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Spring 2017

REMEMBER: You will need your musical instruments in school on Fridays.

The Final End... (7th April) 

Multiplication, decorated eggs, photo shoots, headlines, repeated instructions, big band tunes, repeated instructions, science observations and still more repeated instructions... today was an especially packed and frantic end to the term! As you can see, there were a host of new curious characters ready to add colour to our newspaper articles...

Congratulations were in order too: Finley and Olivia were announced as winners of the Decorated Egg Competition (you can see their work - and the other talented entries - elsewhere on this page), while Lexie, Edward, Eva and Alexis were prize winners in the Star Chart contest.

There was also time for a spot of care-taking before school closed...

Don't forget that the first day back after the holiday coincides with the first day of the residential trip to East Barnby!                                                   Have a great - and safe - holiday!

Read All About It! (6th April)

A host of curious characters and shock headlines pour in as our newspapers approach their deadline...

Smashing! (5th April)

There was a sight to lift the heart of classic television (and Telly Savalas) fans everywhere as more wonderful entries for the Decorated Egg competition rolled in, including a guest appearance by 1970s super cop Kojak

Designs by Sarah, Bliss, Angus, Alex, Finley, Phoebe, Kirby and Hannah.

You Can Count On Us (5th April)

While this may look like a sudden attack of interpretive dance - fear not! In reality it was a practical way of exploring fractions of number and reflective symmetry!

It's Easterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (4th April)

Well, almost anyway... Nevertheless with this range of egg-based artistic talent you could be forgiven for thinking that Easter had arrived early...

This message is an excellent way of telling you that the Gallery of Ariella has been updated!

The eggstremely detailed egg decoration comes courtesy of Honey and Roxy... while there were also a selection of chicks going cheap in the Discoverers' class this afternoon... 

That's not mine - it's a plant! (3rd April)

Today we welcomed these rather nice flowers to the class as part of an upcoming Science investigation... Stay tuned!

To infinity...and beyond! (31st March)

What's this? Another new member of the Discoverers, albeit one who's big, blue and covered in bandages...? Well not quite... The ever popular Mr Bump is an artistic entry by Ariella for the Decorated Egg competition!  Smashing!

Elsewhere, this week our focus on historic heroes turned its attention to veteran astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Following Neil Armstrong, Aldrin was the second Earth man to set foot on the moon (but can you remember who the third member of the crew was?)! Art by Alexis and Kirby.   

Thanks to some detailed research by Alex we also have some excellent suggestions for future studies... Stay tuned!  Finally, of course, it was that time of week again... Firth Friday!

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (31st March)   The Gallery of Edward has been updated!

Quad Kids (30th March)

Another trip out in the minibus today for a spot of athletics. There were smiles all around...

Eggstatic (30th March)

Looking for inspiration for the decorated egg competition? Then look no further than this eggcellent piece of work by Olivia

Scream And Scream Again (30th March)

Further artistic inspiration courtesy of Edvard Munch...

The Appliance Of Science (30th March)

Remember our visit to the Science lab of Mr Togwell and Mr Hartley? (You don't? Well take a look further down this page for further details!) Today we were awarded for our scientific success with these rather fine certificates.


Betrayal and Brutality... (29th March)

Our look at the Easter story reaches the crucifixion... Art by Martha, Roxy, Molly and Lucy.

Art Attack (29th March)   The Gallery has been updated.

Red Nose D(el)ay (27th March)

Slightly later than planned, today we showed our support for Comic Relief.

In amongst the serious message behind the charity there was time for a spot of dressing up and the opportunity to enjoy the timeless comedy of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and the two rather secretive gentlemen below... 

Service Centre (27th March)

A trip over to St.Bartholomew's Church this morning for the school Easter Service...

Firth Friday! (24th March)

Photographs and painting... trombones and trumpets... The usual busy end to the week, which included the afternoon's visit by music maestro Mr Firth...

There was also time to pen a letter or two...

...and congratulations were in order for Lucy, Roxy and William - winners of the competition inviting designs for the school hymn book!    

NEXT WEEK: The Easter Service and another trip out in the minibus... Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (23rd March)   The Gallery has been updated.

Multiplicity (22nd March)

What's this? Energetic dancing... halo balancing... low flying children... physical violence...?! What on Earth could be going on here?

