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Spring 2016

Hooray for the holidays! (24th March)

A performance of The Three Trees in today's Easter Service rounded off the term nicely.

Have a great - and safe - holiday!

Easter parade (23rd March)

Easter's rapid approach has inspired yet more creativity (additional art work coming soon)!

Factor reactor (23rd March)

The Factoroids competition reaches new heights...!

Keep on Trucking! (23rd March)

A traffic jam of Numeracy as 3D shape was explored through further vehicle nets...!

Art by Thomas, William, Sarah, Tyler and Freya. 

Eggcellent Stuff... (22nd March)

The rapid approach of Easter brings with it a flurry of creativity!             Easter egg art by Eva.  

The Xtra Factor! (22nd March)

Scores galore as the Factoroids competition heats up! Log in to Purplemash and give it a go! 

London Calling! (22nd March)

A jaunt to the capital for the Ambassadors brought these interesting observations, plus a selection of photographs courtesy of Grace...

London Calling! (22nd March)

Eggstreme Art! (21st March)

Cute Easter cards, vehicle nets and Numeracy games were just a part of today's challenges...

Have a look at the rather intelligent-looking group below. As well as marveling at their great artistic talent see how many Easter eggs you can find hidden around the picture...

Easter egg art by Ben, Isabelle, Molly, Kaelin, Lucy, Eva and Alexis.  

What a Relief! (18th March)

A breathless end to the week which included much running around courtesy of Sister Karan's Easter quiz, skillful dance moves as part of Sport Relief and some big band work with Mr Firth!

Thanks to your great kindness our school was able to raise over £80 for Sport Relief - a charity which helps people across the world. You can find out more about how your generosity will help others by going here. Thanks to Sport Relief and with exercise very much in the air, Mrs Kendrew quickly caught Saturday Night Fever as we showed off some impressively groovy moves...


Later, throwing shapes was swapped for blowing tunes (more photos in the gallery below)...


And finally, we said a sad farewell to Miss Hewitt. Miss Hewitt has been with us for nine weeks and has very much become part of the Discoverers' team in that time. Dedicated and good humoured, her popularity made her departure difficult for some of us. Although it's terrible to see her go we hope that her hard work will be rewarded and that she will make the same positive impact on others as she has on the Discoverers.


Have a great weekend!

Name That Tune (18th March)

"I am not a number...!" (update) (18th March)

Brief thoughts on yesterday's cross country event...

"It was fun at cross country. We ran through the woods and up a big hill (it was very hard!)! We went to the park to play while everyone else ran!" (Molly)

"At cross country it was very sunny when we set off but when we got back it was cold! I came in 15th place, I think... You had to go into a forest and it was very hard!" (Freya)

"At cross country we had to have a number that we had to pin on. We ran for at least 2000 metres! I was so nervous when I was running." (Tilly) 

"I am not a number...!" (17th March)

Congratulations to those who represented our school at cross country today - an event involving an exhaustive race around large chunks of Dalby Forest!

Want more sporting adventure? Well then, you're in luck! Tomorrow is Sport Relief and we shall be raising money for this charity event by dressing in sport kits and/or red. Don't forget that you will need your musical instrument too.

Oo Lal La! (16th March)

Fruit kebabs were an excellent (and tasty) way of learning some new French vocabulary today!


Want to see more fruit-based fun? Of course you do! Check out the small gallery below...

Elsewhere there was a surprise visit from some (cooled) lava which had made the journey all the way from Mount Etna, Europe's tallest active volcano (but in which country is it found?)!

If that wasn't all, creative writing drew it's inspiration from H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man. Work included some stunning comic strip adventures (extracts from which you can find below).                                           Comic book extracts from Ellie, Thomas, Sarah and Martha. 

Oo La La! (16th March)

We are very amused! (15th March)

Behold! Further entries into the "Who Can Make The Most Detailed Greek Mask?" competition... You can find out more about Ancient Greek theatre here!


We Are Not Amused (14th March)

A trip back in time to Ancient Greek theatre today!               Art work by Eva, Alexis and Emme.

Tickets please! (11th March)

Inspired by Rosa Parks and other world-changers, our latest piece of work takes shape...

In other news our space seeds as part of the Rocket Science project have touched down on Earth and should be with us after Easter! Next week: with the weather improving, filming should resume on our Tudor video.   Have a great weekend!

The Lively Arts (10th March)

Creativity everywhere! Eskdale Festival piano triumphs and Picasso-based art work! 


REMINDER: Music has been postponed until next week.

