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Exploring Erosion


Today we carried out experiments to explore the erosion of mountains, coastline and rivers. We found out that by placing 'rocks and trees' the effect of erosion was much less. We have a trip planned to look at the coastline and  river erosion for ourselves.

Taking Pride in our School Grounds


We have been busy tidying up our gardens, school grounds and the area at the front of our school. A group of year 4's are busy analysing the rubbish collected in preparation for presenting a school assembly on rubbish  and recycling.

Learning about pollination and reproduction of flowers


Today we took on some role play in our outdoor learning, we pretended to be a bee and simulated the pollination process. We ate some crisps which left an orange marks on our fingers, this represented the pollen that bees collect when drinking the nectar from flowers and then we touched another plant and saw how the pollen would transfer as part of the reproduction process. 

Gardening Club

Year 6 Trip to Tees Barrage - All about teamwork and of course the food!