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Summer 2020

You can find our Home Learning page here.

HOMEWORK (wb 13th July)

YEAR 3: Maths, p31    English (Grammar), p30/31            YEAR 4: Maths, p30     English (Grammar), p30/31

HOMEWORK (wb 6th July)

YEAR 3: Maths, p30    English (Comprehension), p26/27            YEAR 4: Maths, p29     English (Comprehension), p28/29

HOMEWORK (wb 29th June)

YEAR 3: Maths, p29    English (Grammar), p28/29            YEAR 4: Maths, p28     English (Grammar), p28/29

HOMEWORK (wb 22nd June)

YEAR 3: Maths, p28    English (Grammar), p26/27            YEAR 4: Maths, p15     English (Grammar), p26/27

HOMEWORK (wb 15th June)

YEAR 3: Maths, p27    English (Grammar), p66/67            YEAR 4: Maths, p27     English (Grammar), p66/67

HOMEWORK (wb 8th June)

YEAR 3: Maths, p26    English (Comprehension), p24/25            YEAR 4: Maths, p26     English (Comprehension), p24/25

HOMEWORK (wb 1st June)

YEAR 3: Maths, p17    English (Grammar), p64/65            YEAR 4: Maths, p17     English (Grammar), p64/65

HOMEWORK (wb 18th May)

YEAR 3: Maths, p16    English (Grammar), p16/17            YEAR 4: Maths, p16     English (Grammar), p16/17

HOMEWORK (wb 11th May)

YEAR 3: Maths, p51    English (Grammar), p14/15            YEAR 4: Maths, p55     English (Grammar), p14/15

HOMEWORK (wb 4th May)

YEAR 3: Maths, p50    English (Comprehension), p22/23            YEAR 4: Maths, p54     English (Comprehension), p22/23

HOMEWORK (wb 27th April)

YEAR 3: Maths, p55     English (Grammar), p12/13            YEAR 4: Maths, p64     English (Grammar), p10/11

HOMEWORK (wb 20th April)

YEAR 3: Maths, p54     English (Grammar), p62/63            YEAR 4: Maths, p63     English (Grammar), p8/9

14th April   These are some of the areas we aim to cover this term. Hopefully we will be back in school very soon. In the event that our return is delayed do please check our Home Learning page for Summer Term updates (from 20th April).