Jaws II (9th March)

More incisor-incidents, canine-calamity and molar-mishaps today!   Be very afraid...




Jaws! (8th March)

Smile please! As you might have guessed, teeth were the focus of today's Science work... 


Want to know more about the secrets of your mouth? You do? Excellent! You can find further details here. There is also an interesting molar-based mission with the team from CBBC's The Sarah-Jane Adventures which you can find here!                                     Tooth art by Thomas.


Art Beat! (4th March)

Artistic inspiration from Picasso and groovy dance moves brought a hectic week to a close...


REMINDER: On Monday you will need your PE kit, spelling and x-tables books.

Have a great weekend!

"I'm Hen-er-y the Eighth, I am!" (3rd March)

As you can see below, filming on our Tudor project has begun. Tomorrow we hope to do further filming. If you would like to bring a change of top for this you would be most welcome. 

REMINDER: You should already have your Wonderland/PE kits in school. You will need them! 

Revenge of the Cybermen (and women!) (2nd March)

Sound internet safety advice from Rocco, Thomas, Ellie, Molly and Martha...

Attack of the Cybermen (and women!) (1st March)

Important lessons in internet safety today as we learnt of the numerous dangers lurking in cyberspace.   Find out more: CBBC have created a useful guide which you can find here.

There was a lot to learn.   Part of our work involved our own version of the worldwide web...


Bonjour! (29th February)

Fruit treats and jungle beasts have been just a part of our recent French studies!


An inspirational message by Tamara

Map Reading and Music Making (26th February)

A jaunt around school with Mrs Hann and Miss Hewitt, Easter work with Sister Karan and the mastering of a tune with Mr Firth were just a few of today's challenges...!

REMINDER: Monday's spelling test will be a re-test of last half term's words. Times tables books will be returned to you on Monday. Also on Monday - if all this wasn't enough - you will need your PE kit in school!                                                                            Have a great weekend!

"I have a dream..." (25th February)

The work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jnr was the subject of today's study...

REMINDER: Tomorrow you will need your musical instruments and Wonderland kits in school.

Art Attack! (24th February)

Do not attempt to adjust the picture. There is nothing wrong with your screen... Today we experimented with one of the art styles of Pablo Picasso, with stunning results!

Are You Being Served...? (24th February)

Money matters with Miss Hewitt as we opened our shops to the eager masses this morning...


World changer... (23rd February)

Today's fascinating study of the life of Rosa Parks resulted in some inspired work, including poetry and illustration. Want to know more?   Of course you do!   You can find out more about Rosa Parks here

Special Guests and Stony Faces (12th February)

A visit from some older children this morning to describe the symbolism of the Christingle should give you a clue as to what happened this afternoon...


Meanwhile, an army of Gorgons had turned up to adorn the Medusa wall! Be very afraid!

Have a great - and safe - holiday!

The Parent Trap: The Sequel (11th February)

Further VIPs descend on the Discoverers...       Photography by Bradley, Tyler, Alex and Alex.

The Parent Trap (10th February)

A VIP invasion as a team of adults arrived to share our work, some (literally) making the journey from the other side of the world!     Photography by Tyler, Alex, Sheldon and Bradley


We also tried our hand at creating postcards from Ancient Greece (art by Isabelle and Junior).


Toss for it! (8th February)

A lesson in the facts surrounding Shrove Tuesday from Mrs Stainthorpe meant much frantic pancake tossing in assembly this morning... More pictures below!

Toss for it! (8th February)

Band of Brothers (and Sisters!) (5th February)

Mr Firth brought a new piece of music to challenge the class band today...

Elsewhere, our Medusa masks near completion and an army of Flat Stanleys are being prepared for an international journey!

(Flat Stanleys by Freya, Tyler, Noah, Sheldon, Ellie, Sarah and Tilly) 

Have a great weekend!

On the run! (4th February)

A couple of days of frantic activity, including running, reflective symmetry and RE! Impressively, a number of people are through to the next stage of the regional cross country event having been placed a mighty 2nd, 5th and 6th in their respective races! This is no small achievement as they were competing against dozens of others from across the area!

Creativity continues apace with our Medusa masks making rapid progress coupled with forays into other areas such as computer art and the work of Pablo Picasso.


Symmetry art work by Isabelle, Grace and Ellie.

Meanwhile, RE work with Miss Hewitt has included an examination of some features of the Islamic faith. You can find a useful video about the role of the mosque here.


Mosque art work by Ellie and Tilly.