The answer is really quite simple... This afternoon we popped up to Eskdale School for an excellent session of multi-skills; tasks prepared by some very talented young Sports Leaders!  

Owzat - The Revenge of the Return! (21st March)

As promised, more exclusive photographs of our training with cricket expert Matthew!

The Last Supper (21st March) 

With Easter rapidly approaching our examination of the Easter story moved on to the symbolism of the Last Supper.                                                Art by Hannah, Honey and Roxy.

Art Attack! (21st March)   The Gallery of Lucy has been updated.

Owzat - The Return! (20th March)

Straight into the swing of things this morning as cricket expert Matthew returned to put us through our paces! Look out for more exclusive photographs soon!


Art Attack! (20th March)   The gallery has been updated. 

Firth Friday! (17th March)

It's Friday... it's five to two... it's Music Time - with the trombones taking centre stage...!

There was further outdoor work too; helping Mrs Hansell with some planting and pruning...

Elsewhere the ever-expanding daisy chain (see earlier in the week) had reached Triffid-style proportions!

NEXT WEEK: More Science Lab photographs, the return of the amazing maze videos and a trip out to Eskdale School for a spot of Multi-skills action!           Have a great weekend!

The Appliance Of Science 2 (17th March)

With such an amazing amount of work on our behalf earlier this week, it seemed only fair that we should write to Mr Togwell and Mr Hartley to express our thanks...

Art Attacks! (17th March)   The Gallery and Gallery of Lucy have new updates! 
Art Attack! (16th March)   The Gallery has been updated.

It's Christmas! (16th March)

Well, no, clearly it isn't. Nevertheless, as this picture by Eva shows, we got into a festive frame of mind to come up with a host of excellent Christmas-themed images for the Royal Mail's Design A Christmas Stamp competition

Nor was this the limit of our creativity, with inspiring poetry and bizarre strangers also springing up this afternoon...

Flower Power Part 2 (15th March)

Mrs Hansell returns! This time her mission was to add colour with some fresh flowers (and the Discoverers' assistance!).

Flower Power! (15th March)

The sun has come out at last which can mean only one thing: daisy chains! Here is a small fraction of a monster, record-breaking, class-filling daisy chain courtesy of the efforts of Martha, Lucy, Molly, Sarah and Eva. With the full chain measuring 5.52 metres you'll appreciate why we can only show you a part of it!

Art Attack (15th March)   Capital stuff! The Gallery of Roxy has been updated!

Tricolore and More... (15th March)

A splash of colour this morning thanks to French games with Mrs Hansell...

The Red Planet (14th March)

Beware the creeping stain of redness! What on Earth could be going on here...? Ask us! 

Art Attack (14th March)   The Gallery has been updated.
Art Attack (13th March)   The Gallery of Ariella has been updated.

The Appliance Of Science (13th March)

A quick trip out in the minibus this afternoon to Caedmon Science lab where, with the assistance of Mr Togwell and Mr Hartley, we explored the properties of metals! 

More photographs coming soon...

The Final End (10th March)

Today we said a sad farewell to Christie - a young lady who has been working with us this week. Christie has been tireless, enthusiastic and quite, quite brilliant! We wish her every success!

Elsewhere there was news of a curious find by a budding nature expert...

Check below for a new maze-based video - exclusive to this page! You may also spot a new gallery that has appeared - the Gallery of Edward - while the week was brought to a close by the musical talent that is Mr Firth!

Have a great weekend! 

Amazing - the Return! (10th March)

Still image for this video

Amazing - the sequel (9th March)

Still image for this video
As promised...

In Great Shape... (8th March)

Busy, busy... Numeracy with guest teacher Miss Stewart was an ideal opportunity for some shape shifting... Elsewhere, a new plant was being introduced to the delights of food dye as part of a Science investigation... You may also notice that a new gallery has sprung up (the Gallery of Ariella) and it's worth checking back in the near future for more amazing maze videos. Coming soon...

Amazing! (7th March)

Still image for this video
Looking for something to do? Why not pop over to your Purplemash account and create a fiendish maze...?!

Tempting... (7th March)

Following on from Father Michael's excellent assembly yesterday morning we had a closer look at the story behind the Christian festival of Lent... (Art by Lucy and Sarah)

The Best Medicine (7th March)

Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine provided some alarming inspiration for unlikely cures...

