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Extract from Sam Wu Is NOT Afraid Of Zombies by Katie and Kevin Tsang   Or is he...?   Enter the world of Sam Wu below!

Extract from Fantastically Great Women Who Saved The Planet - Eugenie Clark   Who was the mysterious "Shark Lady"?

"Shark Lady"   Eugenie Clark is an inspirational person - her actions are an excellent example to others.  As well as working hard at a job that few women did at the time she also spoke about the importance of keeping the oceans clean.

Read the text again and choose ten key facts which you think would best explain her life to people who do not know her.

Write the facts in your own words in chronological order*.   You could write them beside an illustration of Eugenie Clark or a shark (or both!).

*Chronological order is the putting events in order of them happening in time.  For example: You wouldn't write: 

1/ Eugenie Clark became a Marine Biologist  2/ Eugenie Clark was born  because events did not happen in this order.  Make sure your key facts are in the right order (the text contains clues to help you).