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Esk Valley Railway

Feeling artistic? You are? Excellent; then this opportunity from Esk Valley Railway might be just for you. 

Esk Valley Railway are asking children to design a poster or write a poem or short story.



You will find all of the details you need in the document below, including how your parents can submit your work.

The final date to send in your art or writing is Friday 5th March, 2021.



The Esk Valley Railway is a familiar sight to us as their line runs right along the side of our school and into Whitby. Because of this it might also be a useful subject to research for your Local Study work too...

Local Study: Whitby


Whitby is quite a small seaside town on the coast yet, unlike other UK towns, it is known across the world. Thousands of visitors arrive in Whitby every year, some travelling from other countries. But why? What is it about Whitby that attracts people's attention? Your mission is to try and discover the answer to this by creating a project about Whitby.



There are many things that you could look at, such as... 


Whitby Abbey

What is it? Why was it built on the East Cliff? Why is it now in ruins? 

The Whalebone Arch

Why are there a set of whalebones on Whitby's West Cliff? What do they tell people about the town's history?

Captain Cook

What did this famous man do and what is his connection to Whitby?


What links Whitby with this fictional character?



Whitby Jet

What is Whitby jet? Where does it come from? Who made it popular?

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe

Who was he and why is his work so important in helping us to understand what Whitby was like?

St Hilda

Who was she? What is her connection to Whitby? Are there any myths about her?



You could think about aspects of the geography of Whitby... 


Are the sea and the River Esk important to Whitby? Does Whitby need piers and a harbour?

Is there any evidence of attempts to slow down erosion?

Why does a town like Whitby need a lifeboat station?

Why are there so many hotels on the West Cliff?

Are tourists important to Whitby? When did Whitby become popular with tourists?

How do people get to Whitby? How did people get to Whitby 50 or 100 years ago?  



How many people live in Whitby? Has it always been this number? Why has the amount changed?

What types of rocks are found at the Whitby coastline?

What is the climate of Whitby?

What can people do in their free time? Are there any popular sports in Whitby?


You may be able to collect evidence from members of your family who know the area. Has Whitby changed in their lifetime? What has changed (and why)?



Try to make your project as interesting as possible: writing, pictures, etc... We will share them when we return...

CBBC's Blue Peter has been on British TV for over 60 years! There have been thousands of episodes and the programme has raised huge amounts of money for many charities. Blue Peter is also famous for its badges...



Visit this CBBC page to find out how you can earn a Blue Peter badge.


Open the document below for details of the Go Ape design a Christmas card competition which closes on 27th November.