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Home Learning 2019-2020

Firstly, thank you for your willingness to support your child through these difficult times. 

I will be posting regularly on this page and sending messages through the dojo system.

A few parents have contacted me to ask for advice regarding how to tackle the home learning pack, so please read below for some pointers.


As you look at the home learning pack you will see that there are three section - maths, grammar and reading/comprehension.

I would suggest that all three areas are looked at each day.

  • On the sheets there are various letters in stars - I will contact you all personally through the dojo system to tell you which sheets your child is currently working on.
  • You will also notice that there are sheets that say VF & RPS for maths & grammar - these relate to skills, reasoning and problem solving. Your child should be completing both VF & RPS.
  • For reading, ask your child to read the text and then answer a couple of questions; these should be in sentences with capital letters and full stops.

Please remember that I am contactable via e mail if you have any further questions or if you need support.

Thank you again.

Mrs Hansell