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3rd April

There are new text questions on the Literacy page.   Don't forget the Sumdog challenge - it closes at midday!   Revise your knowledge of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling on the Literacy page. Try your calculation skills on the Numeracy page.

How do Christians show their beliefs in their everyday actions? The RE page might have the answer... Refresh your addition skills on the Numeracy page.   Feeling hungry?   The Science page has some Food Chains which might be of interest...

"Houston, we've had a problem." It's just under 50 years since the near-disaster of the Apollo 13 Moon mission. Find out more on the History page.

Today's Sumdog Champions (so far) are: Elliot, Elizabeth and Isaac. 

The Sumdog Leaderboard is now: Elliot, Elizabeth, Will, Isaac and Jude! 

Update: the Sumdog Champions are Elliot (with an eye-watering 469 points!), Theo (317), Elizabeth (212), Jude (209), Will (197) and Isaac (with 194 points).                                                                                                                 Have a great (safe) holiday!

2nd April

Get creative with your writing on the Literacy page. Log into your Sumdog account where you should discover a new challenge (it closes at midday tomorrow. Good luck!). Test your understanding of the "Shark Lady" text on this Literacy page.   Scroll down this Numeracy page for further questions on factors.   Test your knowledge of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling on the Literacy page.   Tease your brain with some brain-teasing Numeracy questions.   Learn how to draw like an Ancient Egyptian on the History page.

On this day in 1800 (how many years ago was that?) the famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven led his First Symphony in Vienna. Beethoven’s work has now been played across the world for two centuries! But how could this be connected with dinosaurs? You can find out more on the Music page.

Today's Sumdog Champions (so far) are: Jacob, Luis, Seth and Elizabeth.

Update: the current Champions are now: Jacob, Luis, Eliza, Seth and Daisy.

Update (yet again!): the current Champions are Theo, Jacob, Eliza, Luis, Will and Elizabeth.

It's been a close fight but the final Sumdog Champions of the day are: Theo, Jacob, Eliza, Luis and Elizabeth!

1st April

A new text has been added to the Literacy page.   Be very afraid...

Test your understanding of factors (and multiplication/division) with new questions on the Numeracy page.

New text questions have been added to the Literacy page.  There's another opportunity for you to challenge your Literacy knowledge of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (where you will also find details of this adventure game!).

There are more calculation questions on the Numeracy page.   It has some very tricky graph questions too!

Want to know about Ancient Egyptian Gods?   New details have been added to the History page.

Today's Sumdog Champions are: Theo, Elliot and Jude.

31st March

The text questions on the Literacy page have been updated.   Challenge your Literacy knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling and your Numeracy calculation skills with new quickfire questions.

Did you know that on this day in 1889 the Eiffel Tower opened in Paris (even though the lifts weren’t finished and people had to walk to the top!)? To celebrate this excellent achievement (it was the world’s tallest man-made structure until 1930!) why not return to some French work?

Have you got the "Factors Factor"?   Refresh your memory with this Numeracy page.

Today's Sumdog Champions are: Jude (with 384 points!), Luis (with 195 points) and Joe (who scored 171 points)!

30th March

This week's homework has been updated. You should find the answers to last week's homework in the documents below.

Some new Numeracy questions have appeared.   How fast can you complete them?   There are new text questions on the Literacy page.   Test your knowledge of Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling with these quick questions.   Get moving with our PE page.

Today's Sumdog champions are: Will, Jude and Theo.

27th March

Bonjour! Dive into the world of sport on the French page. Don't forget that you can work on your Literacy skills with your Sumdog account - Reading and Spelling, for example. Revise your Fractions knowledge on the Numeracy page.   Get into Coding on the Computing page.

Today's highest scorers on Sumdog (so far) are Emily, Will and Daisy. Update: Theo has surged to the top of the Sumdog Champion Leaderboard!

NEXT WEEK: Look out for the real-life story of Apollo 13...                                                                     Have a great (safe) weekend!

26th March

Log into your Sumdog account where you should discover a multiplication tables challenge - it closes at midday tomorrow!

Losing concentration? Then you are best suited to tackle the suffix -ation on the Literacy page! 

Have you read the "Shark Lady" text?   No?   Dive into it here.   You will also find that a new task has surfaced... 

Numeracy meets Art meets History?   What strange world is this?   Find out on the History page.  

Today's Sumdog Champions (so far) are: Joe, Emily and Jacob. Update: coming from nowhere, Luis powered straight up the leader board to finish only three points behind Joe!

25th March   

The Music page has been updated.   You can now enter the world of Cubism on the Art page.

A or An? Check your knowledge on the Literacy page.   Make a date with data on the Numeracy page.

24th March   

The Science page has been updated. A text has been added to the Literacy page - discover the identity of the real-life "Shark Lady"!  The RE page has now been updated too.

23rd March

Hello. Welcome to the first day of a rather unusual experience. This page will let you know of updates which may be of interest. For example... This week's homework has been updated as have both the Science and History pages below.