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Describe people, places, things and actions orally and in writing

The sun is shining so here is a perfect opportunity to return to weather vocabulary...



The phrases above should be a useful reminder of the key vocabulary.  Can you use them to describe the weather in these towns and cities in France?



Could you read your answers to someone?   This BBC video might help you with some of the pronunciation. 

There are French Purplemash activities here too (see if you can spot the Weather activity!). 

Reading carefully and showing an understanding of words phrases and simple writing

Bonjour!   Let’s have a look at the world of sport! 

There are lots of sports as we know and France, like many other countries, takes a great interest in sport. Want proof?   Look at this video.

First, it’s useful to remind ourselves of the French vocabulary (words) for different sports. For example:

Open the task below. How many sports can you match with their correct names?

Time to look at using sports vocabulary in sentences.  You will notice here how part of the phrase I play and I do changes depending on the activity. This is because these words are described as masculine (le) and feminine (la).   The items in brackets are replaced with a new word (it's a bit like when we use apostrophes for contraction and create a new word)...

Open the document below.  See how many sentences you can complete. You can either copy the sentences or, if you prefer, print the pages and write straight on to it.

Can you read the sentences aloud?   Think about the pronunciation.  The video above – although the people on it speak quickly – might help.