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Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Ruswarp

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) , nestled in the heart of Ruswarp village. Our EYFS provision is dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment where children aged 3 to 5 years old can thrive and develop essential skills for life-long learning. 

Our Ethos

At Ruswarp, we believe in fostering a love for learning from the very beginning. Our ethos centres around promoting curiosity, creativity, and resilience in our young learners. We celebrate diversity and individuality, ensuring that every child feels valued and supported as they embark on their educational journey with us.


Our Facilities

Our EYFS classroom is thoughtfully designed to inspire young minds and encourage exploration and discovery. With a blend of natural materials, interactive learning areas, and a cosy reading corner, our indoor space provides a stimulating environment for hands-on learning. Outside, our secure and spacious outdoor area offers opportunities for physical activity, imaginative play, and connection with nature.


Our Curriculum

At Ruswarp, our EYFS curriculum is designed to encompass the unique needs and interests of each child while following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Through a combination of child-initiated play and adult-guided activities, we nurture all aspects of children's development, including:


  • Communication and Language: Developing vocabulary, listening skills, and communication through storytelling, role-play, and meaningful interactions.
  • Physical Development: Encouraging gross and fine motor skills development through active play, games, and outdoor exploration.
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: Fostering self-confidence, social skills, and emotional well-being through positive relationships and supportive environments.
  • Literacy: Introducing early reading and writing skills through phonics, storytelling, and immersive literacy experiences.
  • Mathematics: Exploring mathematical concepts such as counting, patterns, shapes, and measurement through hands-on activities and games.
  • Understanding the World: Stimulating curiosity about the world around us through exploration of nature, cultures, technology, and the environment.
  • Expressive Arts and Design: Encouraging creativity, imagination, and self-expression through art, music, role-play, and sensory experiences.


Outdoor Learning in EYFS

At Ruswarp, we believe that learning extends far beyond the four walls of a classroom. Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) outdoor learning environment is an integral part of our curriculum, providing children with rich opportunities for exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning experiences. Set against the backdrop of our picturesque school grounds, our outdoor area is carefully designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and a deep connection with nature. Our outdoor space offers a range of resources and activities to engage and challenge young learners. Whether it's observing minibeasts in our wildlife area, constructing imaginative worlds in our outdoor role-play spaces, regular forest school sessions or simply enjoying the freedom of open play, our EYFS children benefit from the countless benefits of outdoor learning, fostering physical development, social skills, and a lifelong love for the great outdoors.


Our Team

Our dedicated team of EYFS practitioners are experienced, caring, and passionate about early childhood education. They create a supportive and stimulating learning environment where every child feels valued, safe, and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our team works closely with parents and caregivers, building strong partnerships to support each child's individual needs and interests.


Parent Partnership

We recognise the vital role that parents and caregivers play in their child's learning journey. We actively encourage parental involvement and collaboration, offering regular opportunities for communication, parent workshops, and family events. Through open and transparent communication, we strive to create a strong partnership between home and school, ensuring the best possible outcomes for every child.



We welcome children from the age of 3 into our EYFS provision. To arrange a visit to Ruswarp and learn more about our EYFS curriculum and admissions process, please contact our school office.


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01947 602029

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our EYFS community at Ruswarp School.



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Tree hugging as part of our spirituality experiences.