Where's Wally? (3rd March)

Well, today he was somewhat easy to find since he was in the Discoverers' class - twice! Nor was he alone as we were invaded by a whole host of characters from literature, super hero and Star Wars universes, not to mention Harry Potter... Minions...  The Worst Witch... Alice In Wonderland... Roald Dahl... The Wizard Of Oz... the list went on! Check out the galleries below for further detail! 

With mysterious shadows and the odd music case wearing some rather stylish Minions goggles poor Mr Firth must have wondered what on Earth was going on when he arrived this afternoon for our big band session!

Have a great weekend!

World Book Day (3rd March)

The All-New World Book Day Gallery (3rd March)

Jolly Hockey Sticks! (2nd March)

While some of us popped over to Pickering for a bit of cross country, the remainder joined up with a group of Whitby schools for an afternoon of hockey coaching...

IN THE FUTURE (1st March): Don't forget that you will need your PE kit in school tomorrow. We will also be joined by a new member of the Discoverers too...

"It's a puppet...!" (1st March)

Attack of the Puppet People! No, not really. It's more likely the nifty collection of shadow puppets which brought our Science work on Light to a close...

The Sound of Silence (28th February)

Time for mime as we acted out a variety of French vocabulary...

Art Attack (28th February)   The gallery has been updated.

The French Connection II (28th February) 

Remember when we took part in a joint French lesson with older children? You do? Excellent! You can find more exclusive photographs of the session by visiting our school Facebook page.

Art Attack (27th February)   The gallery has been updated.

Firth Friday (17th February)

A tune-filled end to the half term with Mr Firth...


Have a great - and safe - half term!

Brought To Book (17th February)

A quick jaunt out to Whitby library this morning... (photos by Mr Cockerill)


Art Attack (17th February)   The gallery has been updated.

On The Ball (17th February)

Energy and excitement! A third fantastic cricket session with guest expert Matthew!


On The Ball (17th February)

Art Attack (16th February)   The gallery has been updated again.

CSI: Ruswarp (16th February)

Crime! Mayhem! General bad stuff! There's only one team to call to solve any major crime issues - the Discoverers! Thanks to the excellent work of visiting forensic scientist Mr Bate we are now experts in the art of detection and the criminal justice system!


“It was fun!” (Kye)

“It was really fun and something I’ll remember forever.” (Eva)

“It was extremely good fun!” (Emme)

“It was good because we had to solve problems.” (Drew)

“I liked the part where you could solve crimes.” (Rocco)

“I like giving people prison sentences!” (Lucy)

“It was interesting and fun.” (Olivia)

“I like the part where we dressed in CSI suits.” (Kelsey)

“It was interesting learning about what you’d do in a crime scene.” (Maisy)

“I really enjoyed it and wish I could do it again.” (Hannah)

“We got to dress up!” (Sarah)

Now I know all about the CSI!” (Phoebe)

“I liked it when we dressed up in the paper suits.” (Alex)

“We had to have good teamwork skills.” (Finley)

“I liked it when we got into CSI suits and looked for fingerprints on clothes with a UV torch.” (Tyler)


CSI: Ruswarp (16th February)

Art Attack (16th February)   The gallery has been updated.

North Yorkshire Moors Visitor (15th February)

Art Attacks (14th February)   Two gallery updates - here and here!

The French Connection (14th February)

French with a difference today as we were visited by members of another school...



Art Attack (14th February)   The new gallery has been updated.
The Empire Strikes Back (13th February)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated.

I'll Name That Tune In One... (10th February)

A tune-filled end to another busy week (photography by visiting camera expert, Miss Hall). NEXT WEEK: Cricket Skills - Part 3!

 Have a great weekend!

Art Attacks (10th February)   The Shopkins and New galleries have been updated.

Scream And Scream Again! (9th February)

You can find more Edvard Munch Scream-inspired art below and, to get you in the mood, here is a rather nice Munch-style piece by Molly...

Scream And Scream Again! (9th February)

Art Attack (9th February)  The gallery has been updated.

Test Match Special (9th February)

Another excellent and energetic session of cricket skills with visiting expert Matthew!

The Return of the Munch Bunch! (8th February)

Scream-based inspiration today as we turned our attention to the style of Edvard Munch's most famous picture... (more examples below!)

Return of the Munch Bunch! (8th February)

Art Attack (8th February)   The gallery has been updated.

