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Summer 2016

And there was light... (21st July)

Science and Art came together as we inserted illuminating circuits in to our buildings!

The big hand is on the twelve... (20th July)

Fashion Conscious (20th July)

Celebrate Good Times, Come On... (19th July)

Art Attack! (18th July)   Gallery updated!

Bring me sunshine... (18th July)

With the interior temperature wavering somewhere between "Warm" and "Volcanic" today, it seemed like a good time to grab a quick breath of fresh air...!


Please remember to return your Blue Peter letter as soon as possible.

Wednesday is non uniform day to raise funds in aid of Diabetes UK.

Friday is Sports Day (at 10.30am - weather willing!) with Celebration Assembly in the church at 1.30pm.

The Secret of Loch Ness (updated 17th July)

Scroll down to find some exciting additional art work by Alexis, Eva, Alex, Lexie, Jordan, Maisy, Bliss, Honey, Lola, Olivia, Edward, Ariella, Drew, Emme, Kirby, Rocco, Roxy, Phoebe, Angus, Finley and Sarah.

Art Attack! (17th July)   Our Gallery has been updated.

"Build High For Happiness!" (15th July)

A constructive day as we began constructing our model buildings! Next stage: the installing of electric circuits...                                                                                            Have a great weekend!

Art Attack! (14th July)   Our Gallery has been updated!

Modelling Career (14th July)

Today's work with stop motion animation revealed some budding - and talented - modellers!

Later, we got into a spin with air resistance and our very own helicopters!

The Secret of Loch Ness (13th July)

A terrifying invasion as a whole host of Loch Ness Monsters arrived this morning...!

The Secret of Loch Ness (updated 17th July)

Monsters Inc. (12th July)

The photograph below may look like a sausage standing in a puddle but it's actually part of one of the most famous mysteries in the world... Inspired by Sister Karan's travels we have been examining the Loch Ness Monster story . Could it be fact or is it just fiction? 

The Loch Ness Monster also provided excellent inspiration for a host of otherworldly creatures too... Be very afraid!

Art Attack! (11th July)   Our Gallery has been updated.

A Close Shave (11th July)

Shaving foam galore + an important message of respect = another exciting Mrs Stainthorpe assembly. Later, we received a message from Loch Ness (a recent haunt of Sister Karan) alongside cards from the much-missed Misses Haldenby and Martin. Finally, with the temperature rising, this menu by Isabelle might be very welcome indeed....


Art Attack! (10th July)   What's that? Our Gallery page has been updated yet again...?
Art Attack! (8th July)   Our Gallery has been updated again.

It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for... (8th July)

A desperately sad day as we said goodbye to Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin - two talented trainee teachers who have become a vital part of our team this year. Dedicated, good humoured and, quite frankly, brilliant we wish them every much-deserved success in the future.


On a slightly brighter note we had a small victory to celebrate - the winning of the class cup! Plus, with the arrival of the weekend, what better way of celebrating than with an extra East Barnby gallery (see below)?                                                                           Have a great weekend! 

East Barnby Extra (8th July)

Poetry Please (8th July)

Art Attack! (8th July)

East Barnby - Day Three (6th July)

Body boarding and sledging - using natural science to hurl ourselves around at great speed! The end of an amazing three days with the equally amazing East Barnby staff!

East Barnby - Day Two (5th July)

Life's a beach - or it was this morning as fossil hunting and rock pooling allowed numerous opportunities for us to get close to creatures that were alarmingly alive or very, very dead. Later, beck scrambling provided endless opportunities for falling over and getting soaked too!

East Barnby - Day Two (5th July)

East Barnby - Day One (4th July)

A jaunt up Roseberry Topping (a mere 320 metres) was a very exciting and slightly exhausting start to our East Barnby adventure! More exclusive photographs in the gallery below!

East Barnby - Day One (4th July)

Music Man (1st July)

A sad farewell to the talented Mr Firth to day who sets off on his well-earned holiday. Luckily, there was still time to learn another tune before he went...!

Meanwhile, this interesting art work by Bradley (yes, the evil Empire liked mosaics too it seems!) is a good way of reminding you to check out our Gallery page (more updates to come). 

IN THE FUTURE: Next week is the residential trip to East Barnby where - although you can arrive at school at the usual time on Monday - you don't need to wear school uniform (Hoorah!)! Plus, very good luck to those taking part in this weekend's Hockey contest!

Have a great weekend!

In great shape (episode 2)! (1st July)

While many people now accept that Vikings did not have horns on their helmets few realised that they instead chose to wear a selection of 2D shapes... Or so it seemed in another exciting Numeracy session created by Misses Martin and Haldenby!

Football Crazy! (1st July)

While England are on the look out for a new manager post-Euro 2016 perhaps they should look no further than the Discoverers for inspiration since yesterday evening saw our team reach the end of their tournament undefeated!                                                     Art by Isabelle

In great shape... (29th June)

Imaginative art, colourful symmetry and some rather impressive Numeracy game scores!

Art by Kye, Tyler and Martha

The search for truth (28th June)

History with mystery as Misses Haldenby and Martin set up a cunning research search!

Art Attack! (28th June)   Our Gallery page has been updated!

Football Fever (27th June)

With England playing this evening, could there be a better time to share this excellent art work by Isabelle...?

Hit for six! (27th June)

Excellent teamwork + great concentration = a superb PE session this afternoon!

Map attack (24th June)

An orienteering runaround was an exhausting end to a busy week (more photographs below)!

(Photographs by Miss Haldenby)                                                                    Have a great weekend!

World of Sport (22nd June)

Bowling, batting and a lot of running up and down: the essential parts of cricketing skills!

Congratulations to those who took part in yesterday's hockey competition and who are now through to the final!

Measure for Measure (21st June)

A very busy day of multiplication and measurement courtesy of Misses Haldenby and Martin!

Write on! (20th June)

Another wonderful History session with Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin today as we took our Rune work a step further...

Name That Tune! (17th June)

An excellent session with Mr Firth (where we increased our range of tunes and learnt some Italian!) was a fantastic way of rounding off such a busy week! Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin have proved ever popular, we've resurrected an ancient language (see below) and Science has been electrifying... 

Don't forget that there is still plenty of time to log in to your Purplemash account and get creative with all things Euro 2016!   Also, with Tim Peake preparing to return to Earth this weekend it might be worth keeping an eye on the news!                     Have a great weekend!    

The Write Stuff! (17th June)

History with a hint of mystery today as Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin introduced us to the world of Anglo-Saxon runes! "What on Earth are those?" you might cry... Well, here's a clue...

Can you translate these mysterious, ancient messages...? 

The Light of the World! (15th June)

Want to know how to make the world a better place for others? Of course you do! Fortunately this excellent post-assembly work by Isabelle is just what you need! Meanwhile we were also able to light up the world in a different way thanks to early experiments with electric circuits!

A game of two halves (13th June)

Smiles all round as the Summer Fayre neatly avoided the rain by a cunning plan: being inside!

If you have a spare moment don't forget about the Euro 2016 competition being run by Purplemash. Stuck for ideas? Have a look at the excellence below!

Art by Riley, Freya and Ellie

Dancing Queen (10th June)

Excitement, cake and a sea of flags... What on Earth could have been happening today...?

IN THE FUTURE: Don't forget your PE kit on Monday as it's Sports Day and the Summer Fayre!

Have a great weekend!

Caution: Creativity Ahead! (9th June)

Imagination galore as we have used spare moments to venture into art and short story telling. Our Gallery has been updated and there's a brief story to enjoy below too!


  • If you want to enter the Queen art competition the deadline is tomorrow.
  • You will need your musical instrument tomorrow.
  • Please return your East Barnby information as soon as possible.

Jackanory (9th June)

Still image for this video

Behind the sofa! (8th June)

What nameless horrors caused these ladies to cower in terror behind their chairs? What terrible creature was lurking in the bowl before them? Well, as it happens, the answer was quite simple...

With Wonderland playing host to newts and tadpoles it was an excellent opportunity for the Adventurers to share their Science work with us! Check out the gallery below for some additional photographs!

The All New Newt Gallery! (8th June)

Hit for Six! (7th June)

Aspects of competition, teamwork and sportsmanship were on display this afternoon... 

D-Day (6th June)

Welcome back to a busy half term where we can look forward to Sports Day, East Barnby, the return of Miss Haldenby and Miss Martin, plus much more... It promises to be hectic! In the meantime our Gallery page has an additional update and you can view Tim Peake choosing the identity of the space seeds by going here!

Owzat! (27th May)

A frantic day of cricket and music brought this half term to an energetic end!

Keep an eye on our Gallery page for an update or two...

Have a great - and safe - half term!

Poetry Please (26th May)

Enjoy a small selection of excellent poems courtesy of the very talented Martha!

Robin Good... (26th May)

Beware this fugitive! He was last seen in the Discoverers' class. Nor was he the only one to be taking things as these belated pictures of young scientists openly taking measurements clearly show!

It's not all taking, of course - we've kindly given you some more excellent art to admire in our Gallery! Keep checking back - more coming soon!

Who's Who? (25th May)

Familiar faces, unfamiliar bodies...

Fraction Action! (25th May)

Another excellent score via the increasingly tricky Fraction Wall game (and another great photo-bombing opportunity too!). Pop over to Purple Mash and see how well you can do!

Art Attack! (24th May) Further Gallery updates!
Art Attack! (23rd May) The Gallery page has been updated!

Galaxy Quest (23rd May)

Check out the gallery below for some amazing pictures of a particular planet in our Solar System... Can you work out which one it is? Need help? Well, you're in luck! You can find the answer below.

ANSWER: Jupiter!   You can find out more about Jupiter by going here.

Gallery art by Alex, Sarah, Noah, Hannah, Finley, Martha, Emme, Alexis, Kye, Rocco, Molly, William, Eva, Tyler and Lucy. 

Galaxy Quest (23rd May)

Join the Club! (22nd May) Our golf report has been updated below.

Music Makers (20th May)

Belting out some excellent tunes with Mr Firth this afternoon!

Have a great weekend!

Join the Club! (20th May)

“On Thursday we went to golf and did lots of fun activities. I learnt lots of new skills.” (Molly)

“I enjoyed the activities where there were silly faces on a pole. To get five points you had to hit the silly face nearest to you!” (Martha)     “It was fun!” (Emme)

“I enjoyed the “Finders Keepers” game where you hit the ball and hit the cone.” (Lucy)

“The bit I enjoyed is when I used the chipper and the ball went very high!” (Riley)

“You have to stand in the correct position so that you have the golf club pointing at the exact place where you want the ball to go.” (Tamara)

“My friends and I enjoyed the rest (I wouldn’t call it a rest because we played!)” (Grace)

“I learnt that the chipper is to hit the ball in the sky and a putter is to hit it in the hole.” (Thomas)

“When Alex hit the ball the golf club flew in the air!” (William)

“You need to stand properly and hold the club properly for safety reasons!” (Noah)

“You need to stay behind the person who is the hitting the ball or you will get smacked in the face!” (Tilly)     “It was AWESOME!” (Finley)

Illustration by Ellie

Art Attack! (20th May) Our Gallery page has been updated.
Out Clubbing! (19th May)  Details of today's golf session coming soon...

Art Attack! (19th May)   Our Gallery page has been updated with more stunning talent and if you're feeling stressed then the"Tilly's Swirl" video might be just the thing you need... 

Our Survey Said... (19th May)

Numeracy in action yesterday as we popped outside to collect some data about local traffic...


As you can see from the brief gallery below, the sight of cars on a road caused much excitement (some people were so shocked they even collapsed to the floor!).

Our Survey Said... (19th May)

Seed Watch (19th May)

Art Attack! (17th May)

Pop over to our Gallery page for some more out-of-this-world art work!

Noah's Art (16th May)

Another brilliant assembly courtesy of Mrs Stainthorpe... Today we popped outside to create a massive montage of images from the Bible story of Noah's Ark! (Why not pop over to the Learners' page and have a look at their photographs too?)

Noah's Art! (16th May)

Art Attack! (16th May)  Our Gallery page has been updated. More to follow.

A Sad Farewell... (13th May)

Updates (13th May)

A new link has been added to the Links page but, owing to a small problem, sadly the Gallery page is unlikely to be updated before Monday.

A New Hope... (13th May)

The end of an odd week which has included a range of tests, a team success and a sad farewell... Firstly, we have created some detailed letters to be posted to a variety of people, including CBBC's Blue Peter programme. You can see some excellent examples below.  


by Ben, Thomas and Alex

Today also brought news of a surprise victory in the weekly school cup competition...!

Finally, Mr Firth joined us in saying a desperately sad farewell to the ever-popular Sheldon...

A good friend and valued member of the Discoverers, we wish him every success in the future. Have a great weekend!

Art Attack! (12th May)   New pictures have been added to The Gallery

Jurassic Lark! (11th May)

While the seeds of space continue to flourish, a breather between tests allowed for some creativity and Numeracy game success!

Want to see some more splendid art work? Of course you do! You could do worse than checking out our new Gallery page!

Minecraft inspired game by Kaelin/dinosaur art by Junior

High Drama! (9th May)

Ewoks + Vikings + demon bowling = another busy day for team Discoverers...

Art by Alexis and Lucy

God's Wonderful World by Tamara

Stomp! (6th May)

The band prepare themselves for another excellent music session with Mr Firth... 

More exclusive photographs of today's foot-stamping performance below...!

Have a great weekend and good luck to all those taking part in Alice Dances!

The Appliance of Science (6th May)

Shock! Horror! Yes, Science is electrifying at the moment as this work by Hannah shows. Meanwhile Ellie's excellent illustration demonstrates the danger of electricity and one member of the Discoverers has joined the medical profession. But who is it...?

The Creation Celebration! (6th May)

Creative genius! (5th May)

Purplemash offers a world of creative opportunities...

Gingerbread army by Molly, Lucy and Freya

Still craving artistic inspiration? Well, you're in luck! This weekend a number of our talented dancers will be performing in a show based upon Lewis Carroll's famous book Alice's Adventures In Wonderland... (more details here)


Growth spurt! (5th May)

Game On 2: The Sequel (5th May)

Still image for this video

May The Fourth Be With You (4th May)

Not too long ago, in a classroom not too far away...

A quick snapshot of just some of the things we examined today (including contributions by Grace, Ben, Martha, Riley, Tilly and Ben). 

Want to know a little more about the Anglo-Saxons? Quite right! Have a look here.

Seed Watch (3rd May)

As you can see, a good deal of space seed growth has taken place over the long weekend...

Meanwhile, as requested, you should find a new video clip below which will give you a flavour of the computer games that we have created recently (game footage courtesy of Kaelin, Grace, Isabelle, Thomas, Sarah, William, Kye, Alex, Freya and Finley). Finally, don't forget to return your East Barnby slip by 13th May!

Game on! (3rd May)

Still image for this video

Day of the Triffids (29th April)

The inter-planetary seeds continue to grow apace... Who know what we'll find on Tuesday...?

Have a great - long - weekend!

Creativity in action! (29th April)

Take a look below at some further excellent creation work (art by Thomas, Grace and Hannah). You will also find some familiar faces in unfamiliar settings thanks to Purplemash!

Creation Celebration 2 (29th April)

Identity Crisis (29th April)

Music Makers (29th April)

More big band work with the ever-enthusiastic Mr Firth this afternoon...

PC World (29th April)

Computer wizardry abounded today with more than one Numeracy game score smashed!

Forgotten how to find Sumdog? You have? Well, you could go here or pop to our links page. 

Creation celebration (28th April)

Prayers and an exploration of the creation story have been just two aspects of recent RE work. You can find some lovely examples of both of these below (art by Freya, Tilly, Alexis, Isabelle, Finley and Ellie).

Creation celebration (28th April)

Wise words (28th April)

More words of wisdom thanks to our look at inspirational people (courtesy of Ben, Molly, Eva and Ellie).


Space Seeds and Kind Deeds (27th April)

Our look at inspirational people has given us a lot to think about as these wise words from Lucy demonstrate. Elsewhere, the seed experiment goes from strength to strength...


Inspirational! (26th April)

The tireless work of Mother Teresa has provided some excellent inspiration. Meanwhile, the seeds from space continue to flourish... 


They're Here! (25th April)

The invasion of the seeds from space has begun... Be very afraid...

Name That Tune (22nd April)

A particularly impressive music session this afternoon rounded off a very busy week!


Have a great weekend!

Amazing! (22nd April)

Still image for this video
Programming with a difference as we set to creating ever more fiendish games to outwit the unwary... (Game footage courtesy of Sarah)

Vision On (22nd April)

Bored? You are! Well why not log in to your Purplemash account and get creative with art tools, photography and game making? These people did! 

The Strongest Link (21st April)

Tired of searching the internet for things? Well, fear not! Pop to our Home Page and you will find a new page containing some useful links!

Game on! (21st April)

Game-making via computer program and Numeracy skills through space-aged games made for an exciting morning! Why not pop over to your Purplemash account and see what you can achieve? Can you beat these scores? (Game images courtesy of William). 

Sheer genius (21st April)

This additional work by Alex should give you an idea of the inspirational person we have been looking at this week... Fired your interest? Quite right. You can find out even more about Stephen Hawking here.

Pod People! (20th April)

Careful planting and recording were crucial parts of our extra-terrestrial seed experiment...

We Have Lift Off...! (20th April)

With our seed experiment underway what better excuse for sharing more great space art?


Art by Hannah, Rocco, Isabelle, Freya, Alexis, Ellie and Ann Onymous

Weight Watchers (20th April)

Numeracy in action with scales and measures (plus more than a hint of photo-bombing)!

They Came From Beyond Space (19th April)

Some out of this world art work to celebrate the arrival of our Rocket Science space seeds!

Art by Bradley

Not sure of the order of the planets in our Solar System? Really? Then this excellent diagram by Tilly should help you out...

It's Life, but not as we know it... (19th April)

Thinking of visiting the most excellent Life Centre? You are? Well, you're in luck because these pieces give you an idea of the sort of amazing things you would be able to enjoy!

What's that? You want more? Fair enough. Check out the extra photographs below!


Art by Emme and Ellie


Letter by Lucy, Art by Isabelle

It's Life, but not as we know it... (19th April)

Weight a minute! (19th April)

Measurement in action today thanks to some practical investigations - weighing everything from books and bottles to foamy stars and fish food!


Musical Youth (15th April)

Today we welcomed back the ever-talented Mr Firth for our first music session of the term!


That's Life (15th April)

A few thoughts on yesterday's Life Centre visit and a new batch of exclusive photographs too!

“Super” (Tilly)     “Epic!” (Emme)     “Amazing!” (Lucy)     “Scientific!” (Alexis)

“Awesome!” (Freya)     “Amazing!” (Sarah)     “Mind-blowing!” (Sheldon)     “Mint!” (Junior)

“Brilliant!” (Ben)     “Class!” (Grace)    “Amazing!” (William)     

“Fun!” (Martha)     “Epic!” (Kye)

“Super” (Rocco)    “Amazing!” (Isabelle)    “Epic!” (Hannah)     “Awesome!” (Bradley)     

“Fun!” (Eva)     “Epic!” (Noah)     “Amazing!” (Alex)     “Wonderful!” (Tamara)

“Magical!” (Kaelin)     “Great!” (Thomas)     “Amazing!” (Tyler)     “Best day ever!” (Riley)

"Amazing!" (Ellie)     “Exciting!” (Molly)     ”Best of the greatest!” (Alex)

More coming soon! Stay Tuned!                                                                 Have a great weekend!

Life Sentence (14th April)

The photograph below should give you a small clue as to which part of the country the Discoverers visited today...

Still not sure? Really? Well, here are some more clues... Our day included: thermal imaging, the International Space Station, Spongebob Squarepants, forces, R2-D2, getting soaked, the Solar System, white coats, space nappies... Plus much more!

Got it now? That's right! Today we had a brilliant visit to the Life Science Centre at Newcastle! 


With grateful thanks to Mrs Robinson, Mr Noble, the coach driver and the staff of the Life Centre for making this such a wonderful day! There's more to come... Stay tuned to this web page!

Back To The Future (13th April)

Some things to keep in mind for tomorrow's visit to the Centre for Life.


  • Arrive at school around 8.15am (we'll be leaving at 8.30am)
  • Wear your school uniform and a waterproof coat
  • Bring a packed lunch
  • Speak to the office about any medication
  • Keep any money in a named wallet/purse/envelope

Star man... (13th April)

You can keep up with Tim Peake's journey on the International Space Station here.

Keep On Trucking! (12th April)

A lorry load of nets were soon transformed into an entire traffic jam of vehicles today!

More photos below!   Don't forget to return your trip slip tomorrow.

Keep Watching The Skies! (11th April)

Heads up! This Thursday we will be popping through to the Centre for Life, Newcastle for some space-related activities. Look out for tomorrow's letter with all of the details!

In the future... (8th April)

With the new term looming here are a few details which may be of interest... Don't forget that we have two PE sessions each week so you will need your kit in school every day.

And finally, here are the areas that we will be looking at (French details to be confirmed):