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W/c 13th July 

Monday & Tuesday - Caring for our oceans

Over the last few weeks we have looked at the creatures that live in the ocean and how they survive (food chains) - today we will look at one of the dangers they face and how we can protect them.

W/c 6th July

Look at the powerpoint - can you design a fact file of information or a poster about the RNLI?

For something a bit different choose from the activities below



Today we will learn about the 5 Pillars of Islam - the rules that Muslims live by.



Learn about the artist Paul Klee and practise paiting a sunset picture, you will need this for next week.

W/c 29th June 

Use the powerpoint to help you make a food chain or you could make your own using plasticine creatures, or what about drawing your own?


Look at the video and complete a set of sheets as per Dojo messaging

Listen to the song, look at the power point and put the commandments in order of importance to you - this may not be the same as someone else. 

Look at the pictures. What would Grace be thinking and saying? Remember to use correct punctuation!

Can you design your own lighthouse and send me the pictures? Here are a few ideas.
W/c 22nd June 

Look at the power point above and then complete the information sheet as per Dojo messaging 1* =D, 2* = E & 3* = GD


Using the information you learned yesterday, write about his life (choose one of the sheets). Think about chronological order - if you use sub headings this will help you..


Learn about the sun, sea and how to keep safe, then design a poster (choose one from the 2 options)


Indigenous art from Australia - have a try at creating your own

W/c 15th June 

Monday - Science - Sinking a boat. Use the Float or Sink Table sheet to complete your own experiments.

Tuesday - RE - Walking on water. Use the pictures or draw your own to retell the story and then add sentences of your own, remember to check your punctuation!

Wednesday - Geography - Continents and Oceans. Use the powerpoint to help you name the continents and oceans

Thursday - Science - Beach Habitats. Take a walk along the beach if you can and see which creatures, plants etc. you can see, then use the sheet to cut out and stick or draw your own pictures

Friday - Draw a picture about the things that you need to do to keep the beach clean, think about what was in the power point yesterday.
W/c 8th June 

Monday - Handwashing

Still image for this video
Another video with tasks about handwashing.

Activities and experiments. Remember to use imperative (bossy) verbs for the instruction writing sheets. eg. get, rub, wash

Tuesday - Captain James Cook

Produce a timeline of important dates using the power point to help you. Don't forget to give your work a title and remember you will use proper nouns. What do you need to use?

Wednesday - RE (Creation)

Look at the sheets and think about the Creation story in the Bible. Which ones would have been created by God? Your challenge is to draw me a mind map putting as many items as you can think of, you could choose to use different colours to put them into categories. I have given you some ideas and started a mind map to help you or you could draw your own.

Thursday (Art - Kadinsky)