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Salvation: Why Do Christians Call The Day Jesus Died “Good Friday”?

Describe how Christians show their beliefs about Jesus in their everyday lives

We have looked a great deal at Bible texts and the stories they tell.   We have also discussed the messages they contain, from the Good Samaritan to the Easter Story itself.   The events described in these texts are thousands of years old so a useful question is to ask ourselves is: How do people who are Christian demonstrate their beliefs today?

Faith is an important part of people's lives. Things that are important to you affect the way you live your life; your family… your friends… your favourite football team… 

Think about the Bible texts.  What do the stories suggest about the way people could live their lives?

Some people choose to become a Christian later in their lives. The Archbishop of York, Rt. Rev. John Sentamu explains his own path to the Christian faith here.   

How do you think people who are Christian show their beliefs in their everyday lives? There might be a clue here...

As a starting point you could think about the events which take place in and around a church. These BBC Bitesize videos might also help::


The Marie Jones Story      The Bible and Baptism     Holy Communion     Worship in a Christian Church


TASK:   Open the document below and draw the outline (or print if you prefer). Use it to write and illustrate your ideas about how Christians show their beliefs by their actions.  


Making links between Gospel texts and how Christians remember, celebrate and serve on Maundy Thursday, including Holy Communion

Recently we have looked at Bible stories which we know are part of The Easter Story. This is an important event for people who are Christians.  In a short while (9th April) Christians will celebrate Maundy Thursday. Why is this a particularly special day and what might these coins have to do with the story?   Another thing to think about: why would the head of Queen Elizabeth II be on the coins?

Thanks to CBBC's Newsround you could discover the answer here.   

Later, the Last Supper took place. As we know, these items were important to the event:

Can you remember why?  This action is known as Holy Communion.  You can find out about how people who are Christian will celebrate the event by going here.

Draw the cross below (or print out a copy using the link) and explain why the four events are important to Christians today.

You can discover more about how faith has an impact on people who are Christians with these short BBC videos.