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Spring 1


Does the amount of voltage impact upon the brightness of a bulb? 

This is the question we have been investigating this week. We have explored how current works in a circuit through class members acting as different components and designed an experiment to test the question and scientific theory. 


This week, we have been investigating the volume of cuboids. We started the week with a practical lesson to see how many different shapes we could make with the same volume.  Here we are mid investigation!

Speak Out

 A group of six children showed their amazing speaking skills this week as they wrote and prepared speeches to deliver to an audience of adults and other children from the area. Here are the photos of the event and our rehearsal to the rest of the school.


The children did amazingly well with one team winning at the event!

A big mention has to go to one team member who stepped in last minute (the afternoon of the competition day) and saved a team from having to pull out; they and I were very grateful and proud of you. 


 A massive thank you and well done to all those involved- it was a fantastic event. 


Some Adventurers have begun their swimming lessons this week. For those who didn't go, we learnt some yoga moves. Look at how well we could hold the poses.