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Spring 2019

Easter Service (17th April)   If you missed our contribution to last week's Easter Service then take a look below...

The Last Supper (part 1)

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The Last Supper (part 2)

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The Last Supper (part 3)

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Tales Of The Unexpected (12th April)

Our anthology of scary stories has proved popular with at least one member of the Discoverers...

IN THE FUTURE: Look out for a special Easter video. Coming soon..                                                      Have a safe holiday.

Natural Genius (12th April)

Plants are clever fellows. They have various ways of dispersing their seeds. Here are a few that we have discovered. Art by Arthur, Macie, Emmy, Will, Emily, Elizabeth and Yavor.

Music Master (12th April)

Some of you will remember music master Mr Firth. For many years Mr Firth was a regular fixture of the Discoverers, leading and organising our class band. Despite his final session with us being last Easter, it is the measure of his continued popularity that people frequently ask when Mr Firth might return and work with us again. This afternoon was no exception as the question arose once more.

Sadly, we learned that Mr Firth passed away last month.

For such a long time Mr Firth’s kindness and undoubted musical skills have been an asset to the Discoverers. The gentlest of men, good humoured and eternally modest, Mr Firth was a delight to work with and know. Moreover, it was obvious that Mr Firth really cared about his work with us. There can be few who have been more dedicated. He is much missed.

Church Service (11th April)

This afternoon we popped over to church to perform the story of the Last Supper and the trial of Jesus...

Art Attack (11th April)   The Gallery has been updated.
Art Attack (10th April)   The Gallery has been updated.
The Game's Afoot! (10th April)   We've been adding additional details and more fiendish levels to our games...

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Art Attack (9th April)   The Gallery has been updated.

Time Team (8th April)

Amazingly the Discoverers have recently unearthed the journals of sailors voyaging with the world famous Captain Cook...!

The Great Outdoors (8th April)   With the holidays fast approaching today's assembly reminded us that the North Moors National Park offers any number of things to do...  

Owzat! (5th April)   A hard-fought game of cricket brought a hectic week to a close!    Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (5th April)   The Gallery has been updated.

Game On (4th April)   Enjoy further examples of our game designs, courtesy of Isaac, Zane, Angus and Daisy.

Art Attack (4th April)   The Gallery has been updated.

A Game Of Two Halves (3rd April)   

Today we returned to game design to give our challenging environments new depth. Designs by Lily, Winnie, Macie and Tobi.

Invasion! (3rd April)   

A whole host of familiar faces (many of them cunning enough to arrive after the photographs were taken!) filled our room this morning as we welcomed people to our Open Day...

Art Attack (2nd April)   The Gallery has been updated.

Feeling Blue (1st April)

Flowers bathing in blue water? There must be some good reason for it... Yes, there is! Ask us for more details...

On The Ball (29th March)   The arrival of nice weather afforded us the opportunity to take our cricket skills outside...

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (29th March)   The Gallery of Summer has been updated.

Easter Service (29th March)

With Easter fast approaching it was time to have a look at the origins of this special event... Art by Ariella, Dominic and Zane

Heart to Heart (27th March) 

Surely there must be a good reason why our Art work has had a distinctly heart-shaped flavour to it...? 

Art Attack (26th March)   The Gallery of Summer has been updated.

Planted Evidence (25th March)

Science in action! This afternoon we popped out to investigate the varieties of plant life to be found in our immediate area...

Rhyme Time (22nd March)   More poetry to enjoy!   Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (22nd March)   The Gallery has been updated.

Poetry Please (21st March)

It's World Poetry Day and we've been trying our hand at rhyme! Enjoy these examples and look out for more coming soon...

Shape Up! (21st March)

Recent Numeracy work has included investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shape...

Plain Sailing...? (18th March)

Travelling with Captain Cook could be hazardous to your health! Here are just some of the dangers (real and imagined) faced by sailors of the time. Can you think of any more? Art by Emily, Effie, Will and Winnie.

