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Spirituality Day

Our Spirituality Day this half term was based on our school Vision. We wanted an opportunity to focus on the Window, Mirror and Door principles and have a chance for some self-reflection. 


We know what the principles are within our vision, but explained it as: 



* Opportunities for children to be aware of the world in new ways, looking out into the world.

* To wonder about life's 'WOWS. Things that are amazing.

* To think about life's 'OWS' that take us by surprise!

* Learning about life in all its fullness.

Learning about Christianity and other religions

British Values


* Opportunities to reflect on our own experiences.

* Looking inside yourself.

* Consider life's big questions and reach for some possible answers.

* Learning from life by exploring our own insights and those of others.


* Opportunities for children to respond.

* Moving onto a new path or situation.

* To do something creative to develop and apply our ideas.

* Learning to live out our beliefs and values

Supporting the community


These are some of the activities we did in order to focus on reflection. Throughout the day we also each wrote a prayer based on our visions and values, we designed new prayer spaces around the school (as these needed refreshing), revised British Values and our EYFS children focused on the Bible story that underpins our vision - The Good Samaritan. 



Spirituality Day