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Year 2 Spellings

In addition to the weekly spelling tests (see below) I will be asking the Year 2 children to independently spell as many of the Common Exception Words as they can between now and the February Half-Term Break. In the 2017 KS1 Interim Assessment Framework we are advised that if a child can independently correctly spell 'SOME' of these specified words correctly in their independent writing they will be seen as working 'TOWARDS' the age related expectation. If a child can correctly spell 'MANY' they will be assessed as working 'AT' expectation and if a child can correctly spell 'MOST' or all of these words they will be working at 'GREATER DEPTH' within the age related expectation for the end of key stage for this specific 'writing' outcome. With regard to the 'reading' outcome of being able to 'read' these same words, 'MANY' relates to working 'TOWARDS' and 'MOST' would mean a child is working 'AT' this element of the standard. As the words 'SOME', 'MANY' and 'MOST' are open to individual opinion it is my hope and intention that every child can both read and spell most of these words by the start of the summer term in order to gain the best possible outcomes for your child. As such it would be most appreciated if you could help your child to read and write these words, in context if possible, as much as you can over the coming weeks. It is my intention to advise every Year 2 parent before Easter on an individual basis where their child is in relation to these outcomes.

Spelling Testing Dates Schedule