What a Relief! (15th March)

Dressing up in a good cause today as we raised money for Comic Relief. There was also time for cake and a trip back to the early years of cinema with the timeless comedy genius of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy. Have a great weekend! 

Art Attack (15th March)   The Gallery has been updated.

A Great Endeavour (14th March)   Check out some excellent art around the theme of well-known international explorer, Captain Cook! Art by Miles, Dominic, Winnie, Dex, Lottie and Macie.

Art Attack (14th March)   The Gallery has been updated.

Snake or Fake? (12th March)

Enjoy this art which accompanied our work around the myths associated with St. Hilda. Art by Angus, Zane, Yavor, Dominic, Ariella, Lyla, Emily and Elizabeth.

Animal Magic (11th March)   Expand that noun phrase! We did - with interesting results!

Game of Two Halves (8th March)

Today we returned to our fiendish games creations and tweaked our designs (making them even more challenging!). Games images by Ariella, Yavor, Daisy and Harry.      Have a great weekend!

Game On! (8th March)

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Art Attack (7th March)   The Gallery has been updated.

Game On (7th March)   This afternoon we created a series of mind-bending, brain-busting games...

The French Connection (7th March)   

Joseph's Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat gets a makeover - in French! Art by Macie, Dex, Daisy and Lily.

Art Attack (7th March)   The Gallery of Summer has been updated.

Brought To Book (7th March)   World Book Day gave us the opportunity to recommend our favourite texts to others...

Art Attack (6th March)   The Gallery has been updated.

Songs Of Praise (5th March)   Enjoy further work about the origins of Whitby Abbey. Art by Elizabeth, Summer, Will and Dex.

Praise Be! (4th March)

Work around the history of Whitby Abbey has produced some excellent results... Art by Tobi, Harry, Macie and Finley.

The Munch Bunch (22nd February)

Enjoy examples of our recent work in the style of Edvard Munch. Art by Macie, Lyla, Lottie, Dex, Winnie, Arthur, Ariella and Ann Onymous.   Have a great - safe - holiday!

The Return Of The Town Of No Return! (22nd February)

Disaster upon disaster as more Sat Nav errors bring further traffic problems to the town of Erosion...

World Of Sport (21st February)

After a surprise visit from the much-missed Mr Cockerill (and after some considerable chaos!) we finally launched into an afternoon of hockey skills...

Are You Being Served? (20th February)

Numeracy with a practical application today as we opened our new shop "Stuff Is Us" to groups of eager customers...

Art Attack (20th February)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Town Of No Return (19th February)

Oh no! Disaster! Thanks to a Sat Nav error one of our completed 3D vehicles has found itself stuck in the town of Erosion...

Community Service (18th February)   This afternoon we popped over to church for Mrs Tillson's Commissioning Service...

Art Attack (15th February)

The shock arrival of warm weather gave us the opportunity for some outdoor observational drawing which we used as a basis for art work in the style of Edvard Munch. More coming soon...     Have a great weekend!

Top Gear! (14th February)   Our work with 3D shape raced to its conclusion...

The Shape Of Things To Come (13th February)

Our Numeracy work around nets and 3D shape has chosen a rather creative road. Today: design. Tomorrow: construction!

Designs by Tobi, Louie, Yavor, Effie, Isaac, Finley, Lyla and Ariella.  

Shape Up! (12th February)

There was a great deal of industry on display in Numeracy today. Our mission: to make a net into a 3D shape... but what was the shape that we created?

We've Got It Covered (11th February)

With the final drafts of our scary stories all but complete the next step is to entice readers into our worlds of fear...

The Twilight Zone (8th February)

After many hours of intense work our scary stories near their conclusion...   Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (8th February)   The Gallery has been updated.

Scream And Scream Again! (7th February)

Munch's most famous piece of art continues to inspire... Art by Dex, Lily, Ariella, Theo, Louie, Effie, Macie, Zane, Yavor, Summer, Finley, Harry, Will, Arthur, Winnie, Isaac, Emily and Miles.

