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Spring 2021

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Going For Gold (26th March)

An extremely sad day as we said goodbye to Mr Marsden who has been working with us since way back in September. Mr Marsden has worked tirelessly on our behalf and will be greatly missed. We wish him every success in the future.

Before he left, Mr Marsden teamed up with Mrs Mortimer to help us create our very own (and very stylish!) Corky Pigeon medals from this term's class book: Krindlekrax.

Have a great holiday!

The Antiques Roadshow (26th March)   Today, this was easily the oldest thing in school... (c/o Crystal). 

The Return of Dracula (25th March)   Be very, very afraid...

Art Attack (24th March)   

Congratulations to Jacob, Jude and Valentine who designed much-appreciated posters for the Esk Valley Railway. 

Troubled Waters (23rd March)    Oil is used to calm the water near the Rohilla. Art by Eliza, Crystal, Jude, Seth and Zara.

HOMEWORK (wb 22nd March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p46     English (Grammar), p58/59

YEAR 4: Maths, p52     English (Grammar), p60/61

What A Relief! (19th March)   馃挜 ZAP! 馃挜 POW! 馃挜Today we raised money for a good cause - superhero style! We also looked at the amazing world of silent comedy movies and there were balloons too, c/o Isabella's mum! 馃巿馃巿馃巿馃巿馃巿

Have a great weekend!

Terror By Night (18th March)   Be very afraid!   Look out for further pictures in the near future...

The Appliance Of Science (17th March)   We've been keeping a close eye on our current Science investigation.

Bring Me Sunshine (16th March)

HOMEWORK (wb 15th March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p41     English (Grammar), p56/57

YEAR 4: Maths, p45     English (Grammar), p58/59

Flower Power (12th March)   Investigating the colourful world of plants...           Have a great weekend!

The Dracula Connection (12th March) 

What exactly is the link between Whitby and Bram Stoker's famous creation? We decided to find out. Art c/o Isla and Eliza.

Think of a Number (11th March)   Practical Numeracy with Mr Marsden...

Local Lockdown (9th March)   Enjoy some of the superb Local Study work undertaken by Joshua and Jacob during Lockdown.

Positive Thinking (8th March)   Feeling a bit under the weather? Try our top tips... 

HOMEWORK (wb 8th March)

YEAR 3: Maths, p40     English (Grammar), p54/55     English (Comprehension), p12/13

YEAR 4: Maths, p44     English (Grammar), p56/57     English (Comprehension), p12/13

鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥   PE sessions will begin on Monday 8th March.   鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥

1st March

From 8th March (the first day back after Lockdown) our PE sessions will be on Mondays for six weeks (taking us to the end of this term and into the first part of the Summer term). 鈿解毥鈿   Please have your PE kit in school on Monday 8th March

5th January

The swimming message below has been rather suddenly overtaken by events, I'm afraid... You can find details of Home Learning on this page.  

Swimming (4th January)

As you will likely be aware, we had intended to begin our postponed swimming sessions this week. However, owing to current Covid-19 circumstances, swimming has once again been put on hold.  For the immediate future we will return to last term's arrangements and have PE sessions on Fridays instead. 

HOMEWORK (wb 4th January)

YEAR 3: Maths, p21    English (Grammar), p14/15            YEAR 4: Maths, p25     English (Grammar), p16/17


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8.45am - 8.55am - Doors open

3.15pm - End of day


Monday - new homework/previous homework marked/PE (Swimming sessions are currently postponed)

Wednesday  - x-tables test/new x-tables allocated