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The suffix -ation

As we know, suffixes are letters fixed to the end of a word to change its meaning. For example:


adore --> adoration                     sense --> sensation


Adding the suffix -ation to verbs creates nouns. (Can't remember what nouns and verbs are? Click on the words for a quick reminder)

Look again at the examples above. Do you notice how the spelling of the word changed when the suffix -ation was added?

This is because, if the word ends with ne, ve or re, we remove the e then add -ation.   For example:


prepare --> preparation      admire --> admiration


Not all words will need to lose a letter. Inform doesn't end in ne, ve or re so it just becomes information.

Try adding the suffix -ation to these words:


limit          decorate          vibrate          donate          create


You can test your knowledge (and enjoy a helpful video) by going here.