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Ruswarp Church of England Primary School Think for Yourself and Act for Others

Pupil Voice

Worship & Community Committee


The primary aim of the Worship and Community Committee is to develop children’s leadership of collective worship and to improve the quality and impact of collective worship for all at our school.


The members of this committee represent the different groups in our school. There are eight children from Reception through to Y6, two members of staff and two foundation governors.


This year the focus of the children's work has been the timetabling, focus/content and monitoring of collective worship.  The Worship and Community Committee deliver one collective worship every half term and support staff members every week in the delivery of their collective worship. 


This year a key project for the Worship and Community Committee was the planning and delivery of a celebration/retirement event for The Rev. Cannon David Smith Rector of Whitby with Ruswarp. 


The Committee are currently working on the new expectations for collective worship and have planned new themes based on our new set of school Christian values.


School Council


Our School Council meets once every fortnight.  Two children from every class represent their own class on the School Council. The children are elected to the School Council by their peers. They take whole school issues and ideas from their own class councils and feed them into the School Council. They also share ideas and decisions from School Council with their class. Decisions made within School Council can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school.


Roles and responsibilities


Everyone has a job on the School Council because we think it's important that the children run it and are fully involved in it.  Here are some of those roles and the responsibilities:


Chair Chairs the meeting.
Vice Chair Alternates chairing the meeting with the chair.
Secretary 1 Writes Minutes in the meeting and types them up afterwards.
Admin Distributor

Hands out information such as weekly agendas and minutes to all School Council children.

Administration General administration role.
Registration Officer Takes the register at each meeting, informs Secretary of absentees.
Publicity Officer Makes sure minutes/agendas etc are photocopied and passed on to Admin Distributors.
Parent Liaison Reps Responsible for communication with parents.
Care Taker Rep Takes School Council requests to the caretaker.
Governor Liaison Rep Ensures School Governors are kept informed.