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Spring 2018

Eggcellent! (29th March)

Many congratulations to all those who took part in the decorated egg competition - including these winners! 

Have a great - and safe - Easter holiday!

Art Attack (29th March)   The gallery has been updated.

Water, Water, Everywhere... (28th March)

Science in action today as the heavens opened once again, neatly linking up with our evaporation experiments and Water Cycle work! Art by Finlay, Ariella, Kirby, Roxy and Maisy.

Think Of A Number (27th March)

Numeracy in action! Cars... dressing up... alien spacecraft... What on Earth can all of these things have in common? Well, Sumdog, of course! Don't forget that you can access your Sumdog account over the Easter holidays too!  

The Creative Collective (27th March)

Wet break meant that it was time to indulge in some indoor creativity. Don't forget that you can find even more creative creations in our gallery pages here and here

Service With A Smile... (26th March)

An opportunity for a spot of dressing up today as we performed "The Trial" - our role in a retelling of the Easter story as part of this morning's church service.

Poetry Please (25th March)

A little later than hoped (thanks to a seemingly endless series of computer-based issues!) you can now find a version of Jack Ousby's Gran, Can You Rap? on the new Performance Poetry page

Band Master (23rd March)

A rather sad way to end the week as we said goodbye to musical genius Mr Firth. Mr Firth has been with us for eight years and his eternal good humour has meant that we have looked forward to his weekly visits. He will be greatly missed and we wish him every good fortune.

NEXT WEEK: Don't forget that you can bring a change of clothes for our Easter play on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (22nd March)   The gallery has been updated.

Fearful Symmetry (22nd March)

Numeracy gave us the opportunity to reflect upon the joy of some lovely patterns...

Speed 2: Cruise Control (21st March)

Enjoy further exclusive photographs from yesterday's work with Community Speedwatch (and keep in mind that the speed limit outside our school is 20mph...)!

Top Gun (20th March)

As part of our Road Safety work today we were joined by Mrs Horne and two members of the Community Speedwatch team. With their help we measured the speed of vehicles passing our school. When you consider that the speed limit is 20mph there were some interesting results... More pictures coming soon!

Money, Money, Money (20th March)

If you're interested in which coins are used in other countries then Dex's Treasure Chest page is for you!

A Brief History Of Hawking (19th March)

The life and legacy of Professor Stephen Hawking provided the basis for some inspired work...

The Revenge Of The Return Of The Big Band Theory (16th March)

Further musical mastery thanks to today's wonderful work with our visiting expert, Mr Firth!    Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (16th March)   Wet break creativity again - the gallery has been updated!

War and Peace (15th March)

The Battle of Ypres was the inspiration for our further work around the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War I. Art by Lexie, Roxy, Ariella, Maisy, Dex, Macie, Jordan, Emmy, Yavor, Emily, Arthur, Cameron, Angus and Drew.

Art Attack (15th March)   The gallery has been updated.   

Pure Genius (14th March)

We were sad to learn of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking, an inspiration to so many people and a very kind man who found the time to write to us just last month (and send us a book too!). If you scroll down this page you can read his message to the Discoverers. You can also learn more about Stephen Hawking with these short BBC videos: here and here.

Feeling Cross (13th March)

Today's art drew inspiration from Ruswarp's War Memorial as part of our work for the upcoming Whitby Civic Society exhibition. Art by Macie, Dex, Honey, Ariella, Lottie, Bliss, Finlay and Roxy.

Art Attack (12th March)   The gallery has been updated.

Musical Youth (9th March)

Big band tunes with musical genius Mr Firth brought this very, very busy week to a close! Have a great weekend!

Fully Booked (8th March)

More exclusive pictures from this week's World Book Day...

Art Attack (8th March)   Wet break = creativity! The gallery has been updated.

Brought To Book (7th March)

Matilda... Mary Poppins... The Incredible Hulk... Oliver Twist... Fantastic Mr Fox... A whole host of strange and mysterious characters invaded the Discoverers today. The reason? Our postponed World Book Day! Look out for more pictures soon...

In The Future (6th March)   Don't forget that tomorrow is our snow-postponed World Book Day.

Watch This Space (6th March)

Pop over to this page of the European Space Agency website and you might spot some rather familiar art work...

Praise Be! (6th March)

Come and marvel at these Ancient Egyptian gods, courtesy of Roxy, Ariella, Bliss, Summer, Macie, Arthur, Drew and Emily.

Shape Up! (6th March)

Behold some of our newest creations thanks to our examination of the properties of 3D shape...

Poetry Please (5th March)

As you can see below, the recent freeze provided great inspiration for some rather splendid Haiku performance poetry...

