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Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

Use the forms of a or an

a and an are also known as articles

We use a or an when we are talking about something in general, such as a cabbage or an ambulance.

A very good question. Try this:


Use a when the next word begins with a consonant sound:

a potato     a chair     a child     a zebra     a football     a mermaid     a bag of crisps     a tricky question




Use an when the next word begins with a vowel sound:

an apple     an elephant     an igloo     an umbrella     an orange     an incredible plan     an unbelievable mistake


Think you know how this works?    Look at these words/phrases and decide whether they would need to use a or an:

lemon          open door          sausage          actor          actor's left leg          fearsome fish          accident          cat

spoon          superb artist          awful singer          pair of shorts          angry elephant          enormous nose

Can't remember which letters are vowels and which are consonants?  Here's a clue...

You could have a look here to refresh your memory!