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Interpret data and solve questions/problems using data presented

Data is information.  Rather than write long lists for people to read through, it is often easier to put data into pictures. We've looked at this method previously...

There are many ways to present data: bar charts (like those above), tally charts, pictograms, pie charts... It's a long list!   

When you read a graph/chart look at everything.   All of the details are important no matter where they are on the graph : numbers... labels... everything.   They are there for a reason.


One vitally important part of many graphs and charts is the key.   It will help you to get into the correct information.


Have a look at these charts.   The key has been highlighted for you.    See if you can answer the questions...






Although most people ignore them you do need to use the key to give you the correct answers!

Below are Some Very Tricky Graph Questions. Dare you try them? They are, as you might guess from the name, very tricky

Don't forget to look for the key to unlock the information in the graph!