what looked like millions of children hurling themselves around a field... All of these ingredients could mean only one thing - Cross Country! Congratulations to all who braved the event this afternoon and many thanks to those who came along to support the children.


Special mentions of kindness go to Mrs Van Rooyen, Mrs Robinson, Miss Worley and Mr Noble for their very kind help with transport and to Mrs Hansell for organising everything!



Get in to shape! (3rd November)

Special guests and shape properties were just a part of today's work...


Don't forget that you will need your PE kit tomorrow for Cross Country.

Welcome back! (2nd November)

A few quick reminders:

- You will need your spelling books in school tomorrow.

- Swimming continues tomorrow.

- Please return your Cross Country letters as soon as possible.

- Poppies in support of the Royal British Legion will be on sale again from tomorrow. 

This is Terminus (23rd October)

An absolutely hectic final day culminated in a superb play performance at this afternoon's harvest service. If you were unable to attend, the exclusive photographs below should give you a flavour!                                                                              Play photography by Mr Bate 

Acting was only a part of today's excitement as members of William's family popped in to share their stunning artistic talents! Thanks to their great kindness we all had the opportunity of experiencing ancient Chinese art techniques - with amazing results!

Many, many thanks to all who have given their time to help us this half term.

Have a great - and safe - holiday!

Harvest Performance and Chinese Art (23rd October)

Use the force! (23rd October)

Still image for this video
A few moments after school provided an opportunity for a very, very quick demonstration of forces in action!

The play's the thing! (20th October)

As you can see, work on our harvest play is well under way! If you would like to bring in something to wear for the performance then please do (it's an excuse for a bit of dressing up!). If you could bring your costumes in a named bag then that would be wonderful.


The play's the thing! (16th October)

The World Is Not Enough (16th October)

Or so it's seemed over a very hectic week! A trip over to the church, parental visits and the sharing of musical talent are just a fraction of the things we've done (see the gallery below)!

Next week bags of apples will be on sale once again at the bargain price of £1.00!

Please try to learn your lines for our harvest play if you can and - most importantly - have a great weekend!

The World Is Not Enough (16th October)

Invasion of the Parents! Episode 2 (14th October)

More VIP guests arrived today to share our work!

A later trip to the church meant that we could see the features of a sacred place that Sister Karan has been teaching us about.

In the future: tomorrow it is PE, while Geography will be on Friday this week.

Invasion of the Parents! Episode 1 (13th October)

Many thanks to all those who popped in to share our work this morning, some of whom were captured by the photographic talents of Tilly, Isabelle, William, Alex and Tyler! Don't forget that we'll be doing it all again tomorrow!




A Special Invitation (12th October)

Check out the x-tables page for new updates.

On the run! (9th October)

Rapid acceleration and musical instrumentation brought the week to an energetic close!

Bored already? Then why not enjoy the alarmingly addictive Harvest Samba? It's here.

Want more excitement? Have a look at the additional photos below.    Have a great weekend!

On the run! (9th October)

Good Vibrations (5th October)

Science in action as we investigated the theory that tuning fork + vibrations = getting soaked!


We want information... (5th October)

Data crunching and colourful illustrations as some tricky questions were posed in Numeracy!

Sounds familiar (2nd October)

Science and Music collide as work on sound vibrations spills over into big band performance!


Exploration of our Christian values provided an opportunity for work with the Adventurers too!                                                                                                                 Have a great weekend!

I am a music man (or woman)! (2nd October)

Special Guest (30th September)

Not everyone was eager to race home this evening...

Don't forget that tomorrow is Geography day and you will need your Wonderland kit.

News of a brand new sporting gallery is a cause for celebration! Check it out below! 

On the ball (30th September)

Creation and multiplication (29th September)

The prayer wall takes shape with the addition of Garden of Eden flowers...

Take a moment to check out our times tables page for new updates!

Around the world in eighty minutes (24th September)

French conversation and geography investigations gave the Discoverers an international feel today (see the brief gallery below)! There was also some excellent work on friendship...

The French Connection (24th September)

What's new? (23rd September)

Struggling to remember your times tables? Then the additional page above is for you! Keep checking back - more content to be added later!

Friends Reunited (23rd September)

Recent work around friendship and teamwork has yielded positive results while work on church construction reaches its conclusion...

Church model by Tilly                             

Coming soon                 

Tomorrow: You will need your PE and Wonderland kit   

Friday: Photographs/times tables test

Below: Mixing up the ingredients of friendship!

Things to remember (21st September)

Next week's spellings will be a repeat of today's test.

Don't forget your swimming kit tomorrow.

Times Tables song by Riley and Isabelle

Still image for this video

Familiar faces (18th September)

Today we welcomed the return of Sister Karan and music expert Mr Firth (see the photo gallery below for more music-based antics)! Next week please remember your PE kit on Monday. You'll also need your "Wonderland" kit on Thursday. Have a great weekend!  


