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The Gallery

Below you can find work that we have completed in our own time that we want to share with you!

by Emme

by Honey

by Roxy


by Angus                                                             by Sarah

by Phoebe

by Maisy

by Rocco                                                                           by Olivia

by Phoebe

by Angus

by Angus and Rhys

by Angus

by Angus, Rhys and Maisy

by Rocco

by Lucy

"Hedgehog" by Kirby

by William


by Hannah                                                   "Giraffe" by Kirby

"Foxy" by Olivia

"Jeff the mouse" by Alex

"Facts about Monkeys" by Martha

"Apple Pikachu" by Alexis

"Dinosaur" by Rocco

by Drew


by Olivia                                                             "Olympics" by Alex


by Sarah                                                                            by Lucy

by Sarah, Lucy and Molly


           "Nien Nunb" by Rocco                                           "Unicorn" by Lexie                                       

by Roxy

by Angus

by Eva

"BB-8" by Rocco

"Nien Nunb" by Rocco



We're sorry that we cannot return your pictures, nor is there a prize for any that are shown...