COMING SOON: Some newly discovered Ancient Egyptian gods...

Flake News (2nd March)

No doubt you're curious about our lengthy silence... Well, the picture below should give you a clue as to the reason why! 

Have a safe weekend!

Stone Me! (26th February)

Need to translate some Egyptian hieroglyphs in a hurry? You do? Then why not try one of these newly created Rosetta Stones!

World War Once Again (26th February)

Enjoy these new Paul Nash-inspired images, created as part of our ongoing work about the local war memorial for the upcoming Civic Society exhibition (see this week's Whitby Gazette for further details!). 

Tomb With A View, Mark Two (26th February)

More tombs to tempt an ailing Pharaoh with, courtesy of Honey, Ariella, Summer and Roxy.

The Return Of The Big Band Theory (23rd February)

New tunes with Music Master Mr Firth this afternoon, including one with a rather Egyptian flavour...

Tomb With A View (22nd February)

Are you an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who needs a tomb? You are? Then you might well be in luck as these advertisements may be able to point you in the right direction! Don't forget that you can see the Pyramids of Giza via Instant Street View too. 

World War Wow (21st February)

Today we began work on our part in an upcoming exhibition by the Whitby Civic Society to commemorate one hundred years since the end of World War I. As part of our work looking at the history of Ruswarp's War Memorial we began researching the Battle of Ypres and looked at the extraordinary war art of Paul Nash...

Art Attack (21st February)   The gallery has been updated.

Stick At It (20th February)

It was important to keep our eye on the ball this afternoon as we tried hockey skills with Mrs Hansell...

The Mummy Returns (19th February)

It's amazing how many people in our class are thousands of years old! More Pharaohs have been unearthed...

Art Attack (19th February)   The gallery has been updated.

It's Just Not Pharaoh (9th February)

With Mr Firth indisposed today there was time for a little dressing up to add extra colour to our story writing... Keep checking back - more images coming soon! Have a great - safe - half term!

Art Attack (9th February)   The gallery has been updated.

Out Of This World (8th February)

Those currently enjoying the delights of Earth via Google Street View might like to try somewhere else.. A new link has been added to the Useful Links page from which you can explore the International Space Station, currently orbiting the Earth over 200 miles above you!  

Getting Creative (8th February)

An examination of the similarities and differences between the Creation stories of other faiths was the basis of today's RE work. Art by Kelsey, Summer, Drew and Dex.  

The Weakest Link? (7th February)

You may have noticed that a new Useful Links page has been added to our main class page. This will take you to websites of interest/use, including CBBC's Blue Peter where you can learn how to apply for a special diamond badge to celebrate the programme's sixty years on television (Blue Peter is the longest running children's TV series in the world!), details of the life of Professor Stephen Hawking (who wrote to us!) and the recently-used Google Street View. REMEMBER: always check with an adult before using the internet.

Art Attack (7th February)   The gallery has been updated.

A View To A Thrill (6th February)

Geography and Numeracy in action today as we experimented with ways of presenting data and investigated mapping with the assistance of Google Street View as part of our Road Safety project.

Pure Genius (5th February)

Do you remember our work on equality and inspirational people? (If you don't a quick look back at our past pages might help to refresh your memory). You may recall that various people have expressed an interest in our work, ranging from the Prime Minister to Blue Peter. Nor are they alone and we were over the moon to receive a letter from this world famous gentleman...

In addition to his wonderful message, Professor Hawking was kind enough to send us a copy of this superb book! We would like to thank Professor Hawking for finding the time in his extremely busy schedule to reply to us. It is very much appreciated.        You can find out more about Professor Stephen Hawking here

Art Attack (5th February)   The gallery has been updated.

Musical Youth (2nd February)

Once again the week ended on a high note thanks to some excellent team work with big band leader Mr Firth!

NEXT WEEK: News of an exciting letter which arrived today... Stay tuned!                                      Have a great weekend!

Church Service (2nd February)

The day began with a journey over to the church for our Christingle service, which raised money for The Children's Society charity (adults can find out more about their work here). Many thanks to the members of the Worship Committee who planned and presented the service.

Signs and Symbolism (1st February)

A timely look at the symbolism of Christingle today. By fortunate coincidence, this excellent artwork is a good way of reminding you of tomorrow morning's church service too! Art by Drew, Finley, Angus, Harry, Arthur and Summer.

Art Attack (1st February)   The gallery has been updated.

Sign Here, Please (30th January)

Geography in action this morning as we looked at the purpose of the signs and symbols surrounding our school...

Art Attack (30th January)   The gallery has been updated.