The Munch Bunch (6th February)

Don't be alarmed - we've merely been trying our hand at emulating Munch's The Scream. Art by Cameron, Lyla, Elizabeth, Dominic, Angus, Emmy, Tobi and Lottie.

Our Survey Said (6th February)

This morning we were out standing on the pavement in our quest for more data to handle...

Troubled Waters (5th February)

Drawing inspiration from Munch's The Scream we created pictures of the scene at the Rohilla after oil had been poured into the water. As promised, here is our work in full...

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Let There Be Light! (4th February)

This morning we popped over to church where our talented Worship Committee led this year's Christingle Service...

Heaven's Above! (1st February)

What is Heaven really like? As you can see, we have one or two ideas...    Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (1st February)   The Gallery has been updated.

Light Fantastic (31st January)

Today's clear skies afforded us the perfect opportunity for a Science investigation involving light and shadow...

Question Time (30th January)

Recent Numeracy work has included data handling - but before we could handle the data we had to collect it...

Troubled Waters (28th January)

Back in 1914, in a desperate attempt to reach survivors stranded on the stricken Rohilla, oil was poured on to the water to dampen the waves. In our illustrations we drew upon our study of Munch's style in "The Scream". Art by Lily, Miles, Lyla, Cameron, Effie and Lottie. More coming soon...   

The Dracula Experience (25th January)

Enjoy this final batch of terrifying vampire villains! Be very afraid...                                                       Have a great weekend!

Time For Reflection (24th January) Science in action today as we examined materials most likely to throw light back at you!

Heaven's Above! (24th January)

Recent RE work has involved discussions around what Heaven would actually be like... Art by Elizabeth, Will and Arthur.

Night Terrors (21st January)

Beware: Dracula's army seems to grow...

...and grow...

...with more coming soon!

Scream And Scream Again (18th January)

Our look at the style of Munch's famous picture "The Scream" produced some interesting results... Art by Effie, Macie, Winnie, Cameron, Miles, Dominic, Lily, Dex, Summer, Will and Ariella.

NEXT WEEK: Look out for more exclusive Dracula photographs! Have a great weekend!

The French Connection (17th January)

Thinking of going swimming in France? Perhaps you're considering some reading in Paris? If you are then this vocabulary is for you! Art by Lottie, Tobi, Emmy, Daisy, Theo, Arthur, Macie and Harry.

Art Attack (16th January)   The Gallery of Summer has been updated.

The Dracula Trail (15th January)

Geography with bite! Today we used our mapping skills to identify places significant to Bram Stoker's Whitby visits and those real locations which appear in the world-famous "Dracula" story. 

Dracula: The Fact Of Fiction Returns (15th January)

Could there really be a connection between the wreck of a Russian ship and tales of a mysterious black dog arriving in Whitby...? Art by Lottie, Finley, Arthur, Ariella, Emily, Macie, Dominic, Will and Miles.

Dracula: The Fact Of Fiction (14th January)

The legend reborn! Today we looked at the truth behind the writing of Bram Stoker's most famous novel; but could a fish and chip shop really have played a part in the creation of the world's most famous vampire? Want to know more? Ask us!

Art Attack (14th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Go Ahead - Make My Day! (11th January)

This week we have discussed how the smallest of actions can make others happy. Why not try them?  Have a great weekend!

Space: Above and Beyond (10th January)

The European Space Agency are running another exciting art competition. You can find their newly revamped website here and details of the competition here

Dracula Returns (10th January)

Behold: more terrifying pictures of the world's most famous vampire! Be very afraid... Art by Miles, Dex, Ariella, Angus, Winnie, Emmy, Isaac and Lyla.

Blast From The Past (10th January)

This morning we were joined by a special guest who was particularly interested in the text we were reading... Who could it be?

Art Attack (9th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Beware The Stare! (8th January)

Straight into the thick of things today with a look at Bram Stoker's most famous creation. Could there be some connection with our local area...? Art by Elizabeth, Cameron, Finley, Yavor, Will, Zane, Macie and Harry.