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Slides Spring 2020-2021


Please work your way through the slides. To start the presentation it is usually the F5 key on most computers. You will notice that there are some words highlighted in a different colour - if you click on these it will take you to another site.  Please ask your child to record on a piece of paper where indicated. All work can be returned via photograph or sheet on the Dojo or e mail system (please do this daily). 

I will send you a private message through Dojo/e mail to tell you which group your child is in so that they can complete the correct work and also passwords and details for the phonics site. Please note that they may be in a different coloured group for maths and literacy.

Thank you and don't forget we are here, should you need us!

Google Classroom now up & running! Please visit

Your child's account has been set up and is ready to go. I have sent a username and password via Dojo. Using this system allows us to see the work instantly and cuts down on the need for you to return work via photos. 

All work will now be on Classroom and not on the website. If you wish to print the sheets, you can still print from Google Classroom.



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10.3.21 .mp4

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Today's slides look very different owing to the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore. No maths but increased Literacy work!

For the information sheets:

Blue group need the one marked 3*

Green group need 2*

Orange group need 1*

The work today looks slightly different as I have also sent a link to Google classrooms. If you use the link it will allow your child to complete the work online and therefore cuts down the need for you to take photographs and return to me. I think this will be a better way to work. Further details to follow. If you prefer to print the sheets off and complete as normal that is also fine. Thank you for you ongoing support.