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Spring 2021

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5th January

The swimming message below has been rather suddenly overtaken by events, I'm afraid... You can find details of Home Learning on this page.  

Swimming (4th January)

As you will likely be aware, we had intended to begin our postponed swimming sessions this week. However, owing to current Covid-19 circumstances, swimming has once again been put on hold.  For the immediate future we will return to last term's arrangements and have PE sessions on Fridays instead. 

HOMEWORK (wb 4th January)

YEAR 3: Maths, p21    English (Grammar), p14/15            YEAR 4: Maths, p25     English (Grammar), p16/17


Useful Information


8.45am - 8.55am - Doors open

3.15pm - End of day


Monday - new homework/previous homework marked 

Wednesday  - x-tables test/new x-tables allocated

Friday - PE (Swimming sessions are currently postponed)