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Day Five


Our final day at Peat Rigg, consisted of the final challenges of ensuring our bed sheets were taken off and put ready for the wash, our suitcases packed and in the entrance hall - and all before breakfast!

We then proceeded to take part in a series of challenges, Miss Robson's group versus Mrs Hansell's group. Points were awarded for archery, problem solving and teamwork skills. Which group was victorious? We were sad to say goodbye to the staff particularly Craig, Ed and Dave who had worked with us all week and we were rewarded with our own private 'Haka' dance as we left.

Day Four


Another wonderful breakfast, followed by a day of archery, abseiling and high zip wire. All of the children gave abseiling a go, some really overcoming a fear of heights; well done if this was you. A few of the children elected to perform upside down movements whilst abseiling today, nor for the faint-hearted.

You may see some rather puzzling pictures of children eating their desserts with a knife and fork this was a forfeit because Mrs Hansell shot a balloon during archery.

Peat Rigg's got Talent as a grand finale tonight!

Messages Home


To mum,

I am having a lovely time at Peat Rigg. Love Finley.


To mum,

 I am having a great time.See you later love from Eva!


To mum, dad, Izzy and the gerbils I am having a lovely time at Peat Rigg, we have done lots of good activities! Missing you loads. From Martha


To mum missing you loads! We are having a lovely time. Guess what? I saw a house called Honey Bee House. Love Grace


To mom and dad. I love it here also Miss Hansell fell over 3 times on Tuesday. See you on Friday .

Love William  :)


To Mum and Dad. I really like it here and I am having a great time, I Really miss you and Bracken.

Love Ellie.


 To Mum, Dad, Anna and Sticky,

I am in a dorm with Hannah, Martha and Isabelle. Love  you!!!!!!!!!



To Mum, Dad and all pets,

I miss you loads! See you on Friday. Love you!

Love from Isabelle


To mum and all pets I really miss you but I am having a great time. See you on Friday. Love Phoebe 


To Mum, Dad and Stitch . I am having a great time. Hope everybody is ok. Love you, see you soon .I am sharing a room with Grace,Mary and Phoebe. See you later. Love Olivia   

Day Three


After a good nights sleep (the girls), we were ready for a brand new day with all the challenges it had to offer. Tree climbing for most and a 5 mile mountain bike experience for a few. This afternoon  was great fun. We sampled pigeon, deer & rabbit cooked over a camp fire, followed by marshmallows. 

Tonight we overcame our fears and completed the night line. Some of us were rather muddy and drenched but we soon warmed up with hot chocolate and a crispy cake.


Day Two

We started the morning with a choice of five cereals, toast & a cooked breakfast consisting of bacon, scrambled egg, beans & tomatoes. 

Once our tummies were full, one group set off for canoeing and the other crate climbing. On the agenda for this evening is a forest sensory trail.

Peat Rigg 2017


Day One

We arrived this morning and were given a tour of the site and met some of our instructors for the week. After our buffet lunch we went out on site to attempt some problem solving/teamwork skills and to use the low ropes. 

Peat Rigg

Our year 5/6 class will this year be visiting Peat Rigg at Cropton for a week to participate in a programme of outdoor based activities. Please return your slips indicating whether your child would like a place asap so that we can finalise the booking and arrange a meeting to answer any questions you may have.


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Welcome to Peat Rigg

We have had a great first day which started with a quick tour of the site, room allocations and then a buffet lunch.

This afternoon consisted of lots of team building activities and zip wiring followed by orienteering in the evening.

We are all now off to get a good nights sleep ready for our full day ahead tomorrow. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's events. 

Day 2


Today we have had great fun crate climbing. It was quite scary at first but we were all up for the challenge. Next we headed out to Wykeham Lake for kayaking. We learned how to paddle efficiently and some of us managed to capsize our boat but we still kept smiling. We finished the afternoon off by jumping into the lake and swimming to the shore. After our fantastic tea, we headed off into the woods for a sensory walk. We hugged trees and listened for wildlife. Earlier to bed tonight as we are all tired!

Day 3

After another filling breakfast, we set off to our activities. This morning the children had a choice between tree climbing or a rather muddy bike ride!

After lunch, we were all back on site for a bit of team work. Each team of three had to climb to the top of Jacob's Ladder and get as high as they could. We also worked in pairs to complete the low rope course which ended with a test of out team work to avoid  a soaking. 

This evening we have completed the night line which consisted of two teams being blindfolded and following a rope. We came across some very strange objects and 'mysterious' squirts of water.

Day 4


Another gorgeous day. Today half of our group went abseiling a short distance from Peat Rigg whilst the other group went on a scavenger hunt and then we learnt about the skills required for archery. During our scavenger hunt, we had to answer questions about the nature around us as well as learning the names of some trees. Setting up the GPS proved to be no problem as we quickly mastered the setting up. Archery was a fun event as we had  to pop balloons. Tonight we are looking forward to Peat Rigg's got Talent.

Day 5 - The Final Day


What a week! Today was a culmination of the things we had learnt all week. We were split into our two groups again and we had to perform a series of challenges and we were given points for resilience and team work. 


  • Shepherding the Sheep - Whilst blindfolded all the 'sheep' had to be herded onto their pen.
  • Diffusing the Bomb - A game of teamwork where we had to work together to pick up 'bombs' and put them into the safe place using ropes and no hands.
  • Robin Hood - Popping the balloons to score points.
  • Alphabet Game - A game of logic where letters that came next to each other in the alphabet could not be on the same line.
  • Bungee Tastic - Another game of skill where all the group had to get through the rope in the quickest time.
  • High Zip Wire - Both teams worked together to help each other down the ziop wire.




Thank you


We had a brilliant week and would like to say a massive thank you to Ian and his staff for sharing their skills and knowledge. Also to the kitchen staff who looked after us with their amazing food throughout the week. 


Messages Home

East Barnby 

Our year 3/4 class will once again be visiting East Barnby for a fun packed few days in April. Please also return your slips asap so that we can finalise our booking.