Beware the stare! (3rd February)

Stone me! Don't look! Progress continues on a series of rather terrifying Medusa masks...

Plus, congratulations to all those who took part in Cross Country at Pickering today!

Fraction action! (1st February)

Some practical fractions with Miss Hewitt in the hall this morning, while some terrifying creatures chose to pop in to Art this afternoon...!

Don't forget that you will need your PE kit and spelling book in school tomorrow.

Saturday Night Fever (29th January)

It might have been Friday but we caught Saturday Night Fever a day early as the week ended in a flurry of 1970s moves, big band swing and a Greek myth courtesy of Finley (which included the evil villain whose terrifying name - Steve - struck fear into the hearts of all who heard it). 

More groovy photographs below! Don't forget that on Monday you will need your PE kit and Spelling book.                                                                                                  Have a great weekend! 

Saturday Night Fever (29th January)

Groovy... (28th January)

Photography by Ellie, with assistance from Molly.

Going for gold (26th January)

With the 2016 Olympics not far away what better reason for exploring their origins...? 

Want to know more? Yes, of course you do! You can find further details here and here!

"The name's Band, Discos Band..." (22nd January)

Today Mr Firth unveiled a new piece for the band to tackle - a piece called "Secret Service"...

More photographs below!                                                                             Have a great weekend! 

Licence to Chill (22nd January)

What a state! (22nd January)

Scientific investigation with Miss Hewitt included some unsurprising ideas when it came to changing the state of chocolate...

Measure for Measure (21st January)

Throwing shapes (20th January)

Energetic Numeracy games and a series of groovy moves made for a busy day today!

Ground control to Major Tim! (18th January)

A celebration of Tim Peake's out of this world actions today. Want to know more (and why wouldn't you)? There are more details here and here.   

Art work by Freya

Melody Makers (15th January)

Visitors galore today as we had a surprise visit from Sister Karan and Mr Firth returned for our first Music session of 2016!                                                                           Have a great weekend!

Melody Makers (15th January)

Hit or Myth? (14th January)

The next stage of our work on Greek myths as we began designing our own hideous creatures! 

Art work by Sheldon and Riley.


World Piece (14th January)

Think the world is falling apart? Then why not pop to the Mapzone of the Ordinance Survey website and put things back together again?

The x Factors (13th January)

Need to know what factors are? Why not log in to your Purplemash account and try the alarmingly addictive (yet educational) Factoroids? See if you can match the astronomical scores reached by Finley, Kye and Sheldon!

The x Factors (13th January)

It's all Greek to me... (11th January)

A busy start to the week as we welcomed our guest teacher, Miss Hewitt, a young lady who will be working with us this half term. We also ventured into the world of Greek mythology which allowed for an examination of the Trojan Horse story and the opportunity to experiment with texture as a prelude to our upcoming art work.



Art work by Ben, Tilly, Sheldon, Isabelle, Eva, Rocco, Lucy, Martha and William. 

High and Dry (8th January)

The reason for yesterday's sudden short day was still obvious this morning. Nevertheless it, and the Environment Agency's information, made for some very interesting Science/Geography work today! 

Don't forget the equipment you will need on Monday (the list at the bottom of this page should remind you). Have a great - and safe - weekend!  

Band on the run (7th January)

A trio of special visitors for assembly today as Mr Butterfield brought along two friends to demonstrate a range of musical instruments, sharing tunes which ranged from In The Hall Of The Mountain King to the theme from Star Wars

Band on the run (7th January)

Time Gentlemen, Please! (6th January)

More time-based enthusiasm was in evidence today!

Photography by Isabelle. 


Don't forget that you will need your Wonderland kit tomorrow.




Time Lord! (5th January)

Have you got the time on you? 


An astounding hand-made clock was an excellent way of kicking off our Numeracy work on time this week!




Welcome back (4th January 2016)

One or two changes of routine this term to keep in mind. As we have finished our swimming sessions we will now have two PE lessons in school, the day of the sessions depending on the weather/hall availability. Please have your PE kit in school every day.

These are the main things to remember:  

Spelling test New spellings   "Wonderland" x-tables/mental Maths test



(with Mr Firth)

These are the items you will need in school this half term:

PE kit in school PE kit  PE kit PE kit Take PE kit home
Reading book Reading book Reading book Reading book Reading book
Spelling book Spelling book Spelling book Spelling book Spelling book
x-tables book x-tables book x-tables book x-tables book x-tables book
      "Wonderland" kit Musical instrument

These are the areas we will be looking at this term: