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Summer 2018

"The Final End..." (24th July) someone famous once said. And indeed it was the end for Team Discoverers at 2.00pm today as we lost an especially talented group of people who now pass into Year 5. Truly it has been an excellent year of teamwork and achievement; the Discoverers may never be the same again... We wish our new Year 5 every deserved success.  

Have a great (and safe) holiday!

That's Life (23rd July)

A selection of photographs from today's visit to the Life Centre in Newcastle (Look out for the world-famous robot from the silent movie Metropolis)...

Life Centre Visit (23rd July)

Lighthouse Family (20th July)

This morning we put the final touches to our designs incorporating electric circuits...

...while this afternoon we worked on our tennis skills, largely by hurling balls around the field!

NEXT WEEK: A lengthy coach journey...                                                                                Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (20th July)   The gallery has been updated. Quite a few times.

War Hero (20th July)

Sadly, we have learned of the death of Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum - the youngest Spitfire pilot of the Battle Of Britain and a man who was kind enough to take the time to write to us earlier this year. You can find out more about Squadron Leader Wellum on this BBC webpage.

Art Attack (18th July)   The gallery has been updated.

Information Centre (18th July)

Research skills meet ICT as we began to compile our own Wikipedia-style page...

Disco Discos (17th July)

Busting some moves with a selection of exclusive photos from last night's disco...

The Creation Story (16th July)

From planning to execution; our light-based designs are making good progress... COMING SOON: Exclusive disco photos!

Doctor Wow (13th July)

Today we were joined by a whole host of special guests for the first public screening of our film project World War Three, a two part adventure from a story by Bliss, Kirby and Roxy which has been many months in the making. This afternoon we discovered just which head of state could be a heavy-weight boxer, which evil villain wanted to take over the world and why writing the credits at 3.00am can be somewhat problematic...

Have a great weekend!

Doctor On Call (12th July)

Why would the Prime Minister, the President and the Queen all be racing to Ruswarp Church... and which one of them has a mean right hook? Find out tomorrow at 2.00pm...

Art Attack (12th July)   The gallery has been updated with some rather splendid freehand work!

Who's Who? (11th July)

Have you heard the news? We plan to screen our class film project at 2.00pm this Friday in the hall (Certificate PG)!

"The Kraken Wakes" (Chapter 2) (11th July)

Behold more fearful creatures from the depths of the ocean... Be very afraid... 

"The Kraken Wakes" (10th July)

Beware these hideous beasties which lurk in the depths of the ocean... More photos coming soon...

Circuit Training (9th July)

An investigation into conduction and insulation provided some shocking results...

Animal Magic (6th July)

Enjoy a selection of creations from our upcoming poetry anthology Animal Alliteration! Have a great weekend!

Measure For Measure - The Lost Files (5th July)

Enjoy some recently recovered photographs of our measurement work - thought lost forever thanks to a dodgy memory card!

Art Attack (4th July)   The gallery has been updated.

Through The Looking Glass (4th July)

Our RE work around Judaism included some rather splendid ideas for synagogue windows. Art by Kirby, Macie, Lottie, Bliss, Olivia and Honey.

Art Attack (3rd July)   The gallery has been updated.

In Court (3rd July)

More sunshine = more time to sharpen up those tennis skills!

Hit The Road (2nd July)

Do you remember our recent Road Safety work? (You don't? Where have you been? Look back through these pages for more information!). Well, it seems that others have taken an interest in our work too and we received this rather excellent (and very detailed!) reply from North Yorkshire County Council!

Art Attack (2nd July)   The gallery has been updated.

A Fond Farewell... (29th June)

A very, very sad note to end the week on as we said goodbye to Mr Cockerill. We will miss him a lot and wish him every success in his new job.


NEXT WEEK: We will be joined by three new faces...


Have a great weekend.


Circuit Training (29th June)

A series of shocking experiences this afternoon as we tried our hand at electric circuits...

Art Attack (29th June)   The gallery has been updated. A lot.

Church Service (Part Two) (27th June)

As promised, further sketches from our visit to the local church last Friday afternoon. Art by Dex, Bliss, Angus, Zane, Olivia, Emily and Drew.

Art Attack (27th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Anyone For Tennis? (26th June)

There was quite a racket this afternoon as we sharpened up our tennis skills...

Measure For Measure - The Final Episode (26th June)

Today was perfect weather for a final session of Capacity work...

Art Attack (26th June)   The gallery has been updated.
Coining It In (26th June)   The Dex's Treasure Chest page has been updated.

Measure For Measure (Episode 4) (25th June)

Once more unto the measurement tasks, dear friends, once more... with some symmetry thrown in too! Art by Lexie.

Art Attack (25th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Church Service (22nd June)

Art and RE in perfect harmony this afternoon as a quick trip over to church allowed us to see the key features of a religious building at close quarters. It was also an excellent opportunity to try out our sketching skills! Art by Lottie, Edward, Honey, Maisy and Roxy (with more coming soon).

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (21st June)   The gallery has been updated.

Mirror, Mirror (20th June)

Enjoy a few more examples of our recent reflective symmetry work!

Measure For Measure (Episode 3) (20th June)

Water, water, everywhere... Well, not quite, but it did add an extra dimension to today's Numeracy work around Capacity...

Lights... Camera... Action (19th June)

With recording on our film project nearing completion and frantic editing underway, here are a few exclusive preview shots from World War Three...

Art Attack (19th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Measure For Measure (The Return) (18th June)

More practical measurement problems made for an interesting start to the week...

Art Attack (18th June)   The gallery has been updated.

The Great Exhibition (15th June)

Don't forget that tomorrow you have the opportunity to see some of our work on display at the Brunswick Centre, Brunswick Street, Whitby as part of National Civic Day and c/o the Whitby Civic Society (more details on their website). 

Have a great weekend!

Fearful Symmetry (15th June)

A creative approach to today's Numeracy produced an array of intriguing symmetrical designs...

Blast From The Past (Episode 2) (13th June)

More recently discovered art work from the archives... Some very stark depictions of the battlefield of Ypres by Maisy, Yavor, Miles and Blayze.

Art Attack (12th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Blast From The Past (12th June)

Our work not too long ago around the 1914 bombardment of Whitby produced these splendid pieces... 

Measure For Measure (11th June)

A spot of practical Numeracy work today as we put our measuring skills to the test in a variety of outdoor tasks...

Art Attack (11th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Trunk Call (8th June)

As you can see below, a recent look at stories from the Muslim faith produced some rather splendid results... 

Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (8th June)   The gallery has been updated.
Art Attack (7th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Special Delivery (6th June)

Do you remember our recent Road Safety work? Of course you do (and if you don't then have a look back through these pages)! Nor are you the only people to be interested, as this rather special letter which arrived today demonstrates...

Art Attack (6th June)   The gallery has been updated.

D-Day (6th June)

Today was Dice Day, or so it seemed this morning as we set about generating data to handle in Numeracy...

Art Attack (5th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Discos Inferno! (5th June)

The heat was on today as we had a visit from a group of local fire firefighters who kindly explained to us how to remain safe at home. There was also a chance for a spot of dressing up too...

Art Attack (4th June)   The gallery has been updated.

Busy, busy... (4th June)

Spellings, Summer Fair and Sumdog challenges - a busy way to start the final half term. There was success aplenty too, including First Prizes at the Fair and Roxy's extraordinary score of 265 correct Sumdog answers in under thirty minutes!

Holiday Special (29th May)

Missing your regular Discoverers updates while we're on a short break? Of course you are, so why not check out the short (yet informative) video below which gives you a flavour of our time as Crime Scene Investigators with Mr Bates...

CSI: Discoverers (29th May)

Still image for this video

Dress To Impress (25th May)

Non-uniform day - a high-fashion way to end the half term! Check out the photo gallery below. Have a great, safe holiday.

Dress To Impress (25th May)

Art Attack (25th May)   The gallery has been updated.

CSI: Discoverers (Episode 2) (24th May)

Further exclusive photographs of our exciting forensic science session with the talented Mr Bates... More coming soon!

Art Attack (24th May)   The gallery has been updated.

CSI: Discoverers (23rd May)

We arrived at school today to be greeted by news of a terrible crime... Luckily, forensic scientist genius Mr Bates (and Officer Slipper) were on hand to help us untangle of web of clues using a range of scientific skills! More photos coming soon!  

On The Run (22nd May)

There must be a reason why we were running up and down a field with plastic sticks this afternoon... Could it possibly have anything to do with the rapidly-approaching Sports Day? Stay tuned...

Coughs and Sneezes... (21st May)

Just a few examples of our recent work on the story of the Ten Plagues of Egypt... Art by Roxy, Olivia, Macie and Ariella.

Animal Magic (19th May)

As promised, thanks to some newly-discovered creatures, we now have an extended edition of les animaux, mes amies...

les animaux: the extended cut

Still image for this video

Water, Water, Everywhere (18th May)

A collision of Science and Geography work has produced this rather splendid piece - a large-scale team effort illustrating the interesting journey that water continually takes.   Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (18th May)   The gallery has been updated.

Dress To Impress (18th May)

Another opportunity for a spot of dressing up to tie in with an event this weekend. Who would have thought that the FA Cup Final could inspire such a fashionable look...? Pictures by Kirby, Angus, Yavor and many anonymous artists

Art Attack (17th May)   The gallery has been updated.

On Target (16th May)

On this day 75 years ago the "Dambusters" used bouncing bombs to destroy targets in a famous World War II raid. You can find out more about this incredible event on the Imperial War Museum website. 

Art Attack (16th May)   The gallery has been updated.

In The Future (15th May)   Coming soon... les animaux: the extended cut...

Pitch Perfect (15th May)

The sun was out this afternoon and so were we, putting our cricket skills to practical use...

The French Connection (14th May)

Bonjour! Have you ever wondered how you might describe where things live in French? Well, of course you have - and so have we! Enjoy these rather splendid examples... Art by Arthur, Kirby, Macie, Dex, Roxy, Edward, Lottie, Emmy and Finlay.

Art Beat (11th May)

Geography met the world of Art as we added a splash of colour to the maps that we had created. Have a great weekend! 

Art Attack (11th May)   The gallery has been updated.

Christian Values (9th May)

Recent RE work has involved looking at the deeper meaning of Bible stories. See if you can work out which stories we have been looking at... Art by Roxy, Kirby, Drew, Emily, Maisy, Ariella and Blayze.

Owzat! (8th May)

Glorious sunshine gave us the opportunity to put our cricket skills (throwing... catching... falling over...) to good use!

Animal Magic - The Return! (4th May)

Want to see more amazing art work and French vocabulary? Of course you do and so it's your lucky day... the video below is for you! Have a great weekend!

les animaux

Still image for this video

World Service (3rd May)

Before the excitement of an uninvited guest (a bee which appeared to be the size of a small country!) there was time for a spot of map work, researching just where the shells actually struck Whitby in the 1914 bombardment.

Art Attack (3rd May)   The gallery has been updated.

Animal Magic (2nd May)

The natural world added a splash of colour to today's French work... Art by Angus, Maisy, Jordan, Edward and Finlay.

Art Attack (2nd May)   The gallery has been updated.

Blast From The Past (27th April)

Since the cloud and rain have returned why not cast your mind back to a gloriously sunny afternoon with these newly-discovered "Quad-Kids" photographs! Have a great weekend!

Art Attack (26th April)   The gallery has been updated.

The Big Screen (25th April)

Today we had a quick preview of the opening scenes to our new class film project - the curiously titled World War Three (don't be alarmed, it's not what you think...).

Name That Tune (23rd April)

You just can't beat drums... although we did have a very good try this afternoon...

World Of Sport (Episode 2)

Throwing... skipping... running... falling over... Enjoy more exclusive photographs from this week's "Quad Kids" event! 

Have a great weekend!

Over The Moon (19th April)

Allow us to introduce you to a rather talented group... these people were all winners of a European Space Agency art competition! You can find examples of their creativity below and on the ESA website!

World Of Sport (18th April)

A hectic afternoon as we ran through a host of sporting activities as part of "Quad Kids". More photos coming soon!

In The Future (17th April)

Don't forget that you will need your outdoor PE kit in school tomorrow as we will be popping over to Caedmon in the afternoon to take part in "Quad Kids". 

Attack On The Iron Coast (17th February)

Returning to our work on war memorials, the notorious bombardment of Whitby in World War I was the start point for some interesting art work. You can see more examples in the video below!

Whitby Attacked!

Still image for this video
Art Attack (17th April)   The gallery has been updated.

Back To The Future (16th April)

Do you remember our entries for a European Space Agency art competition some months ago? You do? Well check back for some exciting news... soon! Art by Maisy, Cameron, Roxy, Edward, Summer, Lottie and Angus.

You Have Reached Your Final Destination (16th April)

A hectic day of Literacy, Numeracy and songs about being a banana saw us get straight back into the swing of things! There was even time for a little bit of map work too...