And there was light... (6th February)

Over the years the sun has proved to be one of the more popular sources of light, which was quite handy today as we popped outside for a look at how shadows behave throughout the day...

And there was light... (6th February)

Music Man (3rd February)

More excellent big band work with Mr Firth ended the week on a high note!

NEXT WEEK: Cricket skills - the sequel!                        Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (3rd February)   The new gallery has been updated.

The Return of Owzat! (3rd February)

Further exclusive photographs of yesterday's exciting Cricket work with Matthew.

Owzat! (2nd February)

Cricket skills with visiting expert Matthew this afternoon. More photographs coming soon...

Art Attack (2nd February)   A new gallery has been added... the Gallery of Roxy!

The Munch Bunch (1st February (updated 2nd February))

Edvard Munch's most famous picture, The Scream, has proved to be a great source of inspiration!   Art by Roxy and Molly...

...and Drew.

Art Attack 2 (1st February)   The gallery has been updated again! Oh, you lucky people...

Christingle Service at St. Bartholomew's Church (1st February)

Art Attack (1st February)   The gallery has been updated.

Oranges are not the only fruit... (30th January)

Which is fortunate really as we seemed to use up a large amount of them this afternoon when we made Christingles with the expert help of Mrs Horne and Miss Greer (photography by Miss Hall). You can find more exclusive photographs in the small gallery below!

The Christingle Construction Zone (30th January)

Art Attacks (30th January)   Gallery 2 and the Shopkins Gallery have been updated.

Them Bones...! (30th January)

Desperately trying to remember the Bones song that Mrs Hansell used last week? Panic not! You can find ParrMr's Bones song at this YouTube link (always make sure that an adult knows you are using YouTube first). 

Firth Friday! (27th January)

There was outstanding teamwork when it came to playing a tune or two with Mr Firth...

NEXT WEEK: Christingle and Cricket!                                                Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (27th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Storm Force Two (27th January)

More observations about last week's trip out...

When we went to the beach we found fossils and loads of stuff had fallen down. (Bliss)

The waves came over the see protectors and it made the cliff fall down. Rocks had fallen down on the beach - it was good for fossils because they would crack out of the rock. (Angus)

The sea is very strong thing even though it doesn’t look like it. (Maisy)

We saw lots of damage that showed us that the sea is very powerful. (Ariella)

I noticed a pipe had been uncovered under the cliff and snapped by the water. (Finlay)

We saw a dredger in the harbour going out to sea. (Alex)

I went to the beach and saw the rubbish all over the beach. The cliff fell down and one of the rocks was moved by the water. (Rhys)

We went to see damage from the sea like a container bent inward or a fence being snapped. (Edward)

I went to Whitby to look at the sea wall and all of the damage. There was a lot of rubbish and some of the sea wall rocks came off. (Olivia)

When I went to Whitby beach I found a weird coloured rock - it was red and green. (Kirby)

When I went to the beach I saw a weird rock and called it my magic rock. I really liked the trip. (Phoebe)

When I went to the beach I saw that the railings were bent by the sea. Also the sea pushed in two really, really big rocks. (Jordan)

We went to Whitby to see erosion. (Rocco)

We went to Whitby to see erosion from the sea wall. (Emme)

We all saw the destroyed stuff but it was very, very fun indeed. At one point we saw a big blue container all bent, all the grass was washed away there only mud left and we saw evidence of erosion and high tide. (Alexis)

I found a shell. (Sarah)

When I went to Whitby Beach there was a lot of damage like broken railings and a massive dented metal container. (Hannah)

Take Art (26th January)

Another Chinese lantern to add to the growing army of decorations; plus some shiny creativity - an excellent way of reminding you that the gallery has been updated too!

Chinese New Year (25th January)

With the celebrations fast approaching, the first lantern is complete...

Rogue Once More (25th January)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated.

Skip it! (25th January)

Why are people hurling themselves into the air...? Could it have anything to do with PE with Mrs Hansell...? 

Happy New Year (23rd January)

Happy new year? A little late, you might think, until you realise that we are talking about the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. Luckily this is something we now know a lot about thanks to today's visit by William's mum; a lady who not only knows a great deal but who is also incredibly kind. Her work with us this morning was quite wonderful and we cannot thank her enough! 