"I'll name that tune in one..." (18th September)

An apple a day... (17th September)

Home grown apples will be on sale again tomorrow after school at the bargain price of £1.00 per bag! Apples

Football focus (17th September)

Prayers and Snacks (16th September)

As well as enjoying some delicious cheese straws (courtesy of Grace), we also produced a good deal of extremely thoughtful RE work (including this rather wonderful example).

Brought to book (15th September)

Certificates and smiles for those who completed the Whitby Library reading challenge this summer! 


Christian Values (14th September)

An exciting assembly as KS1 joined KS2 to discuss issues of Christianity, with a focus on friendship!   

Christian values (14th September)

NEXT WEEK (11th September)

Things to remember...

Monday - PE kit in school

Tuesday - Swimming/Snack day

Friday - Snack day

Have a great weekend!

On the ball! (10th September)

Horrible Histories songs (10th September)

Click on the song title you want and you'll be taken to the video. 

Six Wives of Henry VIII

English Kings and Queens 

Welcome Back! (9th September 2015)

A busy term lies ahead and, as ever, the Discoverers have dived straight in, tackling Tudors and pondering place value. A new term also means information overload...

HALF TERM HOMEWORK: To create a small project of information about the Tudor era.

SWIMMING will begin next Tuesday (15th September) and continue until Christmas.


MUSIC with Mr Firth is scheduled to begin next week.

A letter with additional details will be sent home this week but do ask if you have any questions.


The Year In Pictures (27th July)

With our webpage being out of action for so long here is a gallery featuring some of the things that you might have missed this year... 

East Barnby - Gallery 2 (27th July)

Coming Soon... (27th July)

Who is this mysterious figure shrouded in light? You don't know? The answer will be revealed soon... (artwork by Isabel)

It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for... sort of (20th July)

The manic rush towards the end of term forced a brief silence... but no more! The last day of term was tinged with sadness as we said goodbye to the wonderful Year 6s and passed our amazing Year 4 team on to the challenges and excitement of Year 5. Indeed, if you wanted to see examples of the children's collective brilliance then you need have looked no further than the Spa Theatre later that day.   

Congratulations to all who took part in Friday and Saturday's Starburst show - a superb showcase of amazing talent!

Superb acting skills were in evidence earlier on Friday too as we enjoyed the premiere of our latest film project: Blind Eclipse/Darkness Takes Its Toll (currently undergoing additional editing to reinstate rediscovered footage!). The flurry of residential outings, dancing, frantic re-editing, etc... has seen the promised additional East Barnby gallery sidelined - but not forgotten! Be not alarmed - it will appear in the immediate future. In the meantime, have a great (and safe) holiday!    

Strictly Come Dancing! (15th July)

Ole! There was shape-throwing aplenty this morning as we were visited by Flamenco expert, Maisie Oldroyd! Over a high-energy hour, she gave us an action-packed flavour of Spanish culture!   

It looked silly but it was fun when we did it! (Brodie)   It was fun and tiring! (Sheldon)

I really liked it and Maisie was really funny! (Grace)   Maisie was a very cheerful lady. (Izzy)

It’s very fast and confusing! (Tamsin)   It was weird because I’d never done that type of dancing before! (Finley)   It was quite challenging but it was fun! (Eska)

I really enjoyed it and hope we do it again. (Leo)

It was very challenging. (Kaelin)   It was a weird dance but it was fun! (Tilly)

It was very unusual because we haven’t done anything like it before! (Sophie)

It was really fun! (Amber)   I really, really enjoyed it! (Anna)   It was fun and crazy! (Freya)

We danced with maracas! (Isabel)   It was very silly! (Thomas)   It looked really weird but it ended up really fun in the end! (Ellie)   It was fun! (Alex)   It was fun giving the boys dirty looks! (Katie-Leigh)   It was really fun and funny! (Junior)   It was really, really fun! (Matilda)

The dance is really funny and crazy but it was fun! (Ben)   It was fun but weird because I’ve never done it before! (Isabelle)   It was really hard and tiring and fun! (Riley)   It was amazing because I’d never done anything like it before! (Caroline)   It was fantastic doing Spanish dancing because I’ve never done it before! (Bradley) 

Don't forget (14th July)                   

Tomorrow is non uniform day.

Out and about... (14th July)

Worried at our silence over the past two days? Well, fear not! The reason is simple: our visit to East Barnby where it's been a hectic timetable of orienteering, climbing and body boarding! Thanks to the brilliance of the East Barnby staff we had a great time!

"I really enjoyed body boarding because we went fast over the waves!" (Amber)

"I loved all of East Barnby!" (Alex)

"I loved it apart from face-planting in orienteering!" (Katie-Leigh)

Check out the gallery below for a flavour of our experiences. (More coming soon!)

East Barnby (14th July)

Tears of a clown... (10th July)

With the completion of our film project drawing ever closer, today was an opportunity to employ some of the props to somewhat artistic (and occasionally scary) effect!

NEXT WEEK: East Barnby

Country (Dress) Code (10th July)

Today we were visited by a countryside expert who taught us the Country Code - something that involved closing gates, rucksack filling and the wearing of a range of oversized clothing!

