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The Gallery

Our own art work that we would like to share...

"Simba" by Isabelle


"Apple Tree" by Noah


"Dinosaurs" by Riley


"Darth Maul" by Tyler

"Shark", "Maiasaura" and "Ancient Egypt" by Thomas


"Reflections" by Lucy

"Star Wars" by Rocco


"Three Awesome Flowers" by Lucy


"Reflections" by Freya



                                      by Sarah                                                  "Be Amazed" by Ben


by Rocco


by Kaelin

"Gorgeous Flowers" by Martha


"Star Wars" by Bradley



   "Star Wars" by Rocco                                                      "Pop Art Butterfly" by Tyler


"Symmetry" by Kye

"Star Wars" by Rocco

by Lucy


                                        "Sundee" by Kye                                                              by Riley

by Freya and Tilly


                              "Mr Tiddly Winks" by Hannah                                "Bon Bon" by Rocco


Still image for this video

                           "Lion" by Riley                                                          by Junior

                      "Butterfly" by Freya                                                  "Molly's Butterfly" by Molly


by Tilly


"Black Eye" by Bradley

                         "The Jungle" by Lucy                                            "Cheeky Chocolate" by Eva


"The Natural World", "Super Heroes" and "Darth Maul" by Thomas 


"Martha's Monkey" by Martha

"Scary watermelon" by Ellie

"Tilly's Swirl"

Still image for this video

                     "Lion" by Thomas                                                        "Tri-SarahTops" by Sarah



                     "Rocket Found In Space" by Alex                           "Buttons Belly" by Martha


"Magic Forest" by Ellie


"Tiger" by Thomas

"Cool Koala" by Isabelle

"In the moonlight" by Tamara



                        "Masterchief" by Alex                                        "Puppy Love" by Grace 



                     "The Rangers" by Kye                                           "Day of Doom" by Finley

"Kawie Things" by Ellie


                             "Easter" by Junior                                          "Singing Concert" by Eva


"Solar System" by Thomas

                                    "Smiley Face" by Freya                                         "Flat of Terror" by Alex


      "Water melon" by Isabelle                               "The Diamond Mine Cart" by Finley


"Forest of Freedom" by Kaelin

"Swirly Doom" by Lucy

"Creation" by Tamara


                                  "Dinosaur" by Junior                                                  "Ewok" by Alexis

Sadly we cannot return your pictures, nor is there a prize for any that are shown.