A Date With Data (29th January)

Does the traffic passing our school remain at a steady volume throughout the day? There was only one way to find out... Our traffic flow database increased as we were out and about at a different time to find out the truth (see if you can guess what time it was. The long shadows should give you a clue!). 

The Big Band Theory (26th January)

As ever, the day (and the week) concluded on a tuneful note with Music Master Mr Firth as we tried our hand at some big band sounds...   Have a great weekend!

The Secret Diary Of Howard Carter (26th January)

Howard Carter may have made his most famous discovery back in November 1922 but it's only very recently that these new, exciting diary extracts were uncovered by members of the Discoverers...

Elsewhere Name That Pharaoh reached its conclusion. When the votes were counted there were two clear winners... Allow us to introduce (on the left) Shavshavoosca (suggested by Kirby) and (on the right) Kiki (suggested by Zane). They will take their place in the Tomb Of Toff (suggested by Lottie)! 

Art Attack (26th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Draw Like An Egyptian (25th January)

Egyptian-style art today with the help of chalk, pastel, rather dirty fingers and 1930s Music Hall turns Wilson and Keppel!

Art Attack (25th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Awesome Egyptians (24th January)

Today we had the opportunity to look at these rather lovely pieces of art which have travelled all the way from Egypt!

Art Attack (24th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Our Survey Said... (23rd January)

Today we were out standing on the pavement where Geography collided with Numeracy as we collected traffic survey data as part of our ongoing Road Safety project...

Art Attack (23rd January)   The gallery has been updated.

Name That Tomb (22nd January)

With the final sarcophagus now complete all that remains is to name our two deceased Pharaohs. Current suggestions include Kiki, Emonca, TuTu, Choboochelly and Cleoboneyoo... Voting for the final names will take place later in the week...

Art Attack (22nd January)   The gallery has been updated.

Music Man (19th January)

Another visit from Music Master Mr Firth brought a busy week to a close...     Have a great weekend!

Art Beat (19th January)

A whole host of Egyptian-style creativity, from Howard Carter's diary to the final details of another sarcophagus. Sketch book work also had something of an Egyptian theme too... Art by Roxy, Macie, Bliss, Arthur, Lottie, Miles, Yavor, Emily, Kirby and Maisy

Art Attack (19th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Body Builders (18th January)

Today's Science work on the Digestive System produced some detailed models thanks to excellent teamwork!

You can find out more about the Digestive System on this BBC webpage

Art Attack (18th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Pyramid Power (17th January)

Perspective and colour meet ancient history... The result? These excellent pictures! 

Pyramid Power

Still image for this video

Lollipops and Language Skills (16th January)

There was a great deal going on to day! This morning was given over to our new project centring on Road Safety and included guest appearances by Mrs Horne and an oversized lollipop... Art by Angus and Finlay

This afternoon was something of a change of pace as we put our French vocabulary to good use in conversation and by pitting our wits against some brain-teasing computer puzzles...

Music and Mummies... (12th January) 

Visitors galore today! First up, these Ancient Egyptian chaps were making their presence felt...

With another sarcophagus in the making our classroom is beginning to resemble the British Museum...

Our final visitor was music master Mr Firth and we tried our hand at playing as a trio!

NEXT WEEK: Look out for extracts from The Secret Diary of Howard Carter (aged 48 and a half)... Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (12th January)   The gallery has been updated.

Jaws! (11th January)

What on Earth were these strange biting creatures which invaded our class this afternoon? Well, the answer's quite simple: teeth! Fear not - they're not as scary as they might look and they merely popped in as part of our current Science work. The picture below shows you what teeth are made from and you can find out even more about teeth by visiting this BBC website.

Name That Tune (11th January)

These maps created by Kirby, Bliss and Roxy are a good way of reminding you that you can access the Isle Of Tune webpage out of school by going here.

Hooked On Classics (10th January)

Part of today's PE work included the watching of a gymnastics performance set to a piece of classical music. The dramatic music used was Carl Orff's Carmina Burana - 'O fortuna'. You can see it performed by the BBC orchestra here, find out more about it here and even download a free copy of the music here! (REMEMBER: Always check with an adult before you download something from the internet).

Art Attack (10th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Are You My Mummy? (9th January)   

Our Egyptian sarcophagus begins to take shape...

Musical Youth (9th January)

Thinking of trying some additional music making? You can find the Isle Of Tune website here.

Art Attack (9th January)   The new gallery has been updated.

Awesome Egyptians (8th January)

Straight into the thick of things as we took our first look at our new History focus...

Art by Emmy, Kirby, Jordan, Harry, Dex, Angus, Bliss, Summer, Miles and Angus

New Beginnings (8th January)

Happy New Year! To celebrate the start of the new term we have opened up an additional gallery page here