Country Code

"It was fun when the lady was telling a story about the Countryside Code because we put our thumbs up or down or blew raspberries! The lady was very kind because she gave up her time to come and talk to us." (Katie-Leigh)

They Came From Beyond Space - a monster invasion! (8th July)

All change... (7th July)

The first day of Transfer Week and a whole host of new faces join the Discoverers... 

Famous faces!

I am a music man... (6th July)

Today we saw the return of Mr Firth who was guest of honour at a concert we prepared for him with the help of Mr Butterfield (a man who has worked very, very hard on our behalf). Mr Firth was treated to a selection of pieces (including solos) and a song written by Evie, Grace, Ben, Tilly and Ellie!

This year we have played music with our instruments. We have worked very hard on our songs and the instruments we've used are trumpets, clarinets, saxophones and flutes.

By Tilly

"It was good to see Mr Firth again after nearly a year!" (Eska)

"He looked different to how I remember him!" (Katie-Leigh)

"We worked very hard on our tunes to play for him and we hope that he comes back again!" (Izzy)

"I worked hard to try and impress him!" (Freya)

"It was good to see Mr Firth and share some tunes!" (Amber)

"It was nice to see Mr Firth after a long time!" (Riley) 

I am a music man... (6th July)

Owzat! (3rd July)

Incredibly quick Cricket, superb Music (which included a stylish duet) and a sneak peek at our new film project brought a busy week to a close. Sadly, it also marked the end of Miss Howard's time with the Discoverers. Miss Howard has been enthusiastic and good humoured throughout, making a positive impact upon everyone in a very short time! We are extremely grateful for her very hard work and we wish her every future success.   

Next week: A familiar face returns...

Bowled over! (3rd July)

Art Attack! (2nd July)

The unusually Summer-like weather was an excellent opportunity to sit in the shade and engage in a bit of sketching. (photography by the ever-talented Miss Howard)

Art Attack! (2nd July)

I'll name that tune in one... (30th June)

Join the club! (29th June)

Two special visitors were with us today - Miss Howard and Miss Storr - PE experts both. Meanwhile, a small team entered the wonderful world of golf, resulting in descriptions such as: "Great!" (Amber), "Fun!" (Anna), "Excellent!" (Kaelin), "Enjoyable!" (Finley), "Exhilarating!" (Tamsin), "Awesome!" (Zoe) and "Exciting!" (Eska).  


Coming soon (26th June)

Next week please remember that Music will take place on Monday and Friday.

You will also need your PE kit in school from Monday. Have a great weekend!

Jurassic Lark! (26th June)

Today we were fortunate enough to be visited by creatures that were several million years old. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they were also dead. Thanks to the great kindness of Alex and his mum we had the opportunity of sharing rare examples of fossils (including a Mosasaur tooth, an Eocene era shark tooth, a trilobite and ammonites) all between 50 and 465 million years old!  (photography by Isabelle)


UPDATE - More pictures of Alex's excellent fossils, plus examples of lava and crystal! (photographs by Isabelle)

Jurassic Lark II - The Sequel (updated gallery)

G'day! (26th June)

Today we played host to a very special visitor from Down Under who taught us much about the Australian climate and way of life!

Getting around... (26th June)

Yesterday we were represented by an excellent team at the local Rounders contest where our group of Year 3/4s bravely stepped in to take the place of the absent Year 5/6s. There were several hard-fought matches (against older children!), our team drawing praise from other schools for sheer determination and excellent sportsmanship!

Next week we will be represented by a further group at a golfing event. Stay tuned!

Rounders (25th June)

Orienteering (24th June)

Orienteering (23rd June)

Orienteering will take place tomorrow afternoon. Please remember that you will need your PE kit/trainers and a water bottle.

Coming Soon (22nd June)

Wednesday 24th - Orienteering at Caedmon (please return your permission slips asap) 

Thursday 25th - Class photographs smiley

Friday 26th - Music with Mr Butterfield


I am a music man... (22nd June)

Today in Music we were playing, We Will Rock You, O When The Saints, German Lightly Bird and Write On Summers Here. Mr Firth was our old teacher so we are going to play, We Will Rock You, German Lightly Bird and last but not least Write On Summers Here for him. In We Will Rock You Izzy and Evie play the drums but for the rest of the songs Mr Butterfield plays the piano! There are only two people on the saxophones which are Finley and Brodie. The instruments that we play are trumpets, saxophones, clarinets and trombones!

By Izzy     


Coming Soon (20th June)

Please don't forget that Music will take place on Monday and Friday this coming week.


All the world's a stage... (19th June)

This afternoon the Ruswarp Shakespeare company performed the whole of Hamlet at the Spa Theatre, Whitby (see gallery below!). It was very much a day of entrances and exits as we welcomed back Miss Bell and bade a particularly sad farewell to the ever-enthusiastic Daisy. 



Shakespeare Festival 2015 (Spa Theatre, 19th June)