If you'd like to know a little more about Chinese New Year then you can find a short video here.

Art Attack (23rd January)   Gallery 2 has been updated.

The Return of Music Man (20th January)

It's Firth Friday and today's excellent session saw the introduction of a new tune or two...

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (20th January)   The second gallery has been updated.

Storm Force One (20th January)

A selection of observations about Wednesday's trip out...

Yesterday I saw a lot of fossils, mostly ammonites. (Finley)

There were lots of rocks and we had a contest. (Kye)

Yesterday we walked and saw lots of the damage that had been left by the flood and the wind. I liked it. (Lola)

On the beach I found a rock with lots of holes in, and a rock with a pretty pattern. I had a really fun time at Whitby beach! (Martha)

We saw the dredger using its crane out at sea from the foot path. (Noah)

I found a smoothed bit of glass and a really colourful rock! (Eva)

I really enjoyed finding the fossils on Whitby beach! (Molly)

I saw some fossils with Bliss. (Roxy)

Yesterday l saw the sea bashed on to the rocks. (Lexie)

I really enjoyed going to see the damage that the storm has done to the cliff. (Lucy)

I noticed a sign that noted that you should be careful around the bottom of the cliff because the side of the cliff could fall on you at any time! (Tyler)

The sea took a metal railing down and there is rubbish all over Whitby beach. (Drew)

End of Days (19th January)

From tomorrow please could parents/carers collect members of the Discoverers from the classroom Fire Exit at the end of the day. 

Kicking up a Storm (18th January)

Erosion! Fossils! Big boulders! A great deal of mess! A first hand look at the damage caused by last Friday's storm/sea surge as (thanks to Mrs Hansell and the minibus) we popped down to the sea wall for a look!   You can find more pictures in the small gallery below.



Kicking up a storm (18th January)

Whitby Visit (17th January)

As you should know, (weather willing) tomorrow morning we're aiming to take the new minibus for a spin with a trip in to Whitby for a look at evidence of flood damage, erosion, etc...   For this you will need:

  • To come to school as normal (in uniform, at the usual time)
  • To bring with you: a waterproof coat,  spare pair of trousers and wellingtons (or trainers and a change of socks) 

We will be back in school for lunch.

Art Attack! (16th January)   The new gallery has been updated.

And there was light... (16th January)

Science in action today as we scoured the school for evidence of light sources and reflectors...

Jackanory, What's Your Story?  (16th January)

The BBC launched their "500 Words" short story competition today with a live link up with author supreme Malorie Blackman. You can find out more about this exciting event on the official webpage. (With thanks to Sarah and her Mum for the head's up!). 

Stars and Stripes (16th January)

An additional surprise for President Obama; the idea of a small group of very determined ladies... We're going to need a bigger envelope...

Letter to America (13th January)

Writing for a purpose as we decided that we would like to send letters to the US President! 

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (13th January)   Gallery 2 has been updated.

Stars and Stripes (12th January)

A look at the wider world once more as we discussed the legacy of outgoing American president Barack Obama...

Vive la France! (10th January)

Festivals and pronunciation with a French flavour this morning as Mrs Hansell popped in to put us through our paces... 



Let there be light... (9th January)

Explorations around our new Science topic today. You can find out more about Light on this BBC webpage.

Art Attack (6th January)

Want to know what's lurking within your body? Look no further than this excellent Science illustration by Roxy. If that puts you in the mood for more artistic talent (and why wouldn't it?) then why not have a look at our many gallery pages...? 

Have a great weekend!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? (6th January)

Well, actually, it's neither of those things... Instead, it's a collection of heroic creations by Kirby, Alex, Lola, Finley, Bliss, and Hannah!  

Our survey said... (5th January)

"Data handling" includes the important business of collecting the data before you can handle it!

Rogue One and a bit (5th January)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated again!
Art Attack (5th January)   The new gallery has been updated.
Rogue One (5th January)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated. 

Happy New Year! (4th January 2017)

A new year, a new term and straight back into the swing of things as we took a moment to look at the various muscles of the human body...

Rogue One (4th January)   The Star Wars gallery has been updated.

O.H.M.S.S. (4th January)

A further surprise awaited as, over the holidays, a rather special letter had arrived from someone else who had enjoyed our work on Equality (not sure what we're talking about? Look back through our past pages for details!). See if you can guess who it was...