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Spring 2020

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HOMEWORK (wb 30th March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p53     English (Comprehension), p20/21            YEAR 4: Maths, p62     English (Comprehension), p20/21

HOMEWORK (wb 23rd March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p52     English (Grammar), p60/61            YEAR 4: Maths, p61     English (Grammar), p62/63

It's Still A Square World (20th March)   Teamwork in action today as some famous faces were given a Cubist makeover.

Check back for updates and don't forget these useful websites. Have a safe break.

All Keyed Up (20th March)   With the enforced break now upon us there's time to access your Purplemash account to see if you can match (beat?) Theo's amazing touch-typing scores...

It's A Square World! (19th March)   Welcome to the unusual world of Cubism!

Pyramid Power! (17th March)

Still image for this video

Public Service (16th March)   Excellent advice c/o Theo, Eliza, Daisy, Emily and Effie.

HOMEWORK (wb 16th March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p42     English, p56/57            YEAR 4: Maths, p48     English, p58/59

What A Relief! (13th March)   Enjoy a selection of images from today's Sport Relief.  Have a great weekend! 

The Weakest Link? (13th March)   Check out our new and updated page of useful websites

Take The Stage (12th March)   Acting skills to the fore as our RE work tackled the the thorny subject of Peter's denial of Jesus...  

Pig Style! (11th March)  It's the Wilbur Invasion! Our Literacy work on Charlotte's Web has taken an artistic turn... 

The Appliance Of Science (9th March)   An important lesson today as we were visited by top medical expert Mrs Windows;  she explained how vital it is to wash our hands and demonstrated just how much bacteria could be living on them...

HOMEWORK (wb 9th March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p44     English, p18/19            YEAR 4: Maths, p50     English, p18/19

Tragedy and Comedy (6th March)

A sombre end to the week as we were forced to say goodbye to Miss Trueman, an extremely talented young lady who has been working with us this term. Miss Trueman has been tireless in her work on our behalf and, with her eternal good humour and commitment, quickly became a valued member of team Discoverers. She will be greatly missed by everyone. We wish her every success in the future.

The world's most famous detective, a fantastic fox, wizards, witches and many more... The reason for this invasion from the Land of Fiction? Yesterday's World Book Day, of course!

Have a great weekend!

Shop 'til you drop! (5th March)   Putting our Numeracy skills to the test with a visit to the popular new shop Stuff Is Us...

Backwards and Forwards (4th March)   Our work around programming and degrees of turn had an old school feel to it, but our touch typing scores continued to rise...

Stick at it! (4th March)   Exclusive photographs from our emphatic hockey victory at Caedmon yesterday afternoon!

Tomb Raider (2nd March)   Recent History and Literacy work has centred upon an important discovery by archaeologist Howard Carter.  Can you guess what he found?  This art by Eliza, Daisy, Will, Joe, Jude, Taffeta and Elizabeth might give you a clue...

HOMEWORK (wb 2nd March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p49     English, p54/55            YEAR 4: Maths, p47     English, p56/57

Out Of Time (28th February)   Enjoy this absolutely final, final batch of photographs from our recent Forest Schools exploits!

Have a great weekend!

Jaws (28th February)  Deep thought in today's Science with Miss Trueman as we looked at the roles of different teeth...

Whacko! (27th February)   Enjoy more exclusive pictures from yesterday's Hockey session...

Stick At It (26th February) This afternoon was one of stuck and sticks - stuck in traffic jams and training with hockey sticks!

“I liked it because it was fun!” (Seth)                   “It was really fun. There was a game about griefing.” (Isaac)

“I liked the game where you got to steal the ball off each other.” (Crystal)                    “It was really, really good!” (Lily)

“It was fun because I love hockey.” (Eliza)                   “I liked stealing the ball and passing it.” (Jon)

“I liked playing matches.” (Connor)                      “I liked it because I like playing hockey.” (Luis)

“I enjoyed the matches.” (Theo)                  “I liked it because I stole the ball.” (Elliot)

“I liked it when I had a little competition against my friend.” (Lyla)

“I worked so hard I was sweating so much I had to ask Mrs Hansell if it was normal!” (Will)

The Outer Limits (25th February)   Enjoy a final batch of photographs from our final Forest Schools session. For the moment...

Outward Bound (24th February)   We got straight back into things by immediately going straight outside with Forest Schools! 

HOMEWORK (wb 24th February)

YEAR 3: Maths, p48     English, p10/11            YEAR 4: Maths, p46     English, p54/55

The Great Outdoors Returns (14th February)   These final photos from this week's Forest Schools session are an excellent way of reminding you that our next session with Mr Bates will be on the first day after half term. Have a great (safe) holiday!

Take A Letter (14th February)   An array of our letters are winging their way to Germany...

The Gentle Touch (13th February)   Looking for something to do over the half term? Why not log into Purplemash and see if you can beat these amazing touch typing scores? 

Dramarama (13th February)   Acting abounded as this week's RE took a dramatic turn...   

Fire Starter! (12th February)   More exclusive photographs from yesterday's Forest Schools session with Mr Bates...

When The Wind Blows (11th February)   This afternoon we were out and about with Forest Schools! More photos soon.   

HOMEWORK (wb 10th February)

YEAR 3: Maths, p43     English, p16/17            YEAR 4: Maths, p45     English, p16/17

Outward Bound (7th February)   Enjoy this final batch of photographs from this week's Forest Schools session...

Have a great weekend!

Sorted! (7th February)   Science work with Miss Trueman has included the classification of living things...

Grandstand (7th February)   More photographs from yesterday's excellent Multi-skills event!

World Of Sport (6th February)  There was much running around and throwing of things this afternoon. The reason? Multi-skills!

The Great Outdoors (5th February)   Exclusive photographs of yesterday's excellent Forest Schools session with Mr Bates!

Getting Carried Away! (4th February)   It's Forest Schools: Session 3! Look out for more photographs - coming soon!

The Future's Bright... (3rd February)   There were Christingles in abundance as we prepared for this afternoon's service...

HOMEWORK (wb 3rd February)

YEAR 3: Maths, p41     English, p58/9            YEAR 4: Maths, p44     English, p60/1

Unity Is Strength! (31st January)   There was teamwork aplenty in this week's Forest Schools session!

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (31st January)   The Gallery has been updated.

The Great Outdoors (30th January)   Out and about today with another excellent Forest Schools session c/o Mr Bates!

"You Shall Go To The Ball!" (28th January)   This afternoon we were visited by a talented group of actors who shared their own version of the fairy tale Cinderella.   As you can see, it was a thoroughly entertaining production and a great success!

“I thought it was good because the step sisters were funny! I liked the mouse when he said, “You have to iron your face!”” (Crystal)

“I thought it was brilliant because of how fast they could get changed!” (Jacob)                     “I loved it!” (Elizabeth)

“I liked it because I liked the shouting and the songs!” (Will)                   “They could make things look realistic!” (Isla)

I liked it when they went in the aisle and high-fived!” (Daisy)             “I liked it when the burger lady fell in love with the butler!” (Viviann)

“I liked everything. I liked all of it!” (Taffeta)                   “It was brilliant!” (Henry)                          “Marvellous!” (Effie)

What A Performance (28th January)   Recent Literacy work around The Iron Man has involved getting into character...

HOMEWORK (wb 27th January)

YEAR 3: Maths, p40     English, p14/15            YEAR 4: Maths, p13     English, p14/15

The Great Outdoors (24th January)   Enjoy this final selection of Forest Schools photographs. Have a great weekend!

Water, Water, Everywhere... (22nd January)   Enjoy more exclusive Forest Schools photographs!

Forest Schools (21st January)   Today was our first Forest Schools session with Mr Bates! More photos coming soon...

Art Attack (20th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Man Of Iron (20th January)   Recent Literacy work has included our thoughts about the appearance of the mysterious Iron Man from the famous story by Ted Hughes... 

HOMEWORK (wb 20th January)

YEAR 3: Maths, p21     English, p52            YEAR 4: Maths, p23     English, p52

Hit The Mat (17th January)   Enjoy more exclusive photos of yesterday's amazing judo session. Have a great weekend!

Forest Schools: Please be aware that our first Forest Schools session will now be on 21st January. 

Martial Arts (16th January)   Today we had a superb visit from a Judo expert! Look out for more photographs, coming soon.

Art Attack (15th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

Safety First (14th January)   Today we had a thought-provoking presentation from a member of the NSPCC...

The Right Angle (14th January)   Recent Numeracy work involved tracking down hidden right angles!

HOMEWORK (wb 13th January)

YEAR 3: Maths, p19     English, p12/13            YEAR 4: Maths, p25     English, p12/13

Quick QWERTY (10th January)   This afternoon we tried our hand at rapid touch typing. How accurate could we be in a mere two minutes?   Why not log into Purplemash and see if you can beat these impressive scores?   Have a great weekend!

That's Life! (9th January)   This afternoon, as part of our new Science work, we tried our hand at classification...

Art Attack (7th January)   The Gallery has been updated.

HOMEWORK (wb 7th January)

YEAR 3: Maths, p23     English, p50            YEAR 4: Maths, p60     English, p50

Time Team (7th January)   Before we leave World War II and head further back into the past on our way to Ancient Egypt there's time to share these recently discovered propaganda posters c/o Margot, Will, Effie and Crystal.  

Areas that